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      9Things to Consider Before Hiring Web Design and Development Services in Sydney

      It seems like common sense to have a well-designed and user-friendly website, but for various reasons more often than not, design and development gets sacrificed at the expense of other things.

      This disconnect could be due to multiple reasons such as lack of awareness, limits of the budget and the need for certain business owners to involve themselves personally in each and every aspect of their business.

      Even though many business owners understand the importance of website development, they don’t have any idea what points they should consider.

      They are completely clueless about navigation, site structure, colour psychology, performance optimised codes and various other aspects of website development. Site map, user-friendly design, compatibility with every device and loading times are some other things that need to be in place.  Ignoring any of these things may turn your website in to a leaking bucket.  In this context, it becomes important to ask right questions.

      For example, if you’re trying to hire a company for website design and development in Sydney how will you go about it?

      Simply choosing a website based on its looks is not going to be the best thing to do right? It should be pretty looking but at the same time technically robust as well.

      You can’t afford to suffer from faulty website development process and design to ruin your online business, let us take a look at the things that you need to consider when it comes to creating enduring website designs.

      Conversion Centric Designs

      A study published on Crazy Egg mentioned that colours influence 90% people when making purchase decision.  Another study by the Stanford University, 46.1% of the respondents said that “design look” of a website is the most essential feature when it comes to judging the credibility of a website. Design look refers to elements such as visual design, layout, white space, typography, images, and colour schemes. If you want to ensure that your website is conversion centric or does a great job at converting visitors into leads and later on customers, you need to focus on  certain specific aspects:

      Focus on breadcrumbs navigation, page headers

      Take care of usability

      The interface should be clean and uncluttered.

      Provide limited number of choices to users. Compel them to finish the desired goal. Too many options will confuse them. Hick’s Law says that more option you provide users, more will be the decision time. This works well in website design.

      Always apply the rule of third in images. If you divide an image into two horizontal and two vertical lines, four middle intersects are the area of strategic interest.

      The bottom-line is to keep things simple and constantly keep asking yourself if there is any way in which things could be made even more straightforward. We are a professional WordPress website design in Sydney; you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

      Robust Process

      The key to a successful implementation of any design lies in how you take care of even smaller things. Any web design or WordPress development companies in Sydney should know the answers of who are prospective customers, what do they do, why was their business created, how would they like to be viewed via their website and what would they like to convey through their website.

      You can get their perspective on their prospective visitors and their ideas about what makes a good website by asking them questions such as –

      What is purpose of their website and does it address the needs of users?

      Why would anyone choose their product or service over the competition?

      What differentiates their website.

      These are some questions that will help you learn about the scope of the website. The questions can be modified or replaced with others depending on the client and the nature of the client’s business.

      Strong Site Architecture

      A robust website architecture or construction is necessary for both SEO and user-experience. The way content is structured can decide how you will fare in search engine rankings and what kind of experience users will have on your website.

      It is crucial that you try to follow the following site hierarchy – Index page which is like the entrance to your site from where people can go to the different main categories.

      This should be followed by the Main Categories. The third and last section will be the ‘subcategories’ which is required in case of an extensive product portfolio. The number of main category pages should not be more than 7 unless it is an ecommerce website.

      You should also take care of navigation and sitemap as they impact your website’s strength:


      Navigation on any website should not be a rush job and it should be a well-thought-out process.

      Sitemaps contains both HTML and XML. XML sitemaps contain a list of URLs on your site and XML maps can be submitted to all the major search engines for crawling. While XML maps are designed for use by search engines, HTML maps are intended for use by humans.

      SEO-Friendly Design

      An SEO-ready theme of a website has a crucial role in determining search engine results. Google crawlers analyses each page and each element of a website to understand the information on each web page. After this, the information from the site is stored in the search engine’s index.

      Whenever a user searches for something on Google, it accesses the millions of pages it has stored in the databases and gives the most relevant search results. Your website needs to be present on Google’s index and contain the searched keyword in order to be in the search engine results.

      The theme you install has a vital part to play in the above. The features that make a WordPress design or theme SEO friendly are as follows:

      Slide Slide Slide

      Fully Indexable page

      The pages of your website should be fully indexable. The number of indexed pages is an important ranking factor in the eyes of Google.

      Valid Coding

      In order for a theme to be ranked favourably by search engines, it has to have been written using clean code and up-to-date coding practices. The code has to be accepted by all the popular browsers and have valid HTML and CSS code.

      Responsive And Mobile-First Design

      The ability of a website to take the shape of any device that it is viewed in is as known as mobile responsiveness. Mobile responsiveness in websites is a must for higher rankings in Google, so your theme has to be responsive. We provide responsive web design services in Sydney.

      Site load time

      Site load time simply means the time taken by a website to display or load all its contents to a viewer. The faster the load time, the higher the ranking in search engine results. Search engines love faster sites. We make sure that the sites we develop have a smaller image and media file size so that loading times are quick. A fast-loading theme will also be of help here.

      Social Media Integration

      Although social media marketing is, strictly speaking, not a part of SEO Services, it is closely interrelated with SEO as it helps to get site traffic.
      Make sure that the theme you choose has a” share with” option to link to various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

      Schema Markup

      Most websites use various plugins and if a theme is not compatible with a plugin, problems will arise. If a theme is not compatible with SEO plugins, the SEO capabilities of the plugin won’t be utilised completely. This will affect SEO rankings of the site.

      Scalable Website Architecture

      If your website has scalable web architecture, you can manage demand much more easily and witness fewer downtime that directly results in cost saving.  So, scaling could either be vertical scaling or horizontal.

      An increase in the power of the hardware such as more RAM or a powerful CPU and horizontal scaling could happen with identical copies of your website being distributed across multiple machines.

      It gives you power to extend your website and grow without any problems. WordPress also allows for maximum scalability because of methods such as caching, reverse proxy caching, object caching and query performance.

      Irrespective of whether it is a matter of 5 hits per minute or hundreds of millions overnight, scaling up to handle the load and scaling down to control costs is a matter of delicate balance that can be done with our WordPress expertise.

      Cross Browser Compatibility

      Cross-browser compatibility is important because users check out your website on different browsers and each browser interprets the code differently.

      Difficulty in understanding the code will mean difficulty in displaying the website properly. This means that visitors will leave your site and bounce rates will go up. Thus, cross-browser compatibility is an important feature of a well-designed website.

      As one of the most trusted providers of website development services in Sydney, we pride ourselves on using frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap, keeping code simple, validation of HTML and CSS and cross-browser testing so that you never have to worry about what users see when they visit your website from different browsers and machines.

      Cyber Secure Website

      Website design is not only about beautiful and functional websites but also about warding off unseen threats.

      According to a recent study, 86 percent of applications written in PHP were found to have a minimum of one cross-site scripting weakness. Similarly, 56 percent of the code was found to have at least one SQLi weakness.

      Hackers exploit these weaknesses to access websites and sensitive data can be stolen in this way. Developers who know about these weaknesses can nip this problem in the bud.  Proactive steps to protect websites such as malware scanning and setting up a web application firewall can help safeguard against such attacks.

      Follow Clean Code Standards

      Bad codes can take a toll on your website by resulting in frequent downtimes and poor user experience. The worse could be that people run away from your business never to come back again.

      Don’t add unneeded text.


      Function should do one thing.

      Variables should be self explanatory

      Avoid nesting deeply.

      These things are taken care by our experienced WordPress developers in Sydney. We ensure that we follow the strictest and best coding norms accepted across the industry today.

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        The Psychology of Colour in Conversion

        Do you know that conversion or sales depend on the colour of your product. A research study shows that 66% people buy appliances of their favourite colour. Heinz, in a marketing experiment, changed the signature colour of the bottle from green to red which resulted in $23 million more sales, writes Kissmetrics.

         It is no secret that colour has a huge impact when it comes to our moods and emotions.

        As the most commonly accepted sayings declare that bright colours such as red, blue and yellow lift your moods while colours such as white and lighter shades help us relax.

        According to a recent study, adjusting colour on a website can increase conversion by as much as 24%.

        Thus, colour is important, but at the same time, it is important to use colour on the website in the right way for the right audience and the right manner.  Here are a few more facts about colours and its impact on sales and conversion:

        A right choice of colours may increase the brand recognition by almost80%.

        Visual appearance matters for 93% people when purchasing a new product.

        Yellow is considered a youthful colour and people are more tempted to buy.


        42% users prefer to buy a product online if visual appearance appeals to them.

        Our 9 Step Work Process

        Creating a perfect web design is a labour of love and hard work. This can be accomplished well if there is a step-by-step process outlining the entire process involved. The steps involved in it can be summed up as follows:

        1. Understanding Requirement
        This is the first stage where we get to know about your requirements and needs. To understand you better, we provide a list of questions and based on your answers; we formulate an execution plan to design dummies for your website.
        2. Wireframing
        Wireframing and mock up work is undertaken at this stage. This is the time where lots of reviews, approvals and disapprovals keep happening to and fro. A dummy of the site begins to shape up and lots of changes keep happening accordingly.
        3. Design Approval
        Once the design structure has been finalised and we get the green signal from you we request you to provide confirmation. Once we get the go ahead, the actual coding and development of the website begins.
        4. Website Development
        The draft begins to take the shape of an XHTML or HTML; custom graphics are created, the artwork is enhanced, interface design of other pages takes place and integration of CMS if required is done. Corrections if any are made hands on.
        5. Testing
        The completed website is now uploaded on to our servers and tested. You can gain access to all parts of the site and can test anything you want. Based on your feedback, further changes will be made.
        6. Project Completion
        In this stage, the project files will be handed over to you and we look forward to your feedback about working with us. You can give us a testimonial about your experience with us.
        7. Timelines
        Deadlines are sacrosanct for us and therefore we undertake detailed planning to ensure that work is performed according to timelines and there is scope for scaling down or scaling up as required.
        8. Unlimited Revisions
        Our end goal is to provide you with a finished product that is second to none. In this endeavor, we do not shy away from providing you with as many revisions as you might require.
        9. Work Guarantee
        Post completion of the project, we offer 3 months of technical support that cover any bugs or errors found in our work.
        If you decide that you don’t want to continue with us after reviewing our initial drafts, we will refund your money without any questions.

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