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      Whatever your needs – WordPress Development or any other CMS, you can come to us just like so many others in Sunshine Coast do

      Strong Coding

      When there is robust coding, you can rest assured that your website will stand strong, work smoothly and have the best design. We excel at coding.

      Competitive Prices

      As one of the most reputable website design company in Sunshine Coast the rates that we provide might not be the cheapest in the market but we believe in providing quality at competitive prices.

      Post Development Care

      Our relationship with you does not end when we hand over the project files to you. We continue to support you after web development so that your website remains error-free.

      Seasoned web developers

      Our web design services in Sunshine Coast stand out because of the decades of experience that our developers have. We custom build the website for you.

      SEO optimised designs

      The internet can be a cruel place if you don’t rank in the top results of search engines. We make sure that you’re found and featured at the top.

      Protected websites

      We protect your website from all sorts of intrusions and malicious attacks 24×7. Your data is safe and your customers visit your website with confidence.

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      Our 89% clients are still with us and that shows our capability


      157+ Years of Cumulative Experience

      35+Strong SEO team and 75% of them have more than 5-10 years’ experience. Certified and experienced professionals handle your project.


      $50 Million Revenue

      Every year we generate almost $50 million revenue for our clients by generating leads.

      10Things to Consider Before Hiring Web Design Services in Sunshine Coast

      It may be that you have plans to build a brand-new website or to boost your online business on theSunshine Coast.  However, before you proceed further, there are many things that will demand your close attention ranging from the look of your website to the navigation, site-architecture, theme, performance optimised coding and of course the budget you have for the venture.

      Functionality, clean coding and appearance are important aspects of a website but it would be unwise to restrict your website to these three aspects as there are many other things that need to work in unison to   create an eye-catching, user-friendly WordPress website.

      To develop a website that does a good job of attracting and converting it is important that the website is the result of the combined efforts of SEO experts, psychologists, conversion rate experts, web designers and programmers.

      Lagging behind in any of these factors can dent the credibility of your online business and cause your revenue and sales to go down.

      A majority of business owners lack the right knowledge about website design and as a result they fail to leverage the power of their website to draw an optimum online audience.

      They fail to analyse their target audience, scope of their website, and how much content they want to place on the website. To avoid all these and more, you need to hire a website or WordPress design and development company in Sunshine Coast that is well-versed with the nuances of designing a high-quality website.

      A reputed and quality web design and development agency in Sunshine Coast will invest time and money understanding your requirements.

      This eliminates the need for spending time and money on post-development fixes because the scope was never defined in the first place. We follow a seamless web design and development process that helps us increating amazing and high-quality websites.

      Conversion Centric Designs

      In any discussion that centres on website design, you are most likely to come across this question or statement – “If the content of a website is good, why bother about superficial aesthetics such as design? People visit for the content of the website not the looks.”  At first glance you will be hard-pressed to question the logic of this statement. However, you would be surprised to know that research paints an entirely different picture.

      A study by Stanford University shows that over 45% of the respondents were of the opinion that “design look” such as typography, images, colour scheme, layout, visual design, and white space of a website is the most crucial determinant in the credibility of a website.

      Studies have also proven that inclusion of too many graphics and usage of flashy colours lowers the credibility of the website in the eyes of the viewer.

      If you want a website that converts for your business, that does an exceptional job of attracting quality leads and then convert them into loyal customers, you must pay attention to the following factors.

      The interface needs to be neat, tidy and orderly

      The number of choices should be limited i.e. try to keep things as simple as possible. When you include too many choices and the visitor will be confused as to what will be the best course of action to get the desired information.

      Your website should contain negative space. In website design jargon, whitespace is known as negative space.

      Colours are another important element of website design that is unfortunately often overlooked. Right colour scheme can do an excellent job of conveying the overall mood and feel of the website as well as the brand.

      To put in simple terms, you should do your level best to keep things as simple as possible. You need to constantly ask yourself if there is any way which could lead to further simplification of things.

      With years of experience in the market we have the resources, professionals and the tools to take care of your work in the most professional manner when it comes to WordPress website design in Sunshine Coast.

      Robust Process

      You have thought of the perfect design. Now is the time to actually implement it, and the key to executing it to perfection is to be hundred percent clear about what exactly you have in mind down to the minutest details.

      As a renowned provider of Sunshine Coast Web Design Service,wewill spend time gathering specific information about what the client has in mind.   Before they start, they would definitely want clear answers to questions like “Who are the clients and what do they do? Why are they in business? What purpose does it intended to serve?   How do they want their website to look and what message or information do they wish to convey through their website?

      To get a better idea about what purpose the website is intended to serve and how they expect their target audience will interact with it, you need to find answers to questions like:

      What is the single most important thing that can compel the visitor to come to the website?

      The competition is tough. In such a situation what is your USP that will induce your customer to choose your product or service over that of your competitors.

      Also, asking them to list websites that they really like and three that they don’t will give you a fair idea about what they have in mind.

      Getting relevant answers to these questions will give you a clear understanding about the scope of the website. These questions can be altered or swapped with others depending on the client and the nature of his/her business.

      Strong Site Architecture

      Robust website architecture or construction is important from the point of view of both SEO and enhanced user experience. The way your content is structured plays a crucial in determining your rank in results returned by search engines and the kind of kind of experience users have with your website.

      The following site hierarchy is the right way to proceed.


      Index page:This is like the entrance to your site. People will enter through it and then proceed towards different main categories.


      Main Categories: It follows the Index page

      Subcategories: This is the third and last section which is necessary if the website has a large number of products to display.

      This structure is important as it helps in the following ways.


      For external search: A well-organized structure allows the search engine spiders to crawl your site in a structured manner. The relation between categories and subcategories is clear to the search engine. This will help your website score better search engine rankings.

      Internal site-search: A neatly organized catalogue will make the job of your internal search engine much easier. This, in turn helps improve the relevancy of results in answer to a question.

      SEO-Friendly Design

      An SEO-ready theme of a website plays an integral role in boosting your SEO efforts.  Google has its “spiders” or “bots” that carefully analyses each page and each element of a website to comprehend the information present on each web page. The information collected by the robot or the spider is then stored in the search engine’s index.

      Whenever a user types a search query in Google, it retrieves the information from the millions of pages it has already indexed. To show up in the search results returned by Google, it is important that your website is present in its index and contains the relevant keywords for which the search is initiated.

      The theme you install plays an important part in boosting your SEO efforts. The features that make a WordPress design or theme SEO friendly are as follows:

      Slide Slide Slide

      Valid Coding

      Clean codes written following relevant and up- to- date coding practices are preferred by search engines. As a top-class website design company in Sunshine Coast the code has a valid HTML and CSS code and is acceptable by all popular browsers in the market.

      Responsive And Mobile-First Design

      A responsive website which automatically fits the screen size is extremely important for your online business as it offers optimal viewing experience regardless of the screen size. Google prefers mobile responsiveness in websites and as such it brings additional traffic to your website. We understand the crucial role mobile responsiveness plays in generating a positive user experience and as such provide high quality responsive web design services on thein Sunshine Coast.

      Site load time

      Site load time simply means the time taken by a website to load on the browser. A number of studies have shown a direct relationship of a faster loading website site with increased conversion rates, better user engagement, and higher customer satisfaction. We ensure that the sites we develop have smaller images and media file size to enable super quick loading. A fast-loading theme can also air in your need for speed.

      Social Media Integration

      Despite social media not being an integral part of SEO, it is strongly related with it as it brings additional traffic to your website.
      Please ensure that the theme you select has a” sharea“share with” option to link to various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

      Schema markup

      Schema mark-up is the code that you need to place on your website to help search engines find and display relevant content to their users. Themes that use schema mark-up enhance the quality of the website from SEO point of view.

      Compatibility with SEO plugins

      A website makes use of various plugins and incompatibility of a theme with plugin may give rise to different problems as the SEO capabilities of the plugin will be inefficiently utilised which in turn will adversely affect SEO rankings of the site.


      Scalable architecture on a website refers to the ability of the website to grow in response to the additional load on the website. Scaling could either be vertical scaling or horizontal.  Horizontal scaling means that you scale by adding more machines into your pool of resources whereas Vertical scaling means that you scale by adding more power to the hardware such as more RAM or a powerful CPU.

      Scalability is important as it allows your website to grow or shrink with rise and fall in traffic without changing the underlying structure. Powerful and easy content management system (or CMS) WordPress allows for maximum scalability because of methods such as caching, reverse proxy caching, object caching and query performance.

      The best thing is that as a well-established provider of WordPress web design service in Sunshine Coast we possess the WordPress expertise to help you scale up or down in proportion to the traffic with maximum of ease and convenience.

      Better Sitemap and Navigation

      What impression does your website leave on first time visitors? Are they happy and satisfied as they find the desired information with ease or frustrated lost in the haze of jumbled information. Site structure might not be the most crucial factor in determining ranking algorithms of search engines, but they are critical in guiding search engines to better understand the content on your website and the relationship they share with each other.

      Navigation and sitemap can best describe the site structure of your website.


      Navigation on any website should be the result of careful planning and execution.  Everything ranging from the contents, themes and categories should be thought of carefully and navigation flows drawn out before the actual implementation takes place.

      Sitemaps can be of two types – HTML and XML. XML sitemaps contain a list of URLs on your site and they can be submitted to all the major search engines for crawling. Sitemaps can be of two types – HTML and XML. XML sitemaps contain a list of URLs on your site and XML maps can be submitted to all the major search engines for crawling. The difference between the two is that XML maps are designed for use by search engines whereas HTML maps are intended for use by humans. It is advisable that both HTML and XML sitemaps are made for navigation.

      Cross Browser Compatibility

      Cross-browser compatibility is crucial as you cannot expect your clients to check your website with the browser you prefer.  People use different web browsers and each browser interprets the code differently.

       Failure to properly understand the code means the browser will be unable to load the website properly. This will cause your bounce rate to shoot up as the frustrated visitor will abandon your website.

      Thus, cross-browser compatibility is an important feature of a well-designed website. As one of the most trusted providers of website development services in Sunshine Coast, we take utmost pride in our simplified coding process, usage of frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap, validation of HTML and CSS and cross-browser testing to ensure the website loads quickly and properly irrespective of the browser that is used to access the website. 

      Cyber Secure Website

      There is much more to a website apart from an aesthetically pleasing design and state of the art features and functionality. You also need to ensure that the website is capable of warding off unseen threats.

      According to a recent study, 86 percent of applications written in PHP contained a minimum of one cross-site scripting weakness and 56 percent of the code contained at least one SQLite weakness.

      Hackers and mischief mongers take advantage of these loopholes to hack websites and steal sensitive data and information. Developers aware of these weaknesses ensure they are eliminated beforehand to prevent any further breach.

      A proactive approach such as malware scanning and setting up a web application firewall can offer effective protection against such threats.

      Follow Clean Code Standards

      When it comes to your online business, bad coding practices can leave your visitors disillusioned with your website forcing them to leave it once and for all.

      Some of good coding practices you can follow are:

      Variable and method name – Use intention-revealing name, use namespaces instead of prefixing names and use one word per concept.

      Write better functions that are smaller and more importantly intended for a single task. Avoid nested control structure and limit the number of arguments to three. 

      Write better Comments and always explain your intentions of re-writing codes with comments so that other coders are well aware of what necessitated the change.

      As a well-established Sunshine Coast Web Design Service provider, we have developed a stellar reputation for following the correct procedures and best coding norms that are accepted across the industry. 

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        The Psychology of Colour in Conversion

        It is a well-known fact that colours have a strong bearing on our moods and emotions. It has been proved that bright colours such as red, blue and yellow possess mood uplifting properties whereas colours such as white and lighter shades help us relax.

        A recent report shows that adjusting colour on a website can lead to increase in conversion rate by around 25%.  It means colours are important constituent of a website but more important is selection of the right colour scheme depending upon your brand proposition and your target audience.

        A few important colour tips that you should pay attention to while designing a website are as follows:

        Women dislike colours like grey, orange and brown while they like blue, purple and green.

        Numerous studies have shown that women are not too inclined towards earthy tones such as brown, orange and grey while they like colours such as blue, purple and green. It should therefore not come as a surprise that e-commerce stores which are targeted at women make liberal use of   blue, purple and green colours.

        Men like blue, green and black while they show aversion to purple, orange and brown.

        Blue is one of the most popular colour choices as it symbolises trust and loyalty. The most well-known social site Facebook has a blue theme as well as many well-known banks.


        Yellow serves as a warning symbol and thus they are used as warning signs, wet floor signs or in traffic signals.  However, it would be wrong to stereotype as a lot of colour psychology is about associating colours with memories.

        The colour black is associated with luxury and value. Lamborghini and Louis Vuitton are two luxurious brands that make good use of colour black to convey their value proposition.

        Our 9 Step Process in the Web Design and Development in the Sunshine Coast

        A perfect website design is a blend of sincerity, passion, labour and love. This can be accomplished if the steps mentioned below are closely followed.

        1. Questions and Consultation
        This is the first stage where we sit down with you to better understand your specific needs and requirements. We provide you with a questionnaire and based on your answer, we formulate an execution plan to design a Mock updummy website for you.
        2. Mock up and Design
        This is the stage where wire framing and mock up work is undertaken. This is exactly where lots of reviews, approvals and disapprovals keep flying back and forth. As theinitial designdummy of the site starts taking shape, changes are made accordingly.
        3. Design Approval
        Once the design structure has been finalised and we get the green signal from you, we proceed with the actual coding and development of the website.
        4. Website Development
        The draft begins to take the shape of an XHTML or HTML; custom graphics are created, the artwork is enhanced, interface design of other pages takes place and integration of CMS if required is done. Corrections if necessary are instantly made.
        5. Testing
        The website now complete and is uploaded on to our servers and tested. You are provided full access to the site and based upon your feedback and suggestions further changes are made.
        6. Project Completion
        In this stage, the project files are handed over to you and we look forward to your feedback and testimonial.
        7. Timelines
        Deadlines are something we never compromise with. Impeccable planning ensures the work is performed according to timelines and there is no problem in scaling up or down as per the situation.
        8. Unlimited Revisions
        Our ultimate objective is to provide you with a finished project that helps you succeed in your endeavour. For this we allow our clients the liberty to ask for as many revisions as they want.
        9. Work Guarantee
        To further sweeten the deal, we offer 312 months of technical support that cover any bugs or errors found in our work after the project is completed.
        We will refund the money without any questions if you decide to discontinue after viewing our initial drafts.

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