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      Here are the reasons you should hire us for all your web design needs in Brisbane

      Solid Coding

      HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and more. We code in all languages and follow the latest industry practices.

      Best of UX

      The latest design trends are great but we as a renowned website design company in Brisbane go a step ahead. We ensure the user experience and help in more conversions.

      Data-Driven Decisions

      We do not go by gut decisions when it comes to web design. KPIs such as bounce rate and conversion rate influence our web design service decisions.

      Post Development

      Web development is just the first step. We provide after development services that keep your website bug-free.

      SEO friendly design

      SEO is the key to getting your website found by your target audience. We ensure that this happens without fail.


      From SQL injection protection to email injection protection we ensure that there is a protective shield around you at all times.

      3 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us



      Our 89% clients are still with us and that shows our capability


      157+ Years of Cumulative Experience

      35+Strong SEO team and 75% of them have more than 5-10 years’ experience. Certified and experienced professionals handle your project.


      $50 Million Revenue

      Every year we generate almost $50 million revenue for our clients by generating leads.

      10 Things to Consider in the Website Design and Development Process in Brisbane

      Business owners often don’t take website design and development seriously and later they suffer when the website does not produce results. Even if some people understand the importance, they don’t have any clue about how to develop a robust website, or  what it takes to develop a user-friendly website.

      They don’t know the importance of design, navigation, site structure, browser compatibility, and robust coding etc.

      They often have a wrong notion that the success of a website is just dependent on its looks and as long as the website “looks good”, it will manage to attract prospects and convert them into customers.  Web development and design is much more than that.

      In this context, it becomes important to ask right questions from your vendor.  For example, if you’re trying to recruit the services of a web design and development company in Brisbane, how will you go about it? Obviously, choosing a website based on its looks will not be the best thing to do right?

      Its more important to consider are things such as user-friendly design, updated content, compatibility with devices and loading speed. Sadly, the internet is flooded with websites that do everything they should not do.

      A bad WordPress websitecan harm your reputation and turn customers away. Let’s take a look at what is required to create website designs that your customers can’t resist coming back to.

      Conversion focused Designs

      A very common question that most clients have about website design goes something like this –

      “Why should we focus so much on website design? People don’t come to a website to look at its design, they come to buy a service or a product or to read its content. So, why is there much fuss about this?”

      The above might seem like a very reasonable remark but in reality, the human mind functions in a different way. Studies have shown results that will surprise you. A study conducted by Stanford University concluded that 46.1 percent of respondents consider “design look” of a website when considering the credibility of the website. Typography, colour schemes, images, layout and white space all comprise “design look”.

      Other studies have concluded that too many graphics and too many bright colours can also lead to decreased trust in the eyes of the viewer.

      To make sure that your website converts the visitors it receives, specific design principles need to be followed. Let’s come to understand what is required.

      A clean and uncluttered interface is a must for a good website

      Visitors should have limited choices to make and the sheer number of choices should not confuse them

      Negative space also known as whitespace should be used on the website

      Colours play a critical role in web design. When used correctly it depict the mood and meaning of a website. The idea of a brand can be communicated best by colour. The aim of a website should be to keep things simple and think about new ways in which a website’s interface would be more user-friendly.

      A reputed and credible web design services in Brisbane takes care of such things.

      Strategic Approach

      The success of any website design lies in understanding what the website is about, right down to smallest details. Any web design company in Brisbane that calls itself professional should definitely prepare an in-depth profile on their clients by asking questions such as who are their clients and what do they do, why was their business created, what would be the brand image that they would like to communicate to the world via their website and what would they like to illustrate through their website.

      The clients can also beencouraged to talk more about their prospective visitors and their understanding of what makes a good website by asking questions such as –

      What is the one thing that visitors would want from their site?

      Why would anyone choose their website over their competition?

      Three things about a website they like and three things about a website they don’t like

      These are some questions that can help a website design service in Brisbane learn more about the website. The questions should be modified according to the nature of the client’s business. A questionnaire like the one portrayed above will help to understand the client better and help in starting the work in a structured way.

      Robust Site Architecture

      The site structure plays a critical role in deciding whether your website will show up at the top of search engine rankings. It will also have an impact on the way your users experience the website.This is the reason why site hierarchy is something that needs to be followed strictly. You should start with an index page which will be like the entrance to your website and from there people can go the different parts of your website.

      The index should be followed by the ‘Main Categories’. The final section should be ‘subcategories’ which is needed in case there is a huge product portfolio. Maintaining the site structure is useful in the following ways


      For external search: Since everything on your site is neatly arranged in their respective places, search engines can crawl your site easily in a structured way. The search is easily able to understand the relation between categories and subcategories. Your search engine rankings can improve with this.

      For internal site search: The internal search engine on your website will also become better because of the neatly organised content. The results that will be shown will be more relevant to the search queries.

      SEO-Friendly Design

      When a website is SEO-friendly, it benefits in ranking in the SERP. Google’s algorithm analyses each page of a website to understand the information on each web page. Following this, the information is stored in the search engine’s index.

      When a user searches for something on Google, Google accesses its database of millions of pages and extracts the most applicable results. The website needs to be on Google’s index and has to have a searched keyword in order to be in search engine results. Thus, a being SEO friendly means it will have huge role in the above. The features that make it WordPress theme or design friendly are as follows:

      Slide Slide Slide

      Valid Coding

      Clean coding practices and up-to-date coding practices are a must for favourable ranking of a theme on search engines. The code has to be valid HTML and CSS and all the popular browsers should be able to read it.

      Mobile-First and All Device Compatible Design

      When your website has no problems being viewed on any device and all the content is clearly visible, then your website is called mobile responsive. This is another factor that Google considers to rank the site higher on Google. We provide responsive web design services in Brisbane.

      Site loading time

      The time taken by a website to display all the contents it has is called as site load time. The faster the load time, the higher the ranking in search engine results. In short, search engines love sites that are fast. As a leading web design company in Brisbane, we make sure that your website is optimised for image and media so that load time is less. If a theme also loads fast, it will be beneficial.

      Schema Markup

      Schema Markup is the technique by which the code on a website is optimised so that search engines can see as well as understand the content on the website. From an SEO perspective, Schema Markup use adds to the chances of better SEO rankings.

      SEO Plugin Compatibility

      Rarely will you find a website now that does not use plugins. Themes that are not compatible with plugins cause problems. For e.g. If a SEO plugin doesn’t work with a theme, the SEO functions will not be implemented. This will affect SEO rankings of the site.

      Social Media Assimilation

      Social media marketing might not be a part of SEO but it is interlinked with SEO as it helps to get the site traffic. Choose a theme which has a “share with” option so that you can share content on sites such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest.

      Scalable Architecture

      The ability of a business to grow according to demand is known as scalability. Scaling can be either vertical or horizontal. Vertical scaling is when there is increase in hardware and horizontal scaling can happen when copies of your website are distributed across many machines.

      Scalability helps to grow and extend your website without any issues. WordPress allows for very good scalability because of methods such as reverse proxy caching, query performance and object caching.

      Your website might receive 5 hits or it could receive hundreds of millions of hits over night but scaling up to manage the pressure and scaling down to puta tab on costs requires great balance. Our WordPress Website Design Services in Brisbane can help you here.

      Better Site Structure

      Can a user easily find their way around your site when they land on it? Do they make their way to the information they seek quickly or do they have to spend time figuring things out? Site structure is something that directly doesn’t affect the Search algorithms of Google butit is the biggest help in guiding search engines in their quest to understand your website better. Site structure can be understood with the twin elements of Navigation and Sitemaps.

      Navigation is a process that should consume a good amount of time as each and every element on the website such as themes, content and categories should be planned out. All the interconnections should be mapped out before implementing them.

      Sitemaps can be of two types – HTML and XML. XML sitemaps are made to be read by search engines and they contain a list of all the URLs on your site. HTML maps are intended for use by humans. Ideally, you should create both HTML and XML sitemaps for navigation.

      Cross Browser Compatibility

      This is another important element of a well-designed website. Users check out websites on different browsers and this means that each browser should be able to read the code on the website. The code on the website should be thus cross browser compatible or in other words, it should open on all major browsers.

      We are one of the most trusted responsive web design services in Brisbane and we pride ourselves on using frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap, keeping code simple, validation of HTML and CSS-cross-browser testing. You don’t have to ever worry about what users will see when they visit your website from different browsers.

      Cyber Secure Website

      Website design has to take care of not only aesthetics but also the anonymous attacks that websites are often frequented with.

      As a recent study indicates, 86 percent of applications in PHP were found to be vulnerable to cross-scripting attacks. Similarly, 56 percent of the code was found to have one SQLi weakness. Sensitive data is thus left exposed and hackers take full advantage of this to steal critical information. Experienced developers can take care of these problems.

      Hands-on steps to safeguard these websites can be taken with malware scanning and web application firewalls that can help protect against such attacks.

      Implement Clean Code Standards

      Do not underestimate the effects of bad code. Among other things bad code has resulted in deaths of people and destroyed rocket launches resulting in loss of millions of dollars. However, if people run away from your website to never come back again, that would be highly disappointing. To prevent this from happening you can do some things while writing code such as:

      Using Variable and name methods – One word per concept, namespaces and intention-revealing names should be used instead of prefixing names.


      Write better functions – These functions should be small, do only one thing, have fewer arguments than three and should not have nested control.

      Rewrite wrong code instead of commenting on it, explain your idea and warn about what could go wrong in the comments.

      As a Brisbane based web design service, we ensure that we follow the best and latest coding practices in the industry today.

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        Colour Conversion Psychology

        Colour has been known and widely accepted to be a trigger for our different moods and emotions. While bright colours such as yellow, red and blue are known as mood uplifters, colours such as white and lighter shades help us relax. These conditions apply in these digital times as well.

        According to a recent study, colour adjustment on a site can convert visitors more by as much as 24%. However, as much as colour is important it is also important to use the right colour on your website to target the right audience and in the right manner.

        Some of the colour tips that you should definitely keep in mind while designing the website are

        Grey, brown and orange are not in the good books of women. Women don’t love earthy colours. Various studies attest to the fact that women don’t like earthy colours. Instead, they love blue, purple and green. The colours in e-commerce stores targeted at women are examples of the above.

        Similarly, men don’t like purple, brown and orange. Men instead like blue, green and black – colours which are traditionally associated with masculinity.

        Blue symbolises trust and loyalty. It is a favourite among businesses. No wonder Facebook uses blue on their homepage. Many banks also use the colour blue and there must be logic behind it.


        Yellow is a colour that signals warnings. From wet floors to traffic signals and electricity warning signs, we can see it used to signal caution. However, depending on the memories associated with it, yellow can be about happy thoughts too.

        Expensive and luxury are associated with the colour black. Brands that use it to this effect are – Lamborghini and Louis Vuitton

        Our 9 Step Web Design and Development Process

        Creating a perfect web design involves hard work and love. The journey can be made easier if there is a step-by-step process outlining all the steps involved. The steps can be described as follows:

        1. Questions and Consultation
        As WordPress development experts in Brisbane, we create an execution plan to design mockups for your website.
        2. Mock up and Design
        The second stage involves mock up and wire framing. A lot of reviews, approvals and disapprovals move back and forth at this stage. A skeletal framework of a website begins to take shape now and changes happen accordingly.
        3. Design Finalisation
        Confirmation is awaited from you at this stage as the design structure is completed and the green signal is only pending. Once the “green light” comes through, the real coding and development of the website begins.
        4. Website Development
        In this preparation of an XHTML or HTML begins as custom graphics are created, artwork is improved, the interface of the other pages is designed and the CMS is integrated into the system. Corrections are made on the spot.
        5. Testing
        The completed website is now uploaded on to the servers and tested. The entire website access is given to you and you can test whatever you wish to. Further changes are made based on the feedback.
        6. Project Completion
        Once our work is done; all the project files are handed to you at this stage. We look forward to your feedback on working with us. A testimonial would be much appreciated.
        7. Timelines
        Deadlines are of the utmost importance to us and therefore we make plans that cover every aspect of the work so that everything is completed according to deadlines. We leave room for scaling up and down as required.
        8. Unlimited Revisions
        Our ultimate objective is to give you a finished product that is second to none. To achieve this objective, we are ready to provide you with as many revisions as needed.
        9. Work Guarantee
        We offer technical support for 12 months after completing the project. This covers any changes that may need to take place found in the work.
        In case you decide not to continue with us after reviewing our preliminary work, we refund your money without asking any questions.

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