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      Does any other web design company on the Gold Coast provide these features?

      Experienced web developers

      The experience of our web developers makes us second to none in web design services in Gold Coast. No problem is too complex for us.

      SEO friendly design

      We ensure that your website rises above your competitors and your visitors head to your website for all their needs.


      Coding is the pillar on which a website stands. Our coding ensures that your website design stands out from the rest.

      Data-driven decisions

      We let data guide all our decisions so that there is no guesswork involved. This means your web development is based on market needs and not guesswork.

      Competitive pricing

      We do not claim to offer the cheapest rates in the market but we do provide competitive rates that are honest.

      Secure websites

      Everyone on the web is not a friend. We protect you from such unwanted visitors.

      3 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us



      Our 89% clients are still with us and that shows our capability


      157+ Years of Cumulative Experience

      35+Strong SEO team and 75% of them have more than 5-10 years’ experience. Certified and experienced professionals handle your project.


      $50 Million Revenue

      Every year we generate almost $50 million revenue for our clients by generating leads.

      10Things to Consider Before Hiring Web Design Services on the Gold Coast

      Have you decided to launch a nicely-designed website for your online business on the Gold Coast? Here are a few things that you need to consider.

      Unlike the common understanding, web designing isn’t just about the look of the website, rather it includes a host of other things namely the navigation, site-architecture, theme, performance optimised code, page loading speed, compatibility on different devices and of course, your budget.

      Simply creating an eye-catching design is easier, however, designing a website that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but is also user-friendly in terms of navigation and up to the mark when it comes to meeting the criteria and algorithm laid down by Google is a different ball game altogether. This is only possible when programmers, SEO gurus, web designers as well as those who have the knack for human psychology sit down and collaborate.

      Unfortunately, a majority of businesses know in depth about their products and services, but are oblivious of the intricacies of the digital world. Having an up and running website won’t be of any benefit, unless one analyses the target audience, scope of their website and other important details.

      The prerequisite to plan is website is to have clarity on the style of website you want, the average visitors you want on your website and the security features that need to be added, etc.

      All this necessitates that you must hire a web design company on the Gold Coast which understands all such intricacies. Since WordPress is the most common CMS, there is no need to hunt for companies that offer WordPress website design, as almost all firms can do that. However, simply designing a WordPress website and designing a WordPress website that incorporates every minute detail is an entirely different thing.

      If you want to save your time, effort and money, you must not settle for any company that offers web design services on the Gold Coast, rather you must understand what their process is.

      We follow a web development process that delivers a perfect Word Press website in the first go.

      Conversion Centric Designs

      Many people believe that the content takes precedence over the outward appearance of a website.

      This thinking stems from the fact that people come looking for information and are not in search of some eye-pleasing designs with mesmerizing colour combination.

      This argument does sound logical, however, when we analyse it based on data, the claim falls flat. Unbounce, a popular landing page website just changed the colour of the CTA button, and it lifted the conversion rate by whopping 35% resulting in more sales and revenue.

      It is important to note that excessive use of graphics, along with irresponsible and unaesthetic use of colours reduces the overall credibility of a website.

      If you really want your website to be effective and appealing, you have to take care of certain design principles. Focusing on them will help you develop a website that does an excellent job in converting the leads into customers. Below are some points to remember:

      Simplicity is the key. The essence of the matter to make the website design simple, user-friendly in terms of navigation and aesthetically pleasing.

      Our years of experience, technical know-how and passion ensure that when it comes to WordPress website design in Gold Coast, you get a design that resonates well with your visitors.

      Robust Process

      Any execution will have flaws, unless one spends extra effort to understand the key requirements or objectives from a specific task. This brings us to the point that any web design company in Gold Coast must dig deep in order to understand the desired end in mind, so efforts can be channeled in the right direction. This requires knowing from the client the core idea of the business and what image they want to portray with their site, etc.

      Some of the questions that might help in building a website are:

      What are your users looking on your website?

      What are the Unique Selling Points of your website?

      Does it make the task of users hassle-free?

      Such questions will help you understand the requirements and the expectations better.

      Strong Site Architecture

      A good website architecture is paramount to website design. It shows Google which pages of your site matter the most to search crawlers.

       A good site structure makes it easier for the crawler to navigate through your web pages naturally. It provides a clear signal to search crawlers to index your pages.

      Thus it helps in deciding which page you want to rank higher in SERP. So, take it seriously. So how can it be done?

      It is vital to follow the mentioned site hierarchy – Index Page – which is more like an entrance to a museum. From this point, people can go to different places of interest simply by clicking.

      Next to the Index Page should be the Main Categories. In case you have an extensive product portfolio, then the third and last section will be ‘subcategories.’

      SEO-Friendly Design

      What good is your website, if no one can find you! This makes a SEO-Friendly design the heart of your website.

      The “spiders” and “bots” crawl and analyse every page of the website and later store it on the search engine’s index. Whenever a user searches for anything, Google accesses millions of pages it has indexed in order to provide the best search results.

      In other words, you need to have two things in order to show up in search rankings. First, your website must be indexed on Google and second, your content must have the searched for keywords.

      Following are some of the features that make a WordPress theme SEO-friendly:

      Slide Slide Slide

      Valid Coding

      A website written by using clean codes and relevant coding practices stands a chance to be ranked higher up. This naturally means that the code must be compatible with all major browsers, along with having a valid HTML and CSS code.

      Responsive And Mobile-First Design

      More and more people are now browsing via their handheld devices. This implies that a website must have a responsive design, so that it gives a better user experience to everyone, irrespective of the device it is being opened on. We offer responsive web design services on the Gold Coast.

      Site load time

      Google loves websites that loads faster. Hence, the faster the load time, the higher the ranking, simple. Care must be taken when designing a website that it does not contain heavy images or media files which are directly responsible for increasing the load time. Choosing a fast loading theme can also be a saviour.

      Social Media Integration

      Despite not being a direct part of SEO, social media marketing is something that drives traffic to your website.
      Hence, it is important to choose a theme that has a “share with” option which makes it easier to link the website with different social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, etc.

      Schema markup

      “Schema Markup” is all about enhancing the code on your website and it helps crawlers gather certain information quickly. If you really want to improve the quality of the website from an SEO perspective, schema markup can play a key role.

      Compatibility with SEO plugins

      Often times, websites use plugins which are incompatible with the theme. This reduces the SEO capabilities of the plugin and eventually affects the search engine optimisation ranking.

      Scalable Architecture

      Scalable architecture helps you meet the increased website load without much hassle. In principle, scaling can either be vertical or horizontal. When the size of a website grows with time, managing it efficiently becomes difficult. Having scalable architecture solves this problem.

      WordPress comes with different scaling methods like caching, query performance, object caching, reverse proxy caching etc., which further simplifies the scaling process. It really does not matter whether you are getting 5 hits per minute or a millions of hits in a night, a scalable architecture can save your day.

      Better Navigation and Sitemap

      A sitemap is a list of the entire page URLs of a website and search engines use them to gain understanding of your website in order to understand the structure.  This file is used by search engines as an overview of all available content as well as a way to (better) understands the structure of the website.

      Using aXML sitemap makes it easier to navigate and also provides more visibility to search engines so the elements of navigation and sitemap can help better understand the site structure.


      Navigation should be taken seriously and it certainly should not be done in a rush. It should be clear and logical.

      There are 2 types of sitemaps – HTML and XML. HTML maps are designed to be used by humans, whereas the latter is used by search engines. XML sitemaps is all about a list of URLs, which can be submitted to search engines for the purpose of crawling.

      Cross Browser Compatibility

      Different users browse the internet on different browsers. This means, your website must have cross-browser compatibility in order to give every user a better experience.

      As each browser interprets the code differently, this difference in interpretation may lead to changed display and this will naturally increase the bounce rate.

      As one of the most trusted providers of website development services in Gold Coast, we use frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap, validation of HTML and CSS as well as cross-browser testing so that this problem of distorted display in different browsers never comes up.

      Cyber Secure Website

      Website design in Gold Coast isn’t just all about eye-catching designs, but it is very much about security and warding off cyber threats.

      A single weakness can make your website vulnerable to a hacker’s attack. A recent study found that 86% of PHP applications have at least 1 cross-site scripting weakness, whereas 56% codes were found to have at least 1 SQLi weakness.

      A timely action and a proactive approach can save your website from cyber security threats, which are becoming common today. Steps like malware scanning and setting up a web application firewall can safeguard your website.

      Follow Clean Code Standards

      Your website code should be performance efficient and readable. Put in some extra time to focus on how coding is being done and the code architecture. It should be easily understandable. This means how different Objects collaborate with each other, the role of each Class and the purpose of variables.  As a leading web development company on the Gold Coast, we follow CLEAN CODE standards.

      Poor coding on websites impacts the overall performance of the website negatively. It will result in flight of potential customers, who will never show up again. Below are some of the tips that can help you with this issue:

      Variable and method name: It is better to use one word per concept, along with using intention-revealing names and namespaces instead of prefixing names.


      Writer better functions that have less arguments (no more than three). Focus on writing optimised codes. 

      Write better Comments: It is better to rewrite a bad code and explain what you mean in comments, along with warning of its consequences.

      As a Gold Coast based web design service, we follow the best coding norms accepted across the industry today.

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        The Psychology of Colour in Conversion

        A recent study revealed that people make a subconscious judgment within 90 seconds based on the colour alone. Another study on the impact of colours on your website’s conversion rate can simply blow your mind. The research found that adjusting colours on website can increase the conversion by a whopping 24%.

        It is no brainer that colours have a direct impact on our moods and emotions. Bright colours have the potential to lift our moods and make us feel livelier, whereas sober colours like white and similar shades are known to provide calm and peace. Some more examples that validates the power of colours on conversion:

        Heinz sold 10 million more ketchup bottles by merely changing the colours from red to green which resulted in $23 million in sales.

        RIPT Apparel changed the colour of the CTA button and witnessed 6.3 % increase in sales.

        Performable, a popular company, witnessed 21% increase in conversion after changing the CTA button from green to red.

        Our 9 Step Work Process

        A perfect website is never a coincidence; rather it is the fruit of hard work, along with the passion to serve. However, it cannot be achieved unless one follows a step-by-step process outlining the entire process. Some of the major steps include:

        1. Questions And Consultation
        This preliminary stage is all about understanding the requirements in depth. We provide you a list of questions and based on your answers, we come up with a plan to work on your website.
        2. Mock up And Design
        This stage is all about wireframing and mock up work. A lot of back and forth happens at this stage in terms of reviews, approvals, suggestions and feedback. A dummy site begins to take shape.
        3. Design Approval
        Post the finalisation of the site structure, we wait for your confirmation. Once we get a green light from you, the actual development of the website begins.
        4. Website Development
        The draft is created in the form of an XHTML/HTML, graphics are created, artwork improved, integration of CMS and interface design of other pages is done. Corrections, if any, are done then and there.
        5. Testing
        In this test stage, we upload the completed website on to our servers to see the performance. You too can test anything you want. Based on the test results, we make further changes to the site.
        The completed website is now uploaded on to our servers and tested. You can gain access to all parts of the site and can test anything you want. Based on your feedback, further changes will be made.
        6. Project Completion
        This is the stage where we deliver you the final project file, while awaiting your feedback. We encourage and appreciate our clients to share their experience with us via a testimonial.
        In this stage, the project files will be handed over to you and we look forward to your feedback about working with us. You can give us a testimonial about your experience with us.
        7. Timelines
        What good is a work if it can’t be delivered on the agreed time? We take deadlines seriously and the detailed planning that goes on before executing any project, makes us deliver before yourspecified time. We can scale up and down, as per your requirements.
        8. Unlimited Revisions
        Designing a website is a job that cannot be done, unless one is willing to do rework with minor tweaking. We understand the nature of the work and hence do not hesitate in providing as many revisions as you might need.
        9. Work Guarantee
        We take responsibility for any work we do. Once the project is complete, we offer a full year technical support that includes elimination of bugs and errors found in the work.
        In case you feel like not continuing with us post our first draft, we follow a no-questions-asked refund policy.

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