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      I have worked with Ben and his team for many months now on multiple projects. Ben has very creative staff and they designed my latest website. He is very proficient and knowledgeable. itraffic is certainly one of the best SEO services company in the Perth we have worked with. They deliver real result.



      I have worked with many companies, but really impressed with the way itraffic works. They have handled the project with ease while maintaining quality.

      Jason Freeman

      6 Strong Reasons

      We are the Best SEO Services Provider in Perth

      Data-driven Strategy

      We don’t work on gut feelings. As a top-rated SEO company in Perth, we ensure our SEO strategies are always based on practical data insights that we receive from hundreds of projects.

      Result-driven Approach

      SMEs can’t wait for long to get result as they are cash-strapped. Our SEO services in Perth with a results-driven approach helps them realise their business goals fast.

      In-depth SEO Audit and Competitor research

      You get a clear picture of where do you stand in front of your business rivals and what you need to stay ahead in the competition

      Long-term Sustainable Results

      You get long lasting SEO results as our SEO process is based on a solid foundation

      Strong Focus on Google My Business Page Optimisation

      Google My Business Page Optimisation can transform the fate of Businesses. We can help you generate more leads as this is our core strategy

      Strong International Experience

      We are SEO experts in Perth. Our clients are located in more than 49+ countries that give us unique capability to understand your requirements and solve your problems.

      3 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us



      Our 89% clients are still with us and that shows our capability


      157+ Years of Cumulative Experience

      35+Strong SEO team and 75% of them have more than 5-10 years’ experience. Certified and experienced professionals handle your project.


      $50 Million Revenue

      We offer best SEO services in Perth, a fact attested by almost $50 million revenue that we make for our clients by generating leads.

      Know How Our 8 Steps Proven SEO Process That Helps Generate 3X More Leads For Clients

      Do you know that there are 1.67 billion websites on the web and every day more than 100000+ websites are launched? The data can be scary for businesses who want to gain leads and conversion through their online business. The web is so crowded that ranking in the first-page result is almost impossible. So if you are an SEO company in Perth looking to dominate over other internet marketing companies in the region, you need to follow the right Search Engine Optimisation Process.

      Suppose you’re in the plumbing business in Perth which is a highly competitive business. You’ll get leads only when you come at the top in the first-page search result. It’s, however, very difficult because your website should do well on multiple metrics.

       Let’s understand it clearly: when a user types “best plumbers in Perth”, Google throws three types of result – it first gives paid ad results at the top of the search result, Google My Business results come at the second spot, and organic search results show at the bottom. Here it is to be noted that paid promotion is much more expensive than SEO and bearing the cost of pad marketing is not a cup of tea of a small business like a plumbing service provider.  SEO is only option left for them.

      If your website starts appearing in 90% of local search whenever people search for “Best Plumber SEO in Perth”; your website will automatically start gaining more impressions and CTR will also increase. It will give a boost to your local SEO effort. However, this will not happen overnight as SEO is a long drawn process.

      This can be obtained by offering better user experience, taking care of various on-page SEO factors, enhancing the performance of the website on some important technical SEO parameters and using a solid well-oiled content strategy. Here is the detailed process on how to rank organically in the search result.  

      Improve User Experience

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      48% of users say they feel frustrated and annoyed of those websites that are poorly optimized for mobile, according to a study by QuickSprout, a reputed digital marketing website. That means these users will never buy from your website. Now you can yourself imagine the loss!

      Good user experience directly helps in getting top rankings in search engine results. Though businesses are fully aware of its importance, they ignore it and repent later. This result is reflected by decreased click-through rate; increased bounce rate and short average time spent by a user on the page. Here is how we improve user experience.


      itraffic always believes in delivering what it promises to clients. Our team has a well-defined process which is 100% data-driven and we don’t work on gut feelings. The team comprises experienced and certified individuals who really work hard to achieve desired business outcomes.

      Ben Lewis, CEO of itraffic

      Optimise For Mobile Search

      When roughly 57 percent of all internet traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets which make it imperative for your business to provide a seamless browsing experience to users across all device and platforms.

      The world has moved on mobile, but is your site optimised for mobile devices? The rapid proliferation of smartphones and other internet-enabled handheld devices has led to a massive shift in the way people search for services and products forcing Google to roll out mobile-first indexing as a major ranking factor in the year 2018.

      Not having a mobile-friendly website means you’ll lose out valuable traffic everyday and you may lose out up to 60% traffic and potential conversion opportunities. Can you afford that? Can you digest seeing your potential customers switching to your competitor?

      The global conversion rate for mobile users is just 1.25 percent. You can imagine what will happen if your site is not mobile-friendly.

      At itraffic, we ensure your website passes this criteria by ensuring all images, videos and navigations links are compatible for mobile devices so that users have no trouble viewing your videos and images on the mobile device. We work hard to ensure your texts are clearly visible on smartphones and easily readable without any need for zooming or scrolling. The positive experience will result in more number of leads.

      Make a Responsive Website

      According to a Hubspot research, inbound leads increased by 66% immediately and continued to grow further after the website became responsive. Total traffic also shot up by 15 percent as people shared their positive experience of using the site from other users.

      Not having a responsive website means you have a leaking pot. You will lose out on potential leads and conversion everyday. A responsive website offers better user experience which helps users’ access information smoothly.

      Make Navigation Easy

      57% of internet users are of the view that they will never recommend an online business if the navigation is not clear with a poorly designed website say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile.

      And wait! 88% of online consumers will never return to your website after a bad experience. That means if you lose 400 annual customers with average revenue of $1000, you will lose $400,000 potential revenue.

      Take another example, you have put an attractive banner of discount, but it is not clear how users can avail this. Such mistakes irritate users resulting in a higher bounce rate which is quickly noticed by Google resulting in poor SEO ranking.

      Even missing out a simple design element like a clear arrow mark on the homepage of your website can do immense damage.  That is why we focus a lot on the website navigation and know how to implement it properly.

      Optimising Google My Business Page

      Close to 65 percent of local customers make use of Google and other search engines to locate a local business. More interestingly, 50 percent of the local customers who gather information about your business through local search end up visiting your business on the same day.

      Therefore, if you own a business that deals face to face transactions, it is important for your survival to hire the services of a reputed SEO company in Perth that could help you with their result driven local SEO optimisation efforts.

      Here are some of the well-known techniques to optimise Google My Business Page:

      Fill out all fields profile given in the Google My Business profile. If you don’t do it, your competitors will do.


      Ask for reviews as they are lifeblood of local search.

      Focus on creating user-generated content. Google loves and trusts them.

      To know more information, read the next section if you really don’t want to lose potential leads.

      Speed up Your Website

      How long do you wait for a website to load? Well, statistics reveal that a majority of online visitors do not wait for more than two seconds for a website to load before hitting the close button.

      Another report reveals that hat 53 percent of mobile site visitors immediately abandon a site and jump to a competitor’s site if the pages take longer than 3-seconds to load.

      According to a Hubspot study, 2- second delay in the website load time results in the loss of 4.3% revenue per user. Google emphasizing the need to have a fast site is not something new. It was talking about it since 2010 and eventually made it an important ranking factor in 2016.

      At itraffic, we work hard to improve the loading speed by using CDN service, optimising images and videos, cleaning database and codes, implementing Google AMP, minimising HTTP requests and variety of other techniques. coding for Local SEO

      Leveraging the power of Schema Mark-up is another great way to optimise Google My Business Page.  The schema is the foundation for mark-up data which facilitates easy understanding of location-based information to search engines like telephone number, address, dates of events and other relevant information. SEO experts agree on the importance of schema mark-up in driving huge traffic.

      Google’s John Mueller has recently made it clear that structured data markup may find a place in the ranking factors; though we believe it’s already an important ranking factor in local SEO optimisation. The Site Navigation Element markup makes the task of search engines easier by enhancing search engines’ understanding of your site structure and navigation. We help you leverage the power of these markups to help your content appear in various places. Leveraging these markups accordingly can help your content to appear in Google News and in-depth articles search suggestions.

      Our SEO experts can greatly boost your local SEO efforts by leveraging the power of Schema to make your information show up in answer boxes, carousels, and other rich snippets. This is extremely important for local service providers for businesses like plumbers, attorneys, lawyers, doctors, restaurants, electronic repair shops, small eateries. The number of leads can drastically increase by optimizing schema alone.

      Focus on Niche Local Directories

      According to Google, e, roughly four out of five consumers use search engines to conduct local searches. Yet 90%small businesses fail to claim claimed even a single a local business listing online, they miss out on great opportunity to put their services in front of those people.

      We ensure your business is listed correctly and on top online business directories such as Yelp, Merchant Circle, Citysearch, and Google My Business. We have a list of highly authoritative web directories having more than half a million backlinks. It helps us provide a guaranteed result to our customers by ensuring increased online visibility for search engines and attracting new visitors.

      It is, therefore, of paramount importance that you choose a reliable SEO company in Perth who can deliver results without using any black SEO technique.  We check multiple factors before adding a directory in our list to ensure your website remains safe.

      Optimising on page and Off Page SEO Factors

      Onpage and off page SEO factors are the backbone of the entire SEO process. Though the rules of the game have dramatically changed, it’s still the most critical factor in SEO. The days of exact match keywords phrases have gone long ago, but optimising Meta description, Title Tag, and Heading descriptions are still important.


      Meta Description: It tells search engines about the page topic. A well-written Meta description generates higher CTR and better conversions.

      Title Description: The title tag indicates to search engines what the page is about. Google looks at the title tag and compares it with the rest of the content to judge how relevant it is for users.

      Meta Tags: Meta tags provide search engines with information about your page. Relevant Meta tags increases user satisfaction and impact CTR positively.

      Link Building: Backlink features among the three most important SEO rankings factors. Building authoritative content can help in acquiring high quality links.

      Comprehensive Competition Analysis

      Without competitive analysis, you can’t win the SEO battle. It allows you to know the strength and weakness of your opponents. Most SEO companies jump right into keyword mapping, optimising content or link building without having a clear understanding of where they stand compared to competitors. Competitive SEO analysis presents a very clear and accurate picture of why your competitor ranks higher for a particular keyword. Then you can chalk out a further strategy based on the information you have.

      For example, the backlink gap analysis reveals the websites that are linking to your competitors but not to your site. Armed with the knowledge you will find yourself in a better position to close the gap between your competitors’ backlink profiles and domain authority. We use sophisticated tools like Google Search Console, SEMrush, and Ahrefs to analyze the link profile of competitors.

      Make a List of Long Tail Keywords on the Topic

      Long-tail keywords are well-targeted search phrases that have high searcher intent. They deliver better quality traffic to your website because such keywords have low competition and search volume but higher conversion rates. Long-tail keywords make it easier for customers to find what exactly they are looking for.

      For example, “SEO Companies in Perth” will usually throw up names of top digital marketing agencies; whereas your agency has a much better chance of being found out with the long tail keywords like’ Which are the most affordable SEO firms in Perth”. Finding out right long-tail keywords is an art and it requires experience while choosing such keywords.

      Some of the questions that need answers are: What are people actually looking for when they use those queries? What long-tail phrases should I be using to attract highly-relevant visitors with high probability of conversions?

      There are number of ways through which you can find the most relevant keywords. At itraffic, we use our own proprietary process and tools. We use Wikipedia, Google Suggest, Q&A based platforms like Quora, Amazon, YouTube, etc. to get most relevant keywords.

      Even a manual search by typing the main keyword in the Google search box, take a look at the suggestions provided by it and build your long-tail keywords around these suggestions.

      Long-tail keywords are considered more valuable for businesses and they can reduce your paid advertising budget.

      They have better quality and higher conversion rate. Better quality traffic and higher conversion rates. Since the content on the site is more relevant for users, a good percentage of visitors’ end up buying your product or services.


      Since they are highly specific, the completion is less for them. Consequently, ROI is high for these long tail keywords. It helps your page rank for difficult terms.

      Create Relevant, Niche and Authoritative Content

      Writing high quality, in-depth and informative content attracts backlinks from reputed websites which in turn helps building domain authority in the long-term which is a critical ranking factor. Just as it is important to create keywords with a niche, local focus, it is important that you treat your content the same way as well and optimise your content strategy to target local customers. As a small business, with limited coverage, it is understood that most of your business will directly come from living in and around where your business is located.

      For example, a local plumbing business, you will find traffic is directed to your website from keyword queries like:

      “Legal Forms in Perth”

      “Best Legal firms in Perth”

      Even long tail keywords work well for your local business. For example,

      “Perth top-rated corporate law firms in Perth”

      So you need to create relevant and informative content for your local audience as it allows you to benefit from the increase in traffic that comes directly from location-based searches.

      According to ComStat, nearly all consumers search for local businesses and services and that why we pay a lot of attention on to what people in the industry want. For example, creating 3, 000+ words content is a sheer waste of time and resources if people are only interested in finding the address of a local business.

      Write Blogs Frequently

      It has been found in a research study carried out by HubSpot that more the blogs companies published, more leads they generated. A company publishing 16 + blogs a month generated 3.5X more traffic than companies that publishing between 0 – 4 monthly posts.

      HubSpot also observed a significant spike in traffic after publishing 401+ blog posts. The more indexed blogs your website has, the greater will be the probability of dominating the search engine space. Therefore, it is always better to publish as many blog posts as you can.

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        Your investment will go down the drain if you remain in dark about the performance of your strategy. As a top provider of SEO services in Perth, we keep a close watch on how productive the SEO is proving for you is of utmost importance.

        We use some well-defined metrics to assess how well our strategy is performing. We use some free and paid tools to generate easy-to-understand reports that will give you a clear picture.

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