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      Before finalizing your website development agency in Melbourne read this

      Here’s why most businesses in Melbourne choose our Web Design Services

      Post Development Service

      We ensure that your website remains error-free even after the website development process has been completed.

      Data-driven decisions

      Data guides us at every step in our web design services. KPIs such as bounce rate and conversion rate influence our decisions.

      SEO optimized

      We make sure that your website ranks in the top search engine rankings


      Our web design services in Melbourne integrate the best and latest security practices in the industry.

      Conversion UX

      We make conversion-oriented websites because we know that without conversion your website is of no use.


      HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and more. Our air-tight coding practices which result in strong, resilient websites.

      3 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us



      Our 89% clients are still with us and that shows our capability


      157+ Years of Cumulative Experience

      35+Strong SEO team and 75% of them have more than 5-10 years’ experience. Certified and experienced professionals handle your project.


      $50 Million Revenue

      Every year we generate almost $50 million revenue for our clients by generating leads.

      10 Things to Consider on Website Development in Melbourne

      Having a well-designed website might seem to be the most natural thing to do when attempting to build an online identity;althoughthis is the first crucial step.

      Often times people don’t have any plan or idea how to build a robust and search engine friendly website.

      And the number one reason for this is the lack of awareness about theelements that constitute a good website.

      Despite having a limited knowledge about the intricacies involved in designing and developing a website in Melbourne, most business owners refuse to accept that aesthetics is just one part of the web development.

      A poor web design in will damage your reputation, make you look like an amateur in the market and most importantly cost you your customers.

      Let’s consider the things that will help you create website designs that your customers will keep talking about.

      Conversion Centric Designs

      A conversion centred design is only geared on creating individual web pages with only one defined business goal: CONVERSION. Here website visitors are guided to complete a specific action.  All design elements on the website page play a distinct role: Converting Visitors into Customers.

      52% of people will never refer a website to users if website design is not credible, says aHubSpot report. Another study by the Stanford University has shown that 46.1 % people believe that website design is the most important thing when deciding the trustworthiness of a website. This is where colour schemes, white space, layout, typography, images and other aspects of visual design become important.

      A few other research studies have shown that too much use of bright colours and graphics on a site discourages users and they leave such websites quickly.

      You can convert maximum visitors into leads and later turn them in customers with the help of a conversion-oriented website design. Let’s explore the main points:

      The interface should not have unnecessary or distracting elements.

      The visitors should be given a limited number of choices to complete an action. It helps users make decisions quickly.

      The mood and meaning of a brand can be communicated best with right use of colours. Colours thus are a crucial but often overlooked part of web design.

      The interface should be easy-to use and simple. Such as the size of buttons and navigational links should be clear.

      A professional WordPress website design agency in Melbourne knows how to take care of such things. They will come up with great web design options that will help your website stand out in the crowd.

      Robust Process

      Successful execution of any website development project depends on various factors. A trusted responsive web design and development company in Melbourne certainly knows how to create a great website. Theyask relevant questions such as what is the purpose of your website, whether it would be content light or content heavy, what you want to achieve and how you would like to be perceived. Being the owner of your website, you should dig deeper and provide some more information to your vendor by answering some of these questions:

      What is the thing that visitors want most from your website?

      What differentiates your website from others?

      What sections and subsections do you want in your website?

      Considering these factors is critical in the web design process in Melbourne. If you are not clear about what you want from your website—you cannot expect users to take the desired actionin alignment with your desired goals.

      Robust Site Architecture

      The better is your site structure, the better your chance of higher rankings in search engines. Having a rigorous and streamlined structure will help your rank higher. Taking care of these things is important to create a site that achieves search excellence. A good site structure provides your site with sitelinks which are listing formats in the SERPs along with several internal link incidents.

      How it can be achieved: the answer is by following a “ site hierarchy” which is a way to structure your information logically. This hierarchy also includes navigation and your URL structure.


      First comes the Index page which is the gateway to your website and from here people can explore the different main sections of the site.

      Second comes the main categories. Unless you’re a big company like, you don’t want to have too many main categories. There should be only a few main sections. If you have more than seven,it will confuse your customers.

      The third and last section is the ‘subcategories’ which are required in case of a large product portfolio.


      Use a shallow depth navigation structure. Shallow sites are better from a usability and crawler perspective.

      SEO-Friendly Design

      All search engines including Google have ‘spiders’ or ‘bots’ that crawl across every element of a website to comprehend the information given on each web page. Once the bots are done assimilating this information, they store it in their database or search engine’s index.

      Whenever someone searches for something on Google, the million or more pages it has stored are scanned to give the most appropriate search results. If your website is on Google’s index and has the searched keywords then it will be showcased in the search engine results.

      Here are some features that you have to keep in mind to make a WordPress design or theme SEO friendly.

      Slide Slide Slide

      Content Silo

      Content should be organised in a manner which makes it easy to access information for users. They should get what they are looking for easily. A proper content silo organises your pages so that users can easily find topics that interests them.

      Mobile-first and Responsive Design

      One of our specialty’s lies in providing responsive web design services in Melbourne.Mobile responsiveness means that the web design can be viewed on any electronic device meant for viewing. Mobile responsiveness is a critical factor for higher SEO rankings in Google.

      Site Loading Time

      Site loading time is the time taken by a website to display all its content to a viewer. The quicker the load time, the higher the search engine results. The faster the site, the more Google loves it. We optimise the size of your images and media files so that loading times are quick. Make sure that you have a fast loading theme for your website.

      Compatibility with SEO Plugins

      A website has to be compatible with plugins, especially a WordPress website, as otherwise it loses out on a lot of functionality. If a theme is incompatible with SEO plugins, the SEO functions of the theme will not be utilised properly. This will affect the SEO rankings of the website.

      Schema Markup

      Schema Markupimproves the code on your website for search engine bots. This means that the bots can see the content and fetch the relevant information for users. The position of a website in SEO rankings can go up a few notches when you use themes on the site that have schema markup.

      Social Media Integration

      Social Media Optimisation is actually not a part of SEO Services but is interconnected with SEO as social media can bring in site traffic. The theme you choose should have a “share with” option to connect with various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

      Scalable Architecture

      Scalability on a website refers to the capacity of a website to manage the website load according to demand. Scalable web architecture allows users to retrieve and use data quickly.

      There are two kinds of scaling – vertical and horizontal. Vertical scaling is the increase in power of hardware such as more RAM or a powerful CPU. Horizontal scaling happens when similar copies of your website are disseminated across multiple machines.

      Scalability allows you to grow and expand your website without problems. At itraffc, we follow a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) helps achieve this goal. But why you should be bothered!

      It significantly increases the quality assurance of your website and results in lower failure ratio. What does this mean? Your website will have less downtime which saves a lot of money.

      Whatever is the load on your website, scaling up to manage loads and scaling down to control costs requires a delicate balance to be maintained. Our WordPress website design service in Melbourne provides you with the required expertise.

      Focus on Navigation

      Does a user manage to find their way to the information they are looking for on your website easily or do they get lost in the puzzle of your website? While the ranking algorithms of Google might not consider site structure as a top priority, navigation and site structure is invaluable in helping search engines to thoroughly understand the content on your website and the interlinking between different content.

      The twin elements of navigation and sitemap will help you to understand site structure better.

      One of the most critical building blocks of any website is that navigation should be planned well before the development work starts. Each element of content, themes and categories should be conceptualised and navigation links will flow from one page to other.

      HTML and XML sitemaps are critical for navigation so both should be made.

      Cross Browser Compatibility

      Users visit websites via different browsers and each browser interprets the code differently. If there is no cross-browser compatibility, the browser will not be able to understand the code on the website. This means that it will not be able to display the website properly.

      Visitors will leave your website and there will be higher bounce rates. Without cross-browser compatibility, no modern website can hope to be successful. We are one of the most trusted providers of website development and design services in Melbourne. We use frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation, keep code simple, validate HTML and CSS, and do cross-browser testing so that you don’t have to ever worry.

      Cyber Secure Website

      Website design has not only got to look impressive but also has to take care of unseen threats. Do you know that WordPress security issues rose from 74% in 2016 Q3 to 83% in 2017?

      A latest study revealed thatwhen code written in PHP was tested it was found that 86 percent of the applications had at least one cross-scripting weakness.

      How to overcome this issue. At itraffic we use many techniques such as Cross site scripting (XSS), SQL injection attacks, Cross site request forgery XSRF/CSRF and various other things. Our WordPress developers know how to build a cyber secure website.

      Proactive measures such as setting up a web application firewall and malware scanning can help to safeguard against these attacks.

      Clean Code Standards

      The worse that could perhaps happen to your business is that people never show up to buy anything. You surely don’t want that. Instead you can implement these points :

      Use meaningful and pronounceable variable names: Avoid using intention-revealing names and namespaces, focus instead on prefixing names and using single word concept while coding.


      Write optimised functions without having nested control structure.

      Write better code where instead of commenting on bad code you rewrite the code, explain your idea and warn about the negative side in the comments.

      All of these things may sound difficult, but don’t worry! Being a professional web design agency in Melbourne, we follow 100% clean code standards that give you a potent WordPress website.

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        Colour Psychology and its role in Conversion

        Do you know that color accounts for 85% of the reason why you purchased a specific product? Or those full-colored ads in magazines that convert26% more than black and white ads? 66% of consumers will not buy an appliance if it doesn’t come in their preferred colour.

        Colour has an undeniable role in controlling our moods and emotions. There are age old sayings which detail how bright colours such as red, yellow and blue have an uplifting impact on us while light coloursrelax our mind.

        According to a recent study, colour adjustment on a website can increase conversion of visitors by as much as 24%.

        Colour is no doubt important but equally important is the way colour is used on the website. The right audience should be reached in the right way. It is proven that some colours have better impact on conversion than others.

        Performable, a popular company witnessed a sharp increase of 21% when the button colour was changed from green to red.  Everything else on the pages was the same, so it was only the button colour that made this difference.

        This was a big difference.  Because of our comprehensive experience, our web designers in Melbourne know how to use different colours to maximise the chance of conversion.

        Our 9 Step Work Process

        The perfect web design requires hard work and love. The task is not easy but can be given a good direction if there is a step-by-step process detailing the entire process involved. The steps can be summarised as follows:

        1. Questions and Consultation
        The first step of the processis where we understand your needs and your requirements. We provide a list of questions and based on the answers; based on your feedback we map out an action plan for your website development.
        2. Mock up and Design
        Wireframing and mock up work constitutes the second stage. Lots of reviews, approvals and disapprovals will be exchanged at this point. A mockup design of your website begins to take shape and nothing is fixed at this point.
        3. Approval of Design
        Once the design structure has been finalised and we get the go-ahead from you, we start working on the website. This is the stage where the coding and development of the website begins.
        4. Website Development
        In this stage the draft begins to transform into an XHTML or HTML; artwork is drawn, custom graphics are made, interface design of other pages takes place and CMS integration if needed is done. Any other corrections are done on the spot.
        5. Testing
        The website is complete in this stage and uploaded to our servers for testing. You will be given access to the full website and you can test it as you like. After this, once your feedback comes, we make further changes.
        6. Completed Project
        The project files will be handed over to you and we will look forward to your feedback about your experience in working with us. A testimonial about your experience with us would be great.
        7. Timelines
        Deadlines are religiously adhered to here and we make it our top priority to ensure that the work is completed according to deadlines and there is scope for scaling down or scaling up as required.
        8. Unlimited Revisions
        We endeavour to provide you with the best possible experience. Therefore, we do not complain if multiple revisions are required. We will give you as many revisions as required.
        9. Work Guarantee
        After the project is completed, we offer 3 months of technical support that covers any errors or issues found in our work.
        In case you don’t want to continue with us after reviewing our initial work, we shall refund your money, no questions asked.

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