What is Google Florida Update 2 & What You need to do if you lost Your Rankings?

Google Update Florida 2-2

What is Google Florida Update 2 & What You need to do if you lost Your Rankings?

Yesterday, Danny Sullivan of Google released an official statement on Twitter that Google is releasing a broad core algorithm update and it’s the biggest update for SEO industry in years. The name of the update was decided beforehand and hence, called as Google Florida Update 2.

What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Broad core updates are enhancements to Google’s algorithms. The update helps Google to more accurately look at the queries of website visitors, match the results and then provide a list of relevant searches.
In other words, the updates are released to understand the behavior of users in a better way and offer them another level of satisfaction.

Why it is named as Google Update Florida 2?

Back in early 2000s, when Google bought a major change to the digital world with its first major Florida update, the SEO changed forever. It was named as Florida Update because the algorithm change occurred with SEO conference of Pubcon Florida.
Again, the talk about this broad core update coincides with same SEO conference and that’s when the founder of Pubcon, Brett Tabke, decided to name it as Google Florida Update 2.

What’s the Goal?

As said above, it’s an important and a big one update for all those working in the SEO world. But that doesn’t mean that Google is targeting any specific thing. Instead, it has nothing to fix.
Neither the updates have something to do with websites nor with the keyword stuffing. The best approach is to focus on the SEO basis and related factors. If your basics are strong, your website rankings will not go anywhere.

What do you need to do to recover your rankings from a broad core update?

Unlike other updates that targeted specific niches, links or content quality, a broad core update is implemented to improve the overall performance of Google algorithm – to provide better experience to the internet users.

Because every website is different, the reason behind the dropped rankings of your website could be entirely different than the reason behind the increased/decreased rankings of your competitor’s websites.

Google is not telling you “how to recover” because the solution is going to be different forevery website – as every website adopts a unique SEO Strategy to rank better in search engine result pages.

So, what is the best advice to get your lost rankings back?

The best advice is – you should keep focusing on what you were doing earlier i.e.,

  • Producing the High-quality content
  • Optimizing the Well-defined and clean site architecture
  • Following the Google’s guidelines

The Last Words

Don’t stop even if you have achieved the top position on the first page of Google searches – because your competitors are not going to stop anyhow. Continue what you’re doing right now and try to improve 1% every day. After all, consistency is the key to retain your followers.

I know, it’s not the answer which everyone is looking for, but the sad reality is – it’s the only solution to conquer the consequences of a broad core update.

Nobody said SEO was easy!