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      10 Things to Consider Before Hiring Web Design Services in Central Coast

      In order to start an online business in Central Coast or for that matter anywhere, you would need a great website. You need to consider factors like the feel, look, navigation, theme, performance optimisation as well as the budget.

      Apart from the ones mentioned there are a multitude of functionalities like coding integrity etc. A lot of time and effort go in making an attractive and user-friendly website. It is imperative that web designers, SEO experts, programmers including psychologists work together to come up with an engaging website that meets the criteria laid down by Google to enhance conversion.

      All the above factors can make or break your online business. Conversion rate and revenue depends directly on these factors. Most of the people remain completely clueless about these factors including the scope of their website, their target audience and content quantity due to which they could not properly analyse the factors which in turn hurt their business and they suffer huge losses with time. They need to question regarding the content quantity, target audience and what all information and features needs to be incorporated in the website. This is vital in getting an attractive and efficient website.

      It is absolutely critical to take the services of a WordPress website design and development service provider in Central Coast as this will ensure that your budget does not get wasted and your website reach your target audience which will eventually ensure more leads and more conversion rate for your website as the web designing company understands all the factors which gives a positive push for your online business.

      There is a popular phrase in the English “Well begun in half done” and a well-known web designing company in Central Coast will be in top position to understand all the negative push and will ensure that it doesn’t happen with your business. It is vital for a web designing company to create a perfect WordPress website in the first go without spending more time, effort and money on development fixes later on.

      Conversion Centric Designs

      When it comes to designing a website, one might say that, there is no need to pay a lot of attention to design if the website’s content is of good quality as most of the people visit the sites for the content or information and not for the look or the design of the website.

      One might find the above statement quite convincing, however, according to a research done by Stanford University, 46.1% (almost half of the respondents) mentioned that the design and look or “Design Look” (visual design, layout, white space, typography, images, and colour schemes) of the website is the most sought after feature in order to judge the website’s credibility.

      On the flip side, studies have confirmed that websites with over the top graphics and striking colours negatively affect the credibility of a website in the eyes of a visitor.

      Below are some principles you would need to focus on, which will ensure that your website becomes conversion centric which means, it has increased leads and enhanced conversion rate.

      The website should have an uncluttered and clean interface.

      There should not be a whole list of choices when it comes to decision making for the visitor. The choices should be curtailed otherwise thevisitors might feel overwhelmed by the number of choices and might eventually leave the website.

      There is a term “negative space” in the field of web designing. White space is referred to as negative space. The negative space should be well used.

      Colours are vital to web designing, however most of the time the criticality get overlooked. Colours can be used to convey the mood and feel of a website. Colours can also be used for brand recognition.

      In short, it is important to have a simple yet attractive website and one should always keep thinking of way to improve and making things more aligned.

      We are highly experienced when it comes to WordPress website design in Central Coast. You can bank of us for all your website designing needs.

      Robust Process

      When it comes to design implementation, it is essential to understand all the specific requirements including the minutest of the details. It is a must for any web design company in Central Coast to closely work with their clients and understand as to what they do, what are the product and services they expertise in. Information like what is need of their business or how did their business come about, how they want their clients to view their website and what kind of content and information they might be presenting to the visitors of their website.

      There can be several questions which you can ask your client in order to get an idea about their perspective on the potential visitor and what would make a great website. Some of the questions are as listed.

      When someone visits your website, what is that one thing, the visitor looks for?

      There are other companies providing the same product and service, what makes you different?

      Point out 6 websites, 3 that you like and 3 that you don’t.

      These questions will help in understanding the scope of the website.It doesn’t mean that, the questions can’t be changed. You can modify or even replace the questions with your own depending on the client and the nature of the business. This helps in understanding client’s requirement and you can proceed in the correct direction.

      Strong Site Architecture

      When it comes to website architecture or construction, a strong and robust architecture is an absolute necessity. This holds good for both SEO and user-experience. Search engine ranking depends significantly on the structure of the content. It can also assess the kind of user experience on your website.

      It is important that your website is streamlined and follows a hierarchy. Like any good website, the index page is like a doorway to your website and it is from here the visitors can move to main categories.

      Main categories are followed by subcategories,subcategories are the third and last section, this is required for extensive product portfolio.

      This structure is significant and is helpful in the following ways.


      For external search: The websites with a well-organized structure helps the search engine to crawl in the site in a structured manner. As the search engine crawls in the website in the structured manner, the relationship between categories and subcategories gets clear to it which increases the ranking of the website.

      Internal site-search: When a catalogue is organized neatly, the internal search engine is benefitted. This assists in improving the results relevancy when it is searched.

      SEO-Friendly Design

      A website should be made in a way that it has an SEO-ready theme as it plays crucial role in determining SEOresults.Google with the help of its “spiders” or “bots” analyses each and every page and element of a website to understand the website’s information. Once the information is gathered, it stores it in the index of the search engine.

      When a user searches something on Google, it accesses millions of pages it has stored and present the most relevant search results. If you want your website to be highlighted,it needs to be present in the index of Google. It should also contain the searched keyword for it to make in the search engine results.

      As per the above discussion, it should be clear that, theme plays an important role. There are some features listed below that make a WordPress design or theme SEO friendly.

      Slide Slide Slide

      Valid Coding

      Clean coding and up to date coding practice is a must in order for a theme to be ranked up by search engines. One of the key features of a valid code is that it should be accepted by all the popular browsers and have valid HTML and CSS code.

      Responsive And Mobile-First Design

      Mobile responsiveness of a website can be referred to as the ability of a website to make itself compatible with any device it is being viewed on. It is vital to have a mobile responsive theme websiteas helps in higher rankings in Google. We specialize in providing responsive web design services in Central Coast.

      Site load time

      Site load time is referred to the time taken by a website to load all its contents to person accessing it. The higher ranking in the search engine results is directly proportional to faster the load time. Search engines love faster sites. We ensure that we develop the websites which has a smaller image and media file size so that loading times are quick. A fast-loading theme will also contribute positively here.

      Social Media Integration

      Despite social media optimisation not being a part of SEO, it is however closely interrelated with SEO as it contribute towards bringing traffic to the website.
      It is of utmost importance that the theme you choose has a” share with” option to link to various social media platforms such as Instagram,LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ etc.

      Schema markup

      “Schema markup” is a critical and widely used method which is used to enhance the code of your website so as to make the search engine bots viewas well as understand the content on the website. From the SEO standpoint, schema markup improves the quality of the website when used with site themes.

      Compatibility with SEO plugins

      Majority of the websites use several plugins, it is important that the plugin is compatible with the theme otherwise problem will occur due to which SEO capability of the plugin won’t be utilized. This is negatively affect the SEO ranking of a website.


      Scalable architecture is a key feature of a website which givesit ability to grow and manage with increased demands with time. Scaling can be of two types, vertical and horizontal.Horizontal scaling can be performed by distributing identical copies across multiple machines while the increase in the power of the hardware such as more RAM or a powerful CPU.

      Scalability provides the ease to expand your website and grow without any issues. There are multiple methods in WordPress which allows for over the top scalability options such as caching, reverse proxy caching, object caching and query performance.

      Scalability can handle drastic changes in loads, whether it is a just a meagre 5 hits per minute or hundreds of millions overnight.It can scale up to handle the load and scale down to control costs create a delicate balance that can be done with our WordPress expertise.

      Better Navigation and Site Map

      As commonly said, “first impression in the last impression”, you might ask, how does a visitor feel when one accesses and looks at your website for the first time? Will the person be able to find out what he or she might be looking for or will he get lost in the jungle of your site? Site structure might not be important for ranking algorithms of search engines, but they guide search engines to better understand the content and the relationship between contents.Elements of navigation and sitemap makes you understand site structure of your website


      Designing navigation requires patience and efforts, it is not something which can be done quickly, it should be a well thought out plan.From contents to themes and categories, everything should be considered and should be drawn and planned before implementation.

      Sitemaps can be divided in to two types, HTML and XML. XML maps are designed to be used by search engines, however HTML maps are used by humans. XML sitemaps contain a list of URLs on your site, it can also be submitted for crawling to all the major search engines. It is recommended that for navigation both HTML and XML sitemaps are made.

      Cross Browser Compatibility

      Users check out your website on different internet browsers and different browser interprets the code differently, this is the reason Cross-browser compatibility is important. If a browser is unable to understand the code, the page wont load properly. This will result in higher bounce rate. Above are few reasons as to why cross-browser compatibility is an important feature of a well-designed website. As one of the renowned providers of Web Designing Service in Central Coast, we take pride in ourselves for providing expert solution by using frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap, keeping code simple, validation of HTML and CSS and cross-browser testing so that you never have to worry about cross browser compatibility issues.

      Cyber Secure Website

      Contrary to popular belief, Website design is not just about making good and attractive websites, however it takes care of website security from unseen threats.

      It was determined during a recent study that, 86 % sites were found to have at least one cross-site scripting weakness. Also, 56% codes had minimum of 1 SQLi weakness.

      These weaknesses can be exploited by hackers who then can steal sensitive information.A good developer ensure that your website is free of all these issues.

      There are certain steps which can eb used to protect websites such as malware scanning etc.

      Follow Clean Code Standards

      Bad code can be disastrous for any website, Bad code has been responsible for a lot of bad things such as sensitive information stolen, millions of dollars vanished from one’s bank account. Not just this, people have even died due to this. As for your business, people might leave you never to come back again. Below is the list of some bad things which can be fixed:

      Variable and method name –You should use intention-revealing name. It is important to use namespaces instead of prefixing names. Always use one word per concept.


      Functions should be written better and smaller to perform one thing.Do not use more than three argument and don’t have nested control structure

      Always write better Comments where you don’t comment bad code, your intention needs to be explained in comments and warn of consequences in comments.

      As a web design service based at Central Coast, we never fall short of following the strictest and best coding norms which is accepted all across the industry.

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        The Psychology of Colour in Conversion

        It is a known fact that colour plays an important role is setting up or breaking up one’s mood. It has been accepted that some colours such has red, blue and yellow lift up the mood while colours like white etc. tend to make one relax.

        It was revealed in the recent study that, colour adjustment on a website helps in increasing the conversion rate by as much as 24%. It is clear that colour is important, however it should be used careful in the right manner for the right audience.

        Below are a list of colour tips that can prove helpful while designing a website

        In general women like blue, purple and green. Also refrain from using grey, orange and brown.

        Several studies have indicated that women don’t like earthy tones like brown, orange etc. There are number of websites targeting women and you will find the colour of those websites are blue, purple etc.

        Men have a bent towards blue, green and black, however they don’t like purple, orange and brown.

        Blue is one colour which is used more than any other colour as it symbolizes trust and loyalty. Several banks as well as Facebook uses blue colour.


        Yellow colour is often used to warn people, e.g. you can see on traffic signals or wet floor signs etc.Yellow can also be associated with memory.

        Black colour conveys luxury and value.You can see this colour being used by luxury car brands and apparel stores.

        Our 9 Step Website Design and Development Process

        There is a lot of effort and hard work involved in creating a perfect web design. This can be achieved by following a step by step process which encompasses the entire procedure. Below are all the steps listed below.

        1. Questions and Consultation
        This being the first stage, it is here we get to know about the needs and requirements.We provide a list of questions to understand you better, we also formulate a dummy execution plan.
        7. Timelines
        Deadlines are something which we follow religiously and always meet without a problem because we undertake detailed planning to make sure work is done according to the agreed timelines. There is also scope of scaling up or down as required.
        6. Project Completion
        We will hand over the project file to you and will seek your feedback. You can also give us testimony if you wish.
        5. Testing
        Once the website gets completed, it is uploaded on our server for testing.You will be given full access to test the entire website and changes will be made based on your feedback.
        4. Website Development
        XHTML and HTML draft begin to take shape,regular corrections are made, hand on, custom graphics are created, the artwork is enhanced, Interface design of other pages occurs and integration of CMS performed.
        3. Design Approval
        The design structure get finalized at this stage and actual coding and development of the site begins as soon as we get confirmation from you.
        9. Work Guarantee
        Once the project is complete, we provide technical support for 12 months so that we can fix any bugs or issues in the work.
        We will provide you the initial drafts, and if you feel that our work is unsatisfactory, your money will be refunded without asking any questions.
        2. Mock up And Design
        This the second stage and Wireframing and mock up work is undertaken at this stage. Lot of reviews, approval and disapprovals happen at this stage.A site dummy take up shape and it keeps on changing.
        8. Unlimited Revisions
        We don’t leave a single stone unturned and we always aim to give you a product which is the best. During the time of our collaboration, we provide you with as many revisions as you might need.

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