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What is YouTube SEO? Why Should You Do YouTube SEO? What are the Steps of YouTube SEO? What are the YouTube SEO ranking factors? What does a Youtube SEO expert do? What is the Best Way to Get Organic YouTube Followers What is the Role of Subtitles in Video Optimisation? What is the role of video Thumbnail in YouTube SEO? What should be the length of a good video? Which is the best keyword research tool for YouTube? YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2020 How to get more subscribers to my Youtube Channel? How to Get More Views on My YouTube Video? How to rank my YouTube video higher? How to rank my YouTube video quickly? How to search the best tags for YouTube videos? How to search the keywords for YouTube SEO? How to target the right audience on YouTube? How to do off-page SEO for YouTube videos? How to find a reputed Video SEO company? How to find long-tail keywords for YouTube? How to find the most searched words on YouTube? Top 10 Tips to Promote YouTube SEO Top 10 YouTube SEO Companies in Australia Top 5 SEO guides for YouTube SEO Top 5 Techniques apart from YouTube SEO to get More Video views? Top 5 Tools to do keyword research for YouTube SEO Top 5 Video tutorials on YouTube SEO Do backlinks still work for YouTube videos? Do closed captions affect the SEO for YouTube videos? Does adding transcript help in Video SEO? Does adding YouTube links enhance SEO on Google? Does embedding a YouTube video help or hinder on-page SEO? Does Link velocity matter in YouTube SEO as well? Do social signals matter in YouTube SEO? Does the video file name affect a YouTube video’s performance? How is YouTube SEO different from Video SEO? Is there any specific technique for Dailymotion or Video SEO? How much does YouTube SEO cost?

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    Great YouTube SEO success comes through innovative Video Marketing. We’ve served businesses organically grow their videos’ popularity within 3 months of beginning their YouTube SEO, and can do that for you.

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    Invest your time and mind space in your business and let the experts deliver the best YouTube SEO Service. Keyword research, video content planning, off-page YouTube SEO – we do it all.

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    To maximize your returns from YouTube SEO, our Video SEO Service delivers advanced analytics support This helps optimize your Video SEO strategy for maximum results, offering you max ROI on your investment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    YouTube has more than a billion users, and is the second largest search engine, after Google. Local businesses, SMBs, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen can get a lot more clients by targeting YouTube. Your business needs the power of Video SEO to grow quicker.

    Our YouTube SEO Service offers end to end YouTube Marketing service that delivers great results within a short duration, establishes your business’ brand on YouTube, gets your more leads and keeps the business growing.

    What is YouTube SEO?

    YouTube is more than just a streaming website; it is also the second largest search engine after Google with three billion searches each month. The platform presents a huge opportunity to build and grow your business online.

    Now, you might have heard that gaining popularity on YouTube is easier said than done. But realise this – every single YouTube channel began with 0 views and 0 subscribers at some point.

    The trick lies in optimising your videos so they actually reach your target audience. In fact, that’s what a YouTube SEO company will do for you – make sure your videos get views, likes, and even go viral. This is especially important now with new creators joining YouTube.

    YouTube SEO – The Definition

    YouTube SEO is the method of optimizing video descriptions, playlists, channel, and metadata to improve the search engine rankings of your YouTube videos. So, if you have a product to sell or services to offer, YouTube video marketing is a great way to show off the goods, engage your customers and find potential business opportunities.

    Don’t believe it?

    Check out how many solo music artists, pest control services, HVAC technicians, plumbers, accountants, and lawyers are already promoting their service on YouTube. Here’s a snapshot of what you will see when you search for ‘Sydney lawyer service’ on YouTube.

    Now all these lawyers have taken the first step, but not many have pushed the bar with YouTube SEO. The result – the number of views on their videos isn’t significant. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to make YouTube video SEO your digital marketing magic wand.

    Why Should You Do YouTube SEO?

    Let’s be honest – you’re not the first person to think about creating YouTube videos for your business. The difference is, most businessmen do not follow through since it’s a lot of work.

    Due to the upfront investment involved in video SEO marketing, entrepreneurs usually shy away from it. And that is precisely why video, especially YouTube videos, are a less competitive method of getting in front of your ideal audience.

    YouTube is not far behind Facebook when it comes to active users (1.9 billion to Facebook’s 2.41 billion). Interestingly, YouTube captures your audience’s attention, as users spend 40 minutes daily on average here, compared to 35 minutes on Facebook.

    After all, not everyone enjoys reading. Short video clips expose your business to a wider, receptive audience. Your videos can be watched on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and can easily be shared on other social media websites.

    YouTube videos also humanize your business/service and show potential customers how you can make a difference, which is a step towards building a brand.

    What’s more, YouTube is owned by Google for SEO purposes. Thus, YouTube videos are ranked and shown on Google search results, which should be a big draw for your business.

    What are the Steps of YouTube SEO?

    YouTube is its own search engine, which means it comes with its own set of SEO best practices. But YouTube SEO differs considerably from traditional video SEO, and it might be a while before you get used to it.

    To make things easier for you, we’ve listed everything you can do to optimize your YouTube videos for greater visibility.

    1. Research YouTube Video Keywords
    2. Write a long, detailed, and keyword rich video description
    3. Promote your video for organic traffic
    4. Embed video URLs in your website, and wherever you can
    5. Curate playlists of themed videos
    6. Target your videos on the right audience
    7. Do off page SEO for your YouTube videos
    8. Explore tips and tricks apart from traditional SEO to grow your channel’s reach

    Now, it’s clear this is going to be a lot of work. However, we’re going to explain every important aspect your YouTube video SEO in this guide. This not only helps you get started on YouTube SEO on your own, but also helps you understand what service benefits a YouTube SEO service can bring to the table for you.

    What are the YouTube SEO ranking factors?

    Here are 5 key ranking factors for YouTube.

    1. Video Views and Watch Time

    The terms are pretty self-explanatory.

    Think of it this way. If you are competing against someone on YouTube, have put exactly the same number and nature of the content, then YouTube will rate you higher if:

    • Your videos have a higher count of the total number of views
    • The average watch time per video is higher than competitors’ videos

    So, while producing and marketing your videos, keep these factors in mind.

    2. An exact match between the search query and your video title

    This again circles back to your keyword research. Anticipate how your target audience is going to search for your video. Then use those words in the title.

    Example, if users type in ‘home pest control’ in YouTube search box and your video pest control is titled ‘nontoxic home pest control ideas’, expect your video to emerge in the results because of the exact match. A video titled ‘how to control pests at home’ will not enjoy similar ranking, even though it may have the same content.

    Example, for this search:

    3. Short Video Title and Keyword Rich Description

    From our experiences and experimental projects, we can suggest that titles with less than 50 characters and keyword rich descriptions with 250-300 words are ideal for your video’s SEO.

    That’s why it’s so important to invest time in keyword research, and that’s precisely why we covered this in detail earlier.

    In fact, this is one of the USPs of reputed YouTube SEO services. Unless you’re confident that you’ll be able to invest a lot of time in conducting A/B tests with different keywords, it will be useful to engage a video SEO specialist for support.

    4. Video Keywords

    It’s surprising how so many enthusiastic digital marketing beginners ignore keyword tags in YouTube video marketing! Of course, it is time-consuming but totally worth the effort.

    Our research has shown that keyword tags go a long way in helping YouTube associate your video content with related video content.

    So, for instance, someone interested in ‘getting rid of bed bugs’ may not specifically search for ‘nontoxic home pest control ideas’, but will probably watch the video if it shows in the related videos section.

    So, type in all your related keywords, and make sure you make use of this lesser-known secret of successful YouTube video SEO.

    5. Video Duration

    Yes, it matters. It’s difficult to provide dependable guidelines because the ideal duration range for your video depends heavily on the kind of content. If course, instructional videos have to be longer (10-15 mins) than promotional videos (2-4 minutes).

    Image source: Backlinko

    Because video creation is going to be a strenuous process, you’d want to make an informed and intelligent decision about this before you shoot the video.

    We encourage you to seek advice from a video SEO specialist to understand what duration range will work best for you.

    What does a Youtube SEO expert do?

    A lot, really. A YouTube SEO service provider brings a lot to the table, including but not limited to:

    • Technical skills
    • Project experience
    • Expert advice
    • Useful contacts (video production agencies, transceivers, professional models, actors)
    • RoI on your time and money (only the best in business will promise you positive RoI)

    More specifically, a video SEO service will help you with:

    • Accurate and extensive keyword research
    • Video content planning
    • Video design decisions (duration, style, etc.)
    • Using advanced YouTube features such as video annotations, thumbnails, analytics, etc.
    • Crafting the video title, description, tags.
    • Preparing reports to help you understand what’s working and what’s not (this is very important to extract the max ROI from your YouTube video marketing efforts)
    • Repurposing your video content for content marketing (such as, using transcription for a blog post, preparing a slide show from screenshots, etc.)

    What is the best practice for Writing Title of YouTube Video and How Important A Role Does It play in Optimization?

    Your YouTube video’s title plays a significant role in drawing more views. Here are some of the best practices you must follow.

    • Include keyword naturally, and in a manner that describes the content of your video
    • Plan to make it between 55 and 60 characters
    • Use the keyword within the first half of the title
    • Use YouTube Analytics to study the retention stats for your videos (more retention means viewers are getting what they expect from your video, after reading its title)
    • Include information that contextualizes information, such as episode #, the number of tips covered, etc.
    • Use power words

    Here are some example titles you can use to generate sample titles for your videos.

    What is the Best Way to Get Organic YouTube Followers

    To increase organic followers on YouTube means retaining and increasing your viewers by your own strategies. In other words, strategies to optimize your YouTube SEO marketing.

    A Real-Life YouTube Success Story

    Michel Phan, now 28, put up her first makeup tutorials on YouTube in 2007. She was just 16.

    Today she has a subscription beauty sampling channel on YouTube called Ipsy. It is a company worth more than US$ 500 million.

    Phan’s first humble makeup tutorial video got 40,000 views within the first week and she is where she is today. She is a live example of how successfully one can grow an organic following on YouTube. And, just how successful that can make you.

    What Your Business Can Learn from Phan?

    First and foremost, your videos have to be easily discoverable. The easiest way to do that is to name your video with the single most popular keyword for your topic (more on this later).

    Look for other popular keywords on your topic. Weave them cleverly into the description of your video.

    Try and keep your video within five minutes. That is the most popular length on YouTube.

    Be sure to keep posting new videos at regular intervals. Presenting old videos in a new format will do the trick as well.

    Branding your channel is important. Visual branding, for YouTube. Promote that on all your other social media platforms.

    Post-eye-catching thumbnails. They contribute to the visual branding of your channel.

    Most important: get involved with your audience. Invite comments and respond to them. That way, it will be easier to invite them to subscribe.

    The more subscribers you have, the larger your organic followers. To subscribe means that the viewer wants to get updates about your channel.

    What is the Role of Subtitles in Video Optimisation?

    For your video to have optimal viewership, it needs to be easily discoverable. That needs SEO optimisation. It needs to have elements that are search engine friendly. Subtitles and captions are a critical tool for that.

    Why Subtitles

    Add subtitles and captions on your video to make them more search engine friendly.

    Videos with subtitles reach a much wider audience. They are much more popular than those with no subtitles.

    Videos with subtitles and captions are more accessible and help comprehension.

    Accessibility matters. Without subtitles, you immediately lose all YouTube viewers among the 466 million people across the globe who are hearing impaired.

    Assisting comprehension is equally important. Viewers not native to English constitute 60% of YouTube viewers.

    Internet survey says, a majority of viewers mute the audio except for entertainment videos.

    Just Subtitles Are Not Enough

    The real trick lies in using and highlighting the right keywords in your subtitles. That’s critical to optimize the SEO value of your video.

    If you do not add your own subtitles and captions, Google will add indexes on its own. That may totally twist the content of your video.

    If you haven’t added captions to your video, YouTube will auto-generate them. These automatic captions don’t get indexed. Not getting indexed means not getting searched.

    That’s harakiri!

    Don’t commit it Adding subtitles and captions to your YouTube video is not very difficult at all.

    What is the role of video Thumbnail in YouTube SEO?

    In one of the sections above, we’ve covered why thumbnails matter for YouTube SEO.

    Your video’s thumbnails:

    • Give a teaser to the viewer, as to what they can expect in the video
    • Generates interest
    • Helps draw attention to your video when it’s a part of many results for a search query

    Take a look here, how these different thumbnails make a different kind of promise to the viewer.

    Videos 2 and 4 promise a real tutorial, video 3 shows an elaborate setup (something the coffee hobbyist may not be able to afford) and video 1 shows a generic thumbnail. The number of views of videos 2, 4 are much higher than that of 3 and 1.

    What should be the length of a good video?

    YouTube has never released any official statement about its preference for videos of any specific duration range. In fact, YouTube filter options seem to acknowledge that the platform has a good mix of short (less than 4 mins) and long (more than 20 mins) videos.

    This means that your ideal YouTube video duration is dependent on your purpose. If it’s a tutorial, go for a long video, because you need time to cover all the important concepts of your subject matter.

    If the video is purely promotional, make it less than 2 mins long.

    At this point, we want to recommend a tip that’s primarily popular among LinkedIn video marketers. Now, because your YouTube marketing is also focused on your business, we believe the tips are equally well applicable.

    Break your video into 4 sections

    • Hook: Use the first 3-5 seconds to grab attention.
    • Ignite Pain/Pleasure: Tell what problem you’re trying to solve, in the next 10 seconds.
    • Tell the solution: Exhibit how you can solve the problem (for instance, if you’re trying to promote your HVAC service, add some real video clips of your technicians in action), and this is the major part of the video.
    • Call to action: Close it with a call to action.

    Note: If your video is more than 2 mins long, don’t wait till the end to post the call to action. That’s because as your video duration departs from the 2 min range, the expected % of viewers who’d watch till end drops from a healthy 75% to a not so healthy 60%.

    Consider adding a clickable annotation that appears in the video once you’ve started demonstrating how you solve a problem.

    Which is the best keyword research tool for YouTube?

    Great question and a very important once.

    It’s very easy to be totally confused as you sit down to decide your video’s keywords. After all, you’re going to use them in your title, description, and even the video script.

    The trick is to keep it simple. Here are 2 dependable methods.

    Method #1: Use YouTube

    Yes! When you type anything in YouTube search, notice the list of suggestions that comes up. What better method than to let YouTube tell you which keywords it thinks are most search-able?

    An example, if you’re going to create a video to demonstrate your pest control service in Melbourne, do this.

    Type pest control in the search bar and note down the keywords.

    The benefits of this approach:

    • You get several content ideas to include in your YouTube video, as now you know what people are searching for, in the context of your business category.
    • You can club together different words and create your video’s title in such a manner so as to include major keywords.

    Note – don’t forget to add your city/region name. Example, your keyword will now become “ pest control in your Melbourne home” and your description will be something on the lines of “Experience the best of pest control in your Melbourne home, with latest machines and safe chemicals…..”

    Method #2: Ubersuggest

    A super easy and free keyword research tool you can start using without registering, sharing your credit card details, or paying a cent. Here’s the link.

    Key in your basic idea (we’re sticking to the pest control example), and let the tool generate suggestions for you.

    Key things to note:

    Trend: indicates the trend of search volume of the keyword over the past 12 months

    Volume: monthly search volume

    CPC: it’s the average cost/click someone will have to pay Google to appear as an ad on its search result pages (think of it as an indicator of the competition you’re facing to rank your content for the keyword. Higher the CPC, more difficult it’s going to be, to rank highly.

    PD (paid difficulty) and SD (SEO difficulty) are also indicators of the competitiveness of the keyword.

    Ideally, you’d want to target something that hits the sweet spot of ‘high search volume’, and ‘low competition’.

    YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2020

    The rules of YouTube video SEO are evolving with each passing day. For example, in the earlier days of YouTube marketing, it used to be sufficient for brands to use the right keywords in the title, write a keyword-rich description, and expect good results.

    Today, you need to go beyond the basics. YouTube SEO, for 2020, will involve a lot of dedicated and innovative effort from marketers. For instance, as voice search keeps on becoming more prominent, keyword research will need to be reinvented. That’s because most voice searches are in the form of questions, and are longer than traditional typed research.

    Apart from this, businesses will need to be prepared to generate futuristic video content (such as Virtual Reality content 360-degree videos, and more) to remain relevant. These formats already feature on YouTube’s filters, which proves the platform thinks this is going to be an important and major category.

    All these factors make it almost necessary that you keep looking to educate yourself about the latest trends from the YouTube video marketing world.

    How to get more subscribers to my Youtube Channel?

    Let’s face reality. The competition is fierce, don’t let the boundaries of SEO deter you from stepping beyond and trying out video marketing tactics to grow your YouTube channel’s subscriber base. Here are some time tested as well as novel tactics:

    1. Create highly focused playlists around your video content
    2. Promote your other videos in the end of every video
    3. Add a button watermark over your video to let viewers subscribe while they watch your video.

    You can do it from your YouTube Creator Studio account.

    4. ASK for subscription, likes, and shares (we know everyone is doing it, but it’s still important)

    5. Engage with your viewers. Here’s what YouTube tells you:

    Need we say more? Ask people to comment, and make sure you reply to as many comments as you can.

    6. Make sure you create an awesome trailer for your channel, something that introduced the channel to viewers. Remember – they won’t subscribe to what they don’t know!

    7. Embed your video in your blog posts, because your blog subscribers will definitely like your videos too!

    8. Call to action: If someone has watched your video till the end, it’s likely they’d be interested in what you post next. Tell them what to do, right to the last detail. See this example:

    How to Get More Views on My YouTube Video?

    Now, most of the suggestions we gave in the last answer also apply to this question. And, some specific tactics you must consider are:

    1. Create how-to content. Clearly, for businesses, that’s the best way forward to generate interest, establish authority, and pitch the business without sounding promotional.

    Image source: oberlo

    2. Use the End Screen and Card functionality to help viewers remain hooked to your content, moving from one video to another.

    Find out more about these functionalities here.

    3. Promote your videos on your blogs and social media channels.

    4. Create thumbnails that attract attention, are in sync with YouTube’s best practices, and create hype.

    Image source: louisem

    You can do it while uploading your video.

    Image source: snappa

    How to rank my YouTube video higher?

    To rank higher, focus on these aspects, go through all the 5 ranking factors we discussed earlier.

    Again, they are:

    • Video views and total watch time
    • Exact keyword match between a search query and your video’s title
    • Keyword-rich descriptions
    • Keyword tags
    • The apt duration

    Now ranking your YouTube video higher is dependent on several factors. Here’s an infographic that shows how many factors are at play.

    Image source: tagSeoBlog

    Of course, you can’t chase them all – after all you have a business to manage as well. That’s where you could benefit from the services of a YouTube SEO expert.

    How to rank my YouTube video quickly?

    Ranking your videos quickly is important particularly if the content is about something trendy.

    Thankfully, if you do everything we’ve discussed till now (or most of it), your video will rank quickly.

    Apart from these, other factors to focus on:

    • Add location details (for local businesses)
    • Work on your video’s thumbnail
    • Add closed captions
    • Add a video transcript
    • Embed your video in your blogs
    • Promote your video every way you can
    • Engage a YouTube video marketing agency for quick and effective promotions
    • Work on generating some high-quality backlinks for your video

    If you are really looking to get immediate results from your YouTube videos, you may not have the time to invest so much effort in so many promotional tactics. In such a case, hiring an affordable YouTube video marketing agency will be a good decision.

    How to search the best tags for YouTube videos?

    We’ve covered YouTube video keyword research in detail earlier. All the keywords that are related to your main keyword, can and must be used as tags for your video.

    Here’s an example of the idea in action.

    We also recommend you use other keyword research tools to increase your database of relevant keywords per video. Two useful tools are vidIQ and TubeBuddy.

    Here’s an example of how vidIQ generates a list of the tags being used by the highest-ranking videos for a search query.

    Image source: searchengineland

    Now here’s something – these tools make your research effort easier. However, remember that they also need a consistent investment of your time, so that you can keep on optimizing your YouTube search engine optimization for maximum traction.

    And that’s the hard part for small business owners, as they have a whole business to take care of, too! This is where a reliable, reputed, and customer-focused YouTube Marketing service can be of immense value.

    How to search the keywords for YouTube SEO?

    Always think of the kind of words your customers/clients are likely to use to search for the kind of products/services you provide. These are your keywords. Now, YouTube does not have an official keyword tool. However, there are plenty of third-party online tools to choose from, such as Google Keyword Planner.

    Also, conduct a Google search to find hacks and tools for identifying search volumes for keywords. Keep an eye out for different keywords in your niche and find out if they display suitable video results on Google. If they do, then those keywords will be applicable for your YouTube marketing efforts.

    For example, search for how to repair a kitchen sink and numerous YouTube video results show up on the first page of the search results.

    For best results, cross-check those keywords with Google Keyword Planner and take not of the monthly searches. Then you can choose that specific video keyword.

    Next, we will explain how you can use some other YouTube keyword research tools.

    (this is work in progress)

    How to target the right audience on YouTube?

    All this talk about getting more and more views, likes, shares, and subscribers – a lot of it is based on the assumption that you target your videos at the right audience.

    Now that’s a risky assumption because targeting is not straightforward. Remember, a video is expensive – ti will take money and time. You don’t want your effort to be misdirected.

    Here’s an infographic to help you understand how targeting works:

    We’re referring to targeting as the act of defining your audience as precisely as possible. This is different from YouTube’s Targeted advertisements functionality (which is, again, very useful, but a bit too advanced for a small business owner to get into right away). You could, of course, talk to a YouTube video SEO expert to understand how targeted ads can work for your business.

    Note: You’d see how targeting is closely related to long-tail keywords (which we’ve covered earlier).

    How to do off-page SEO for YouTube videos?

    We’ve covered a lot of tactics while answering these questions in the earlier sections:

    How to get more subscribers to my YouTube Channel?
    How to Get More Views on My YouTube Video?
    How to Get More YouTube Views

    Some of these are:

    • Embedding your YouTube video links in your blogs
    • Generating backlinks to your YouTube videos
    • Sharing the video on your social channels
    • Deliberately creating the content such that people watch till the end
    • Use thumbnails
    • Create playlists
    • And more

    All these are part of your off-page YouTube SEO.

    Remember, the info about on-page SEO (keyword research, optimized titles, and descriptions, keyword tags) is accessible to all your competitors, and they may even use the same tools as you. Off-page SEO becomes your differentiator, which is also why a reputed YouTube video marketing service could add real value to your strategy.

    How to find a reputed Video SEO company?

    Over 500 hours of fresh video content gets uploaded to YouTube every minute by users. So, even if you create a good video for your business, you might not be able to stand out in the crowd.

    What you require is an experienced digital media partner that can help your videos rank on top of the YouTube search results page.

    A good Video SEO company will find competitive keywords to include in your videos so you secure more engagements and views. The number of subscribers to your channel will increase as well.

    To find reliable YouTube video SEO services, make a few Google and YouTube searches by mentioning some prominent cities around the place you live – for instance, YouTube video marketing services Melbourne, YouTube video SEO Sydney, YouTube video promotion services Canberra, etc.

    A quick look at the company’s website will help you understand which clients they’ve helped succeed in the past, what their work process looks like, how knowledgeable they are in the technical aspects, and so on.

    How to find the best keywords for YouTube in specific countries?

    Country specific keyword research differs from what we covered in the last section in two ways:

    1. Here, you’re trying to identify how people in a specific country write a specific type of query.

    The best tool, the one that even expert YouTube SEO Services use is SEMRush.

    The Keyword Magic tool included in the SEMRush suite lets you specify the country of search, which automatically generates the most appropriate list of keywords for you.

    Another superb (and paid) tool is AHREFS Keyword Explorer.

    Image source: searchenginejournal

    Now, think of it this way – when you engage a YouTube SEO Service for your business, the load of using all these expensive tools falls on them. Remember this tip while working out a cost-benefit analysis for any SEO service.

    2. Also, you may be trying to understand how international users plant the name of a country or city in a search result.

    For this, simply add the city or country name after your selected keywords. Simple enough.

    How to find long-tail keywords for YouTube?

    What are long-tail keywords?

    These are the keywords with 4+ words in them. For example, the long tail variant of the main keyword such as ‘roast coffee’ is ‘roast coffee at home without tools’.

    It’s very clear, long-tail keywords are highly targeted, as they promise something very specific.

    From an SEO standpoint, long-tail keywords mean you’re targeting a niche with limited competition (because you’re being very specific) but still enough promise of traffic.

    Anyone who’s actually looking for a video on roasting coffee at home, without using tools, will certainly click your video with a long tail keyword in the title, over a video with only the main keyword.

    One free tool we can recommend for searching long-tail keywords is Keyword Tool.

    How to find the most searched words on YouTube?

    There’s no reliable easy way to do that.

    However, it’s natural to wonder – why would you need a list of the most searched words. Just in case you really do, we recommend you Google for it as the world’s leading SEO companies keep on publishing such data.

    However, expect to find most searches about music, video, and teenage issues. In fact, music video promotion comprises a major part of YouTube activity.

    For your business’ YouTube video marketing, you need more focused data.

    For instance, if you want to estimate the ‘interest’ about a specific search term in your country, you’d want to use Google Trends for it.

    Just go to Google Trends.

    Key in a phrase.

    Select ‘YouTube’ from the drop-down, and get some basic idea.

    Top 10 Tips to Promote YouTube SEO

    To get the most out of your YouTube SEO marketing, do these 10 things:

    1. Master the art of YouTube Keyword Research
    2. Understand the key ranking factors
    3. Get the duration of your YouTube video right.
    4. Write optimized video title, description, script, and use more keywords as tags
    5. Understand off page SEO and do everything to promote your videos and channel
    6. Strive to get organic traffic for your channel
    7. Grow your subscriber base
    8. Target the right audience
    9. Use YouTube’s built in features such as closed captions, thumbnails, advertisements, analytics, and more
    10. Engage expert YouTube service providers to beat your competition, free up your time, and get guaranteed results.

    Now, we’ve covered some of these already and will cover the remaining in the next sections.

    Top 5 Most affordable Video SEO Companies?

    Affordability matters. The reality, however, is that you may be dealing with agencies that try to leverage the knowledge gap that exists between you and them, and overcharge.

    The solution, work with a Video SEO company that has already helped several business owners in Australia and ask them how they can help you.

    The Top 5 Most Affordable Video SEO Companies are:

    Australian Internet Advertising

    Top 5 Questions to ask a Video optimization Expert or a Video Company?

    Sticking to the question of affordability and value for money, here are the 5 questions that will help you evaluate a Video SEO company.

    • Which businesses have you helped in the past, and what was the ROI they experienced?
    • Do you offer some kind of guarantee about the results (even if it’s with, let’s say, an 80% probability of success)?
    • Will you assign a dedicated account manager who will always be available for me?
    • What kind of leverage can you offer to help me produce and promote my YouTube videos?
    • How will you optimize and customize your marketing/SEO processes to suit my business goals?

    Top 5 SEO guides for YouTube SEO

    To expand your knowledge base about YouTube Marketing, and to try out novel ideas that may help you beat the competition, here are 5 comprehensive guides.

    How to Hack YouTube SEO – 26 Tactics for Gaining Top Results
    YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos #1 (2019)
    YouTube SEO 101: How To Rank Videos on YouTube (Optimize & Rank higher)
    YouTube SEO 101: Get started optimizing video
    The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet

    Top 5 Techniques apart from YouTube SEO to get More Video views?

    The pursuit for getting more views for your YouTube videos is worth the rewards. After all – total watch time is the biggest contributor to YouTube video SEO success.

    Here are 5 techniques you can use:

    1. Create playlists

    When someone starts a video on your playlist, the other videos are going to play automatically in a sequential manner, unless the viewer stops the play. Organize your and others’ highly relevant videos around a subject matter, create a playlist, and add the playlist to your channel.

    2. Leverage Suggested Videos

    You may not even realize that YouTube’s Suggested Videos feature may be contributing a major percentage of your video views.

    Image source: backlinko

    To give your videos the best chance of landing in suggested videos lists, use a tool such as TubeBuddy create a list of tags that other similar videos are using, and use all these tags in your video’s metadata.

    3. Promote Your Videos on Other Social Channels

    Are you on Quora? Facebook? Instagram?

    Wherever you are, promote your YouTube videos so that you can benefit from the synergy of a coherent multi-channel social media marketing approach.

    4. Use End Screen promotion to direct more viewership towards lesser-watched videos.

    Use your YouTube Analytics to find out your most-watched videos.

    Also, find out a video that is:

    • In need of more views
    • Is related in subject matter to your popular video

    Then, use YouTube’s End Screen functionality to promote videos.

    Image source: oberlo

    5. Use In-video Cards to Help Viewers Transition to Your Other Videos (the Card Bridge technique)

    There may be videos you’ve already posted, and wish you’d done better with. Why? Because you see clear patterns, such as viewers skipping off to other videos after watching, let’s say. 305 of your video.

    This information can be extracted from the Retention Report of your YouTube Analytics.

    Image source: backlinko

    Now you know, that you need to place a card to create a bridge that leads viewers to another more engaging video from your channel, at around the halfway mark of your current video.

    Top 5 Tools to do keyword research for YouTube SEO

    We’ve covered many different keyword research tools in this guide. Here are the 5 best ones.

    Top 5 Video tutorials on YouTube SEO

    Here are our top 5 picks. Our recommendation:

    Understand the ideas explained in the video

    Also try to understand how these videos, themselves, follow the ideas explained in them (example, the keywords they’re ranking for, their title and description, tags, etc.)

    1. Video SEO – How to Rank #1 in YouTube (Fast!)
    2. Best YouTube Keyword Tools For 2019
    3. YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos #1 (2019)
    4. How To Properly Tag Your YouTube Videos
    5. YouTube video SEO: How I Got Over 25,000 Subscribers on YouTube This Year | 5 Video Marketing Tips

    The Bounce rate of my Video on YouTube is very high. Will it affect my rankings on YouTube?

    YouTube uses a metric called ‘watch time’ to determine the quality of a video. Watch time is the average duration of each viewing session of a video.

    Bounce, in YouTube’s context, is when a viewer skips to some other video before completing your video.

    Bounce rate, then, becomes a measure of how many (or what percentage) of your videos viewers don’t completely watch it (or. At least, don’t watch enough of it).

    This also means that a high bounce rate is going to be detrimental to your videos’ ranking because it’s going to reduce the ‘watch time’ score.

    You might want to check out the Card Bridge method we have discussed in the guide (search using your browser’s search box, and you will get there).

    Can I hire a YouTube SEO expert to do keyword research for me for Video SEO?


    In fact, keyword research is the heart and soul of YouTube SEO. It demands skill, expertise, patience, the right tools, a lot of time, a good deal of experimentation, and well-established processes of organized research.

    If you feel you won’t have so much time to invest in keyword research, by all means, seek the services of a reputed YouTube SEO Service provider.

    Do backlinks still work for YouTube videos?

    Backlinks are extremely important when it comes to ranking blog posts. But do they have the same impact on YouTube videos?

    Well, up to a certain extent, yes. The truth is, YouTube cannot use backlinks and other signals like Google to evaluate the quality of some specific piece of content. Thus, the platform relies more on audience retention.

    If you have a bad video, no matter how well-optimized it is, it will never be able to rank. Audience interaction is a major ranking signal used by YouTube in its algorithm.

    That being said, if you manage to secure a strong backlink for your YouTube videos, it’s because someone found it helpful and took the time to embed it on their website. That is a clear indication that your video content is engaging.

    Do closed captions affect the SEO for YouTube videos?

    Discovery Digital Networks conducted a study that revealed how YouTube videos with captions performed better than videos without any captions.

    How? Well, for starters, Google indexes closed captions that have been uploaded to YouTube videos, allowing them to secure a higher rank for relevant keyword searches.

    According to the study, YouTube videos with captions experienced a 13.48 percent rise in views within two weeks of uploading. The lifetime benefits of closed-captioned videos were 7.32 percent more YouTube views than uncaptioned videos.

    And it makes sense, considering how closed captions make videos more accessible to a wider audience and allow them to watch videos in more places without worrying about the environment, specifically who’s around them or listening in.

    How to generate video transcripts on your own?

    1. Go to the Video Manager option for your uploaded videos.

    2. For the video whose transcript you wish to generate, click Edit > subtitles/CC

    3. Click on ‘Create new subtitles or CC’

    4. Now, you can simply edit the auto-generated subtitles.

    Does adding transcript help in Video SEO?

    81 percent of businesses now use Video marketing for business growth due to its relevance. But very few include video transcripts.

    The truth is, providing a transcript boosts engagement and helps videos reach a wider audience directly.

    Since content gets consumed quickly, it is sometimes important to get to the point quickly. However, videos often take time to tell the whole story.

    Transcripts allow viewers to follow along or quickly get to the main points that they are interested in. It also helps content to be shared more easily.

    Most importantly, video transcription offers the same value to those who are physically disabled as those in a crowded train, bus, or coffee shop – creating a level playing field.

    Thus, transcripts help broaden the reach of your videos and connect with users who normally would not engage with a simple standalone video.

    Video transcription can even boost your website SEO and help you secure strong Google search rankings. Plus, you benefit from increased traffic, link building opportunities, and lower bounce rates.

    Does adding YouTube links enhance SEO on Google?

    There’s no firm answer.

    In terms of traditional backlinking, you don’t get a direct SEO benefit from your URLs mentioned in the video description (because all these links are no-follow, means Google doesn’t consider them while calculating your website’s popularity score).

    However, from an off-page SEO perspective, your YouTube video is another opportunity for you to contribute to your blog traffic. This means that a perfectly executed YouTube SEO strategy could feed the benefit to your traditional Google SEO too.

    Anyways, because YouTube is owned by Google, a lot of the principles of marketing YouTube videos are the same as the ones you apply while promoting your blogs and websites.

    Does embedding a video in a website boost its ranking on YouTube?

    If your YouTube embed is fast and doesn’t slow down the site too much, it actually counts as a view when the video is played. However, views from embedded videos set to play automatically may or may not count. This varies regularly depending on the platform’s algorithm.

    Image source: cms.vnvn

    Views from sites with broken embed codes are also not counted. If the video loads partially and the user refreshes numerous times to get it to work properly, the views won’t count.

    Some users also use extensions to limit the way their browser interacts with other websites. This restricts the information given out and YouTube is unable to recognize the view.

    Does embedding a YouTube video help or hinder on-page SEO?

    Google’s John Mueller has stated outright that adding YouTube videos to your page won’t make the page high quality by itself.

    YouTube videos embedded on your pages won’t provide a ranking boost or show Google that your page is higher quality. Why? Because such videos slow page speed, which has a negative impact on some ranking signals.

    The idea that people can use YouTube video embedding to boost their site popularity and rankings is nothing more than an urban myth. However, this does not mean that using YouTube videos won’t have a positive impact on your site.

    Embedded videos help your website SEO increase in other ways, namely higher visitor engagement, longer on-page time, and thumbnails of your videos showing up on the search results pages.

    Does Link velocity matter in YouTube SEO as well?

    Simply put, link velocity is the rate at which others link to your page. In YouTube’s context, link velocity is the rate at which others link to your video’s URL.

    Till now, there’s been no comprehensive research that has explored the correlation between backlinks and YouTube video rankings.

    So, while there may not be a technical correlation between link velocity and YouTube video success, there is certainly a causal element at play here.

    When more people create backlinks to your YouTube videos, this will naturally mean the videos get more views, which contributes to the SEO.

    Does putting a link of my website in Description help my website rank higher in Google?

    All URLs you mention in your YouTube video’s description are no-follow. This means that Google will not consider that as a valid backlink to your website. So, adding website links to your video description does not contribute to the backlink profile.

    However, if your video becomes popular, starts getting a lot of views, and people then click on the website to get more of your content, that will count as organic traffic, which contributes to your website’s SEO.

    Do social signals matter in YouTube SEO?

    According to Google, social signals do not play a role in their algorithm.

    But the YouTube algorithm works independently. So, there is always a possibility that YouTube uses likes and shares from social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook as a ranking factor for YouTube SEO.

    In fact, a Searchmetrics paper discovered a high connection between ranking position and social signals. Videos with top positions in YouTube also possess a high number of social signals since they help:

    • Create potential for links
    • Draw an audience
    • Aid in branded searches
    • Serve promotional purposes

    This is made more evident by Backlinko’s analysis of 1.3 million YouTube videos that found a strong correlation between social signals and higher rankings on YouTube:

    Image source: backlinko

    Moreover, Google treats links as one of the leading Google ranking factors. Sure, social media shares are not considered individual links but there is a correlation. Creating good content will immediately increase Video SEO through the power of social media, garnering views and links. This will improve your ranking automatically over time.

    Does the video file name affect a YouTube video’s performance?

    In a word, yes. That’s why YouTube video files should always be renamed with a target keyword. Similar to how written content requires optimization, YouTube SEO tools help identify keywords you’d like your videos to focus on.

    Once you identify the correct set of keywords, put them in the video file before uploading. Remember, the streaming giant cannot watch your video to understand how relevant it is to the target keyword. However, it can read the file name of the video along with the code attached to it after the upload.

    So, replace file names like “creative_content_-009.mov” during post-production to something more meaningful and keyword-specific such as house painting tips if you want your Video Marketing campaign to succeed. Don’t forget to adjust the supported file type to WMV, MOV, and MP4.

    Check out the two videos featured above. The file names of the videos have been changed so they have a better shot at ranking higher on YouTube. However, the file format still needs to be changed from .mkv to a .mp4 or others before uploading.

    How is YouTube SEO different from Video SEO?

    YouTube SEO is different from Video SEO in general. That’s because YouTube is a Google-owned company, and the general SEO principles that apply to web SEO also apply to YouTube video SEO.

    However, if you’re trying to get better at Video SEO for any other website (Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.), you’d need to know about the ranking methodologies adopted by those websites.

    Also, none of the other popular video sharing websites publish any clear rules of SEO. Now, because almost everyone is infinitely more interested in YouTube SEO, even SEO leaders of the world haven’t invested any significant research effort in uncovering the trends and patterns at play in general Video SEO.

    However, if you wish to promote your videos on a non-YouTube channel, you can always seek the expertise of a dedicated Video SEO company.

    How much Does a writer charge to write SEO optimized meta title & description for YouTube?

    An expert writer could charge you anything between $3-5 per YouTube video title (assuming the responsibility of research also lies with the writer), and $10+ for the description.

    However, when you engage a professional YouTube SEO Service, you can get hefty discounted prices on your titles and meta descriptions, because the agency will have its in-house writers to do the work.

    Is there any specific technique for Dailymotion or Video SEO?

    Dailymotion is a video sharing site that is active in 19 countries with optimized, dedicated, and language-specific content.

    According to eBiz MBA, Dailymotion has 100,000,000 unique monthly visitors, making it a haven for Video SEO professionals as well as small businesses looking to make a mark with their innovative Video SEO marketing campaign.

    To connect socially with users, Dailymotion has recently implemented some changes to its mail function. Now, it is possible for users to add Dailymotion visitors to their eBay auctions.

    There is a nice feature that lets you map your videos based on where they have been produced. This adds a solid level of interaction for your video content.

    Image source: i.ytimg

    The platform includes a few tools directly integrated into the system that makes it a perfect playground for beginners who want to showcase their products and services in their Video SEO campaigns.

    How much does YouTube SEO cost?

    Organic searches account for 51 percent of business traffic. That’s why you should consider adding videos to your existing marketing strategy.

    Now, you can easily purchase a webcam and shoot your own videos. Plus, nearly every laptop has one, so content creation isn’t a problem.

    But if you want something a little more professional and polished that your viewers will actually appreciate, seek the help of a YouTube SEO company. These Video Marketing agencies usually charge on the basis of your requirements, and if you’re not careful, they might trick you into paying more than you should.

    Determine how much you should pay for SEO services by considering factors like the SEO work they’ve already handled for other businesses, the amount of time they will take to do SEO work for your campaign, the state of the industry, and SEO goals for your business.

    Normally, a successful SEO campaign needs around 12 to 104 hours of work each month. That’s a huge range, and with SEO experts charging nearly $75 to $200 an hour, it can cost a lot. But be careful of any service that charges below $750 each month.

    Remember, you are not shopping for the lowest price but the best service. If you find an ‘unbelievable deal’, then it’s probably too good to be true. Usually, investment in YouTube SEO comes to around $1000 per month or more.

    I want to hire an SEO company that specializes in YouTube SEO. How can I find it?

    With videos being a leading online marketing strategy, many small business owners launch YouTube video campaigns but very few secure decent Video SEO. You must hire an SEO expert proficient in Video Marketing to achieve this objective.

    The first place you should look for is, of course, online. You will find plenty of YouTube SEO Services claiming to provide the best services. Compare and contrast customer reviews, Google listings, testimonials, blogs, and aggregator websites to verify the quality and expertise of the company.

    Ask friends, family, or industry acquaintances to connect you to some good SEO companies that can handle YouTube page rankings.

    Once you have narrowed down the list to a few potential services, check the number of projects they’ve worked on, their knowledge of domain authority, page authority, to verify their capabilities.

    Remember, choosing the right YouTube video promotion company can make all the difference between gaining more online exposure and wasting precious resources.

    Is hiring a YouTube SEO expert good for our channel?

    Hiring a YouTube video SEO expert is a great idea, especially for small businesses that are interested in scaling up and securing a customer base. Sure, there is an upfront cost involved but the expenses prove beneficial for your business over time.

    You have complete control over what the expert works on and can formulate your business’ Video SEO strategy accordingly. You also get more time to monitor and discuss the results of your YouTube campaign.

    Having someone focus solely on improving the online visibility of your business and building your customer base leaves other employees to focus on core activities and take your business to the next level.

    Hire a YouTube video promotion company professional if you wish to:

    • Promote collaboration between employees
    • Facilitate the exchange of ideas
    • Strengthen team relationships
    • Improve business resilience
    • Encourage innovative ideas and solutions.

    Considering how innovation is what most businesses strive for, to stand out from the competition, hiring an experienced YouTube Marketing expert is a step in the right direction.