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How can SEO affect your bottom line? What is an SEO Company? What Does an SEO Company do? Do they perform these activities too? Search engine marketing company? SEO Company make a website rank How important is on-page optimization in SEO? How important is off page optimization in SEO? How important is blogging in SEO? How important is content marketing in SEO? Do I need to hire different SEO companies Do SEO companies perform on-page optimization? How do SEO Companies like itraffic perform keyword research? What are the tools SEO companies like itraffic Do an SEO Audit and tell me the problems? Do SEO companies fix broken link? Do SEO companies help with indexing What Activities Do SEO Companies Perform How Much Do SEO Companies Charge How do SEO companies like iTraffic do link building? How Can I Get Local Clients for My Business? Does an SEO company like itraffic help.. Do you also provide content marketing services? Do you also provide content marketing services? What content marketing services are important How does an SEO company charge? How do the charges of itraffic compare How do the charges of itraffic compared Do SEO companies provide any guarantees? Does itraffic provide any ranking guarantees? Is Local SEO company different from an SEO company? What questions should I ask an SEO company Do SEO Companies charge hourly or on a monthly basis? I am a small firm. Can I still hire an SEO company Do SEO companies also optimize GMB Will you also work on building citations for our business? What questions should I ask an SEO company How do SEO companies tackle long tail keywords? Is website speed a ranking factor? How soon can I see improvement in results? Do you also provide SEO services for DuckduckGo and Baidu? Does itraffic provide White hat SEO services? I don’t want to sign any contract. What services apart from SEO do we provide?


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    On Page Optimization

    Leave no stone unturned in proving your website’s authority to Google. Our SEO experts optimize every element of your website so that it gets all the love it can get from Google.

    Content Marketing

    Content is your SEO’s backbone. You need the top SEO company in Australia to get the best content, and then to market it like a pro. We do it for you.

    Off Page Optimization

    Why invest dozens of hours of your precious time when you can simply let our experts secure high quality and relevant backlinks for your websites!

    Local SEO

    Elevate the visibility of your web store in SERPs via guaranteed local SEO. From keyword research to NAP citations, from backlinks to user reviews – we help your local business in every way.

    What our customers think of us:

    We hired the team of itraffic to create and manage our overall social media presence. And we are feeling proud to say that they have delivered what they promised us in the beginning. Thank you for all your efforts.


    Organic search engine traffic and sales have almost doubled since we started taking the assistance of itraffic’s SEO services. I trust them and their guaranteed results. Ben and his team’s work is highly commendable.


    The dedication and commitment of Ben’s team have made stand where we are today. Our business is driving more and more traffic every day. All thanks go to itraffic. Well done.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Before you hire an SEO company, you have dozens of questions in your mind. We always place our clients first and believe you have the right to know the answers.

    We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to your website’s SEO. Trust us to bring all our experience and expertise to empower your business. That’s the difference you feel when you engage the top SEO Company.

    How can SEO affect your bottom line?

    If you’re not investing sufficient resources in SEO, you’re leaving money on the table.

    What started as the ‘rich businessman’s adventure’ 10 years ago, is now a necessity for every business – whether you’re an individual HVAC technician or a multinational manufacturing corporation.

    An SEO company can literally offer you 10x returns on investment with good SEO.

    Here’s how SEO impacts your bottom line:

    1. By making your business appear on Google’s first page for relevant search queries, SEO makes your business visible to millions of Internet users. No traditional marketing can match the reach of Google’s search results pages, and SEO is the vehicle that takes you there.
    2. SEO helps you identify under-serviced market niches. Traffic analysis may reveal surprising details about your demographics. For instance, you may realize that your most ‘engaged visitors’ are women aged between 30 and 35, living in Melbourne, and using mobile devices to browse the web.
    3. Irregular or insufficient SEO means you may miss out on the trends, or even miss any warnings issued by Google. The result – your website could pretty much disappear from Google’s index overnight. That’s what happened to several health and wellness websites after Google’s Medic update in August 2018.
    4. With the increasing popularity of voice search for local business searches, you simply can’t ignore advanced SEO. People are literally turning to Google to tell them where they should spend their money, and you can’t afford not being Google’s favorite, can you?
    5. While hiring a search engine optimization company is affordable, you may lose a lot of money experimenting with expensive digital marketing tactics such as PPC campaigns, Facebook and YuTube advertisements, etc. In this way, SEO can translate into significant cost reductions in digital marketing, thus contributing to your business’ bottom line.

    What is an SEO Company?

    An SEO company is an organization that helps improve your website’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) by using ethical practices of making the website more optimized as per the search algorithm used by a search engine.

    Today, however, the scope of SEO has expanded a lot further than what it used to be 5 years ago. Apart from keyword research, website audit, content optimization, and technical SEO, modern search engine optimization have a lot of overlap with content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and more.

    As a businessperson, you want more clients, that’s it. SEO is your channel to reach that goal. And because it’s a technical, skill-based, continuous, and time-intensive activity, you can benefit a lot from the services of an SEO agency.

    For the best results, you need the best SEO services – as simple as that. This is how you can maximize the ROI of your time and money you put in SEO.

    What Does an SEO Company do?

    This is a very important question, and we’ll help you with a detailed answer.

    There are two kinds of SEO companies.

    The first kind – who will do what thousands of other agencies are doing for their clients – the basic SEO. These SEO companies don’t look beyond the simplest, most basic, and low impact SEO activities. While these basic activities are important, it’s difficult to get great results from them, because all your competitors will also be doing the same thing.

    The second kind – who will align their focus with your business. These SEO companies first understand your business, your short term, and long term business goals, and then devise a robust and strategic SEO plan to help you achieve those goals.

    That’s how we serve you; itraffic is the top SEO company in Australia. Our SEO service brings you all this and more:

    • A detailed and comprehensive website audit, to know where you rank currently
    • Multi-dimensional keyword analysis to ensure your business’ SEO is highly focused
    • Optimization of title, meta, and image alt tags of all existing web pages
    • Identification and resolution of navigational issues in the website
    • Targeted strategies to secure high value backlinks for your websites
    • Detailed on-page and off-page SEO strategies, as required for your business goals
    • Transparent, proactive, and insightful reporting
    • Dedicated account manager to make sure you always a point of contact to understand what’s happening
    • And a lot more

    Source: singlegrain

    Do SEO Companies only advise about what I need to do to get on the 1st page of search engines? Or, do they perform these activities too?

    Make no mistake – SEO is a technical subject. Everything that any SEO expert will do, is closely tied to how Google’s search algorithm works, and how websites can optimize their content so that the algorithm starts favoring them.

    Just by spending a few hours on web research about SEO, you can find out guidelines, workbooks, walkthroughs, and cheat sheets created by SEO services and SEO experts. However, it’s almost certain that these guides will be obsolete by the time you are done implementing them!

    That’s because Google is innovating rapidly and changing its algorithm frequently to improve the relevance of its search results. This, of course, means that SEO is a continuous effort and not a one-time effort.

    We strongly recommend you don’t waste your time with any SEO company that only promises to tell you what you need to do to feature on the first page of any search engine’s results. Instead, look for a search engine optimisation company that will tell you what it can do for you to bring you to number 1, and then actually do that, to deliver on its promises.

    What is the difference between a search engine optimization company and search engine marketing company?

    Let’s understand search engine marketing (SEM) first. It’s the process of increasing your websites’ visibility on search engines by leveraging different marketing channels, each of which are closely related to a search engine.

    In the context of Google, search engine marketing takes two forms:

    1. PPC (Pay per click): a model where you essentially buy advertisement space from Google and appear on a portion of the screen on any search result that Google shows for a particular keyword. More competitive (popular among web searchers) the keyword, higher you pay for each click.
    2. Yes, and you already know SEO.

    So, search engine marketing and search engine optimization aren’t really alternatives of each other. Instead, SEM is a broader concept, and SEO is one part of it.

    Now, remember that several digital marketers use the term SEM when they actually only mean PPC. And if we compare PPC and SEO, understand that the former is a quick but expensive way to make a website more visible, while the latter is a slow and more affordable, and more long term approach to search engine visibility.

    Refer to this diagram to understand digital marketing, SEM, and SEO in the right context.

    Source: reliablesoft

    How does an SEO Company make a website rank on the top in Google?

    A top SEO company will help rank your website a lot higher on Google (maybe, even #1) by implementing a multi-dimensional and long term SEO strategy.

    Primarily, this strategy can be broken into 3 phases.

    • Understanding your website’s business goals
    • Identifying the key Google ranking factors for which the website needs to be optimized
    • Helping you with all the optimizations, monitoring and tracking results, using feedback loops, and continually improving until the goals are met

    Let’s focus on the second phase because that’s where you want the search engine optimisation company to bring all its technical and domain expertise to the table.

    Here’s a quick rundown on the key ranking factors that an SEO agency will optimize your website for.

    Keyword research and optimizing your website’s title, meta, image alt, and content for those keywords

    • Number and quality of backlinks to your website
    • Signals related to authority of your website content/blog
    • Local SEO (very important for local businesses)
    • Integrated SEO (getting the best out of your other digital marketing efforts, such as social media marketing)
    • UX related ranking factors (website design, navigation structure, mobile friendliness, security, page loading speed)

    It’s somewhat impractical to publish a comprehensive list of ranking factors, because all may not be relevant for your website. Refer this detailed infographic for a complete list of Google’s top 200 ranking signals.

    How important is on-page optimization in SEO?

    When you work with an SEO company, you must understand the basics of SEO to be able to work with them seamlessly.

    Among the key terms you will hear are:

    • On-page optimization (or on-page SEO)
    • Off-page optimization (or off-page SEO)
    • Technical SEO

    Let’s understand on page optimization with a business analogy.

    Consider you’re heading a local boutique apparel business called We Fashion.

    Your store display, business card, signage, website, and even the branded We Fashion T-shirts your employees wear – all these are your direct signals to the world about what you do. That’s on-page SEO.

    Google to judge your website (or any of its web pages), it must be able to categorize it properly. Is it an informational page Are you selling something? Is it a contact form? And so on. On-page SEO tells all this and more to Google, and you do the ‘telling’.

    On-page optimization consists of several SEO activities required to make sure that Google knows everything its needs to know about a website so that it can rank it properly.

    On-page optimization consists of:

    1. Heading tags

    These tags make your page easy to crawl for Google, as it can judge which section talks about what! Particularly after the introduction of Google’s Knowledge Cards, the importance of heading tags as surged.

    Source: rankwatch

    2. Title, meta description, and URL

    All these HTML tags go a long way in telling Google what your page is about. Consider the example below. See how the title + description + the URL of the top-ranking websites are all firmly tied to their subject matter.

    This, however, is tricky and best left to an experienced SEO analyst who can work closely with an SEO copywriter to get the best title + meta description for your pages.

    3. Keyword density

    Again, a very tricky topic. If you overuse target keywords in your content, Google may downgrade the webpage for ‘stuffing keywords’ in the content. And of you under-do it, Google may not understand the subject matter of the page.

    Thankfully, your SEO company can carry out extensive analytics to find the right density, include related keywords (called LSI keywords), use sufficient long-tail keywords, and use them in a balanced manner, to make the page content highly optimized.

    4. Other important on-page optimization factors

    You can make your web pages more Google-friendly by optimizing them via:

    • Using proper image alt tags (means, defining what your webpages’ images are about, so that the web crawler understands it)
    • HTML and CSS validation (a purely technical activity, best left for your SEO consultant)
    • Internal linking (this tells Google how the different pages on your website relate to each other)

    How important is off page optimization in SEO?

    Back to our example – the boutique fashion store, WeFashion.

    Now, consider everything else you be doing to popularize your store:

    • Telling your friends about it, and asking them to tell their friends about it
    • Attending fashion conferences, and speaking like an expert on important topics related to the business
    • Become such an authority on the subject, that people can’t help quoting your words, or referring to your ideas

    This, essentially, is off page SEO – the ‘quality signals’ you create for Google, outside your website.

    Any SEO expert will tell you that at the core of off page SEO are BACKLINKS.

    A backlink is a URL pointing to your website or any of its pages), from any other website on the Internet.

    Here are the 3 kinds of backlinks:

    Self-created links

    • Plant your links on unrelated website that have no criteria of link acceptance
    • Submit dozens of articles (with your hyperlinks) to article farms
    • Publishing dozens of press releases on news accumulation websites

    Note: Google HATES websites that indulge in such spammy tactics. Never work with an SEO company that suggests these kind of tricks.

    Manually built links

    • Submitting high quality content to related web blogs
    • Leveraging a large number of credible online platforms where you can submit good content and link back to your website (example, the description of YouTube videos)
    • Working with credible influencers who can give shoutouts and share your content with their large audiences

    Note: This is the core of off page SEO, and can often be the most time consuming phase of your website’s SEO. It’s always a good idea to leverage the operational efficiency and hard-earned contacts of a professional SEO company to build your backlinks this way.

    Natural links

    • More manually built hyperlinks means more love from Google, means your website becomes more popular, and this triggers the next wave of backlinking, where several others start linking to you, because you’re now an authority!
    • Of course, there’s more to it. Here’s a quick graphic to help you understand.

    Source: weblydigital

    How important is blogging in SEO?

    By now you understand how SEO, at the end of the day, is an entirely logical system, where Google tries hard to bring real, genuine, credible, and authoritative websites up the search engine results.

    Also, you’d have a faint idea that one of the crucial ways to establish your authority over the web is by blogging.

    Here’s a graph to showcase how important blogging can be, towards the goal of improving web traffic.

    Source: ewebscapes

    Here are 5 reasons why blogging is so important for SEO.

    1. When you keep on adding content to your blog, it’s a signal to Google that you’re website is fresh, current, and regularly updated.
    2. A blog contributes heavily to reducing bounce rate (the % of visitors who leave your website within 1 minute of arriving at a page). In fact, the average word count per post is heavily correlated with Google rankings.

    Source: hostgator

    1. Blogging is your opportunity to add lots of long-tail keywords to your pages, which amps up the SEO quotient of the website.
    2. Once your blog pages’ network grows, you can create internal links to other pages on your website, which leads to more traffic, higher dwell times, and in general, better SEO.
    3. More blog pages mean you can leverage your existing channels of high-quality backlinks to link back to more website pages.

    How important is content marketing in SEO?

    We talked about blogging in the last section. That’s the beginning of content marketing.

    Let’s take a look at some stats.

    • 60% marketers create 1 piece of content at least, every day.
    • In an extensive survey, 74% of the interviewed company executives said that content marketing got them a high number of targeted leads.
    • Companies that excel at content marketing experience 7% growth in unique site traffic year on year, as compared to 2.5% for those that don’t.

    What’s more, 61% purchase decisions are influenced by custom content.

    Source: neilpatel

    SEO experts across the globe agree that SEO, in general, is leaning more and more towards content marketing.

    That’s why no business can afford to ignore a wholesome SEO strategy, inclusive of content marketing, any longer. And that’s where top SEO companies offer differentiation.

    Do I need to hire different SEO companies for Google and Bing?

    SEO for Google and Bing are largely the same. With nearly 88.5% of the search market, almost all optimization happens with Google algorithm in mind.

    There does not have to be a separate SEO process exclusively for Bing.

    But some distinctions exist. What makes itraffic your perfect SEO agency is our experience in tweaking the content.

    Google performs a semantic search. Simply put, it understands the broad question.

    If someone is looking for “best cleaners in Perth” then Google understands that the user is actually asking about the best house cleaning companies in Perth.

    Bing is not very adept at this. It has a very narrow keyword range and does not understand “umbrella keywords.”

    Secondly, Google relies more on text-based content. Bing prefers media such as photo, videos in content.

    Any competent SEO agency understands how to use an SEO strategy that works for both in tandem.

    There needs to be some extra work but the overall framework is the same.

    Do SEO companies perform on-page optimization?

    On-page SEO consists of all activities performed on your own website to make it rank higher. SEO consists of both on and off-page optimization by SEO agencies.

    It consists of activities such as –

    • HTML optimization – The site must have proper HTML coding. Excess code makes the page slow and unresponsive.
    • Appropriate content – Fresh content is to SEO what oxygen is to us. Best SEO companies use content writers to generate top quality blog posts that are authoritative.
    • Keywords – The content has to use relevant keywords but not overuse them. This requires in-depth keyword analysis.
    • Meta tags – Meta tags are snippets that describe the content of the page. They describe to the search engine what the page is about.
    • Alt tags – Also known as alt texts, they describe an image.

    A professional SEO company such as itraffic provides complete optimization services which include on-page optimization, and a lot more.

    Source: digitalabhyasa

    How do SEO Companies like itraffic perform keyword research?

    An SEO agency uses a three-step approach to keywords research.

    These are –

    • Find
    • Analyze
    • Utilize

    Find – There are many ways to find keywords. The basic keywords would depend on the website niche. For example, a café in Sydney would have basic keywords “café in Sydney CBD”, “café in Sydney with a view”.

    The best tool for this purpose is Google Keyword Planner and Google search suggestions.

    The process is quite simple and just needs the seed keyword.

    Analyze – Once sufficient keywords have been collected they need to be checked for relevance. If you operate a café at Beecroft in Sydney then you do not require “café in Sydney CBD” as a keyword for your site.

    Utilize – The keywords have to be used in the content. There has to be a judicious mix of long and short-tail keywords.

    Long-tail keywords are very specific. They generate very few page visits. Short tail keywords are more general but it is difficult to rank high.

    What are the tools SEO companies like itraffic use to do keyword research?

    As or all kinds of data analysis, tools are of the utmost importance for keyword research.

    At itraffic, we use the best keyword research tools, for different aspects of the research, such as:

    • General keyword research
    • Competitiveness analysis of keywords
    • Monthly volume analysis per keyword
    • Traffic volume trends
    • Long tail keyword research
    • LSO (latent semantic indexing) keywords analysis
    • Local search related keywords analysis

    Among our most commonly used tools are:

    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Moz Keyword Explorer
    • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
    • KeywordTool.io
    • BrightEdge Data Cube

    Before starting, I want a report on all the errors and issues on the website. Will you do an SEO Audit and tell me the problems?

    SEO audit is a part of the standard procedure at any performance-based SEO company. Correctly done SEO audit provides plenty of insight into the performance of the website.

    One of the best SEO companies, itraffic takes care not only to perform a comprehensive SEO audit but explain to you the results that it generates.

    The audit is broken into three phases

    1. SEO Indexability Check
    2. Performance of off-page factors
    3. Performance of on-page factors

    Briefly, it would include –

    Off-page factors:

    • MOZ rank – Google does not provide the details of its SEO process. Hence help has to be taken from an SEO metrics company like MOZ that provides a measurement of various parameters.
    • The number of inbound links – It is essential to find how many high authority sites link to your website through backlinks.
    • Social media – If there are social media buttons on every page

    On-page factors:

    • Checking page titles and length
    • Checking meta tags
    • Checking alt text
    • Testing H1, H2, H3

    Indexability check comprises checking if the website is crawled by search engine and how often.

    Do SEO companies fix broken link?

    Finding and fixing broken links is a continuous process. It needs to happen at regular intervals and is performed by the search engine optimization company.

    The existence of broken links (links on your site that result in 404 errors) lowers your SEO ranking and makes it frustrating for your visitors.

    How can these dead links be fixed? Quite easily, in fact. A performance based SEO company would use Google Analytics to find broken links.

    1. It could be that the URL of the page was not appropriately typed. In that case, the error has to be corrected.
    2. Another option is to remove the link altogether.
    3. A third option is to insert a new link in its place.

    Following that from your Content Management System, the broken links can be redirected to an active URL. If your website runs using WordPress, then it is quite easy to change redirects in bulk.

    Do SEO companies help with indexing or crawlability error or do I need to hire a web development company to help me?

    Every search engine employs three tools to provide search results.

    • Crawler
    • Indexing
    • Algorithm

    The last two are internal processes of the search engine, and there is nothing that you can do to influence them. However, the first one is really crucial.

    Search engines have crawlers or bots that travel from link to link and saves the basic HTML version of every web page in the database. Every time you make a change to your site a new version of that page is transferred by the crawler.

    The crawler looks at the header of every page which has instructions about if that page should be added to the database or not. It might be that the header contains wrong information that prevents the crawler.

    When you secure the services of one of the best SEO companies like itraffic you need have no concern about such issues and fixing crawlability is a part of on-page optimisation.

    What Activities Do SEO Companies Perform for On-Page Optimization?

    A professional SEO company engages in activities that help Google understand what your website is all about. Good strategies help push your website up the search engine ladder.

    Source: flickr

    On-page SEO services include the following:

    • Add quality content that is relevant, fresh and informative
    • Increase the relevance of your page title and description with the right keywords for better ranking
    • Optimizing for search intent
    • Incorporate quality images and multimedia for better visual effect
    • Improved descriptive URL structure
    • Better page loading speed
    • Mobile friendly pages
    • Addition of internal links to your content

    These are some of the basic activities that are performed by an SEO agency under on-page optimization.

    How Much Do SEO Companies Charge For Fixing SEO Related Errors?

    Bad SEO practices or SEO related errors can have a detrimental effect on your page ranking.

    Source: serpstat

    Here are the most common SEO related errors that can have a negative impact on your digital presence:

    1. Titles without proper keyword strategies and not within the length limit
    2. Meta descriptions that are not unique and are too long
    3. No H1 tags or hierarchy with H2-H6 tags
    4. 404 error pages, which is one of the most common problems
    5. Poor quality or duplicate content
    6. No sitemaps
    7. Broken links and too many unnecessary external links
    8. Poor loading speed
    9. The Hreflang Attributes
    10. Low word count

    These are some of the most common SEO mistakes that you need to watch out for. But the good news is that an SEO company can fix these errors for you.

    The charge for correcting the SEO errors is anywhere around $50 – $100/hour depending on the error category.

    If you’re looking for an affordable SEO company to help resolve your known SEO errors or to conduct a website audit to identify these errors, get in touch with itraffic.

    How do SEO companies like itraffic do link building?

    Google has always stressed the importance of contextual backlinks for SEO. In fact, if there are two aspects of SEO you simply can’t afford to ignore, they are backlinks and great content.

    Let’s tell you why “more” isn’t always “better” when it comes to backlinks. Instead, “quality” of backlinks matters the most.

    The key aspects of itraffic’s robust link building strategy are:

    • Getting backlinks for the website as well its most important web pages
    • Getting a regular number of backlinks per month, rather than go for a big bank approach where you get several backlinks in a short duration, and nothing thereafter
    • Making sure the backlinks are do-follow (other possibility is a no-follow link, which Google is going to ignore)
    • Getting links with more Power and Trust (Power: the authority of the linking website in its niche, Trust: the connection between that niche and your website’s niche)
    • Using the right keywords to get these links

    The different methods we use to build exceptional backlinks for your website are:

    • Guest posting content on high value blogs
    • Targeting highly relevant article directories
    • Forums and blog-post comments
    • Discover your competitors’ top backlinks and then build a strategy to get you those, and more backlinks
    • Turning your business’ web mentions into backlinks
    • Ensuring your backlinks remain active and live

    Our expertise with link building makes us one of the best SEO service company for businesses in Australia.

    How Can I Get Local Clients for My Business?

    90% of local businesses struggle with attracting local customers. Local search engine optimization is the solution to this struggle.

    Local SEO services are the best and quickest solution here. A reliable SEO agency will help you attract qualified leads from your area of operation that convert to sales.

    Local SEO is quite similar to organic SEO. It includes the following elements:

    • Keyword research
    • Content
    • Links
    • On-page technical SEO etc.

    The only thing that sets it apart is the local focus that helps your business attract local customers.

    Search like ‘SEO company in *your area*’ or ‘SEO agency near me’ will yield results like this when local SEO strategies are applied to your website.

    Does an SEO company like itraffic help with blogging and content marketing?

    Content is the king as is so often said in the world of SEO. Repeating it often does not take away the fact that it is indeed true.

    How does it help? Let us share an example. If you own a watch repair shop in Melbourne, how are you going to advertise your services on the web?

    Of course, you will build an excellent looking website with a fabulous theme and share images and information about your business. But Google wants domain authority to rank a site high.

    The only way to do it is through a well-written blog, hosted on your site, about watches and watch repairs. Fresh content developed by the most talented writers would be made available to you by itraffic, one of the top SEO companies in Australia.

    Similarly, professional SEO companies also help in content marketing. They would aid in distributing the content through various channels such as social media and raise your brand’s profile.

    Do you also provide content marketing services?

    You are the owner of the best watch repair shop in Melbourne. You have put together a great website and also added a blog that is really well written.

    But having a blog post is not the only part of the marketing strategy that you need to be concerned with. Should the blog not be shared? What use is it if it languishes in one corner of the web and rarely visited?

    What you need is the capable guidance of itraffic, one of the most professional SEO companies, to put the blog out there.

    We help you put together multi-purpose content. These can be used in blogs, snippets can be used in social media (along with fantastic images). They can also be modified and be used as newsletters.

    It is quite possible to make your brand well known by the appropriate use of various channels, and we are ideally suited to provide the best SEO services to suit your needs.

    Do you also provide content marketing services?

    With time, the lines separating SEO and content marketing have blurred. In fact, even the most hardcore of SEO experts agree that contemporary SEO is all about content marketing.

    That’s why the best SEO services don’t stop at basic SEO. With itraffic, you essentially get an end to end problem solver, as our teams will invest a lot of time in understanding your business goals, devising a robust and optimized content strategy, integrating it with the SEO strategy and then delivering superb content marketing results.

    Did you know – content marketing costs one-third of traditional marketing, and generates 3 times as many leads. That’s a 9X multiple if you do a cost-benefit analysis.

    That’s why your digital marketing budget must lay sufficient focus on onboarding the most professional SEO company.

    And at itraffic, we know what you expect – complete ownership of your business’ SEO and content marketing. And that’s what we do.

    What content marketing services are important for search engine optimization?

    While evaluating SEO packages, make sure you check that you get the following services in your content marketing contract.

    • Content optimization: Improving your existing web content by adding the right keywords, adding more content so that it’s optimized for low bounce rate and high dwell time.
    • Guest blogging: Submitting highly valuable content to top-rated blogs, and earning backlinks to your website, which contributes to traffic as well as SEO.
    • Comment marketing: Identifying opportunities to earn valuable backlinks via value adding comments on high authority posts
    • Influencer marketing: Identifying, onboarding, and liasioning with influencers to leverage their reach for a massive boost in your web traffic.
    • Content repurposing: Maximizing the benefit from all your content by repurposing your content across platforms.
    • Social media marketing: Leveraging your brand’s social media pages to drive traffic to your website.
    • Developing editorial calendars: So that you know what the near future looks like, in terms of the content you will get.
    • Content governance: Managing content teams to ensure you get the highest quality, Google friendly, and user friendly content.

    How does an SEO company charge?

    If you’re looking for an SEO company, Australia is a growing market, and you will find several options, with widely varying prices.

    Different SEO companies follow different methods of charging their clients.

    Some insist you get into a contract that defines the payment terms (generally, an upfront payment, followed by periodic payments).

    Many follow a project-wise payments approach, where you define the scope f a project, get a quote, then sign the contract, and agree on the payment terms.

    We recommend our readers to never sign upfront payment contracts, particularly when you’ve never worked with the agency in the past.

    Also, the best SEO companies understand their clients’ concerns and ensure flexibility in the payment terms.

    Most SEO companies charge anything between $100-$150/hour.

    How do the charges of itraffic compare to other SEO companies in Australia?

    Let’s understand the different pricing options you will find in the SEO service market in Australia.

    $99 – $299 per month: Yes, SEO service can be as ridiculously cheap as this. However, we’d recommend you rather don’t spend on SEO than let an ameteur agency play around and experiment with your business’ most valuable digital asset – your website. Invariably, these companies will outsource your work to SEO newbies working at $3-$5/hour (that’s the only way they can earn).

    $300 – $2,000 per month: More than 50% of the companies you’ll find will price their services in this range. Now, it’s perfectly reasonable and possible for a company to offer you decent SEO services within this price range. However, don’t expect any major improvements.

    $2,000 – $5,000 – Now we’re talking about two kinds of services.

    First – highly advanced SEO services companies, where cross-functional teams (keyword research experts, technical SEO specialists, highly experienced SEO strategists, exceptional content marketers, etc.) will work dedicatedly on your getting your websites to rank higher.

    Second, the kind of services where you’d be cornered into signing a contract, and will then end up paying the monthly fees for basic SEO, and may even lose your control over your website because of the unscrupulous practice of the agency.

    To make sure you don’t fall for such agencies, research, look for reviews, ask the right questions, and don’t sign a contract you don’t feel comfortable with.

    $5.000+ per month – Big corporates have their wide network of websites and need a corporate SEO or company SEO service. In such cases, the monthly fees could exceed $5,000 too.

    itraffic is a top SEO company but doesn’t overcharge for its service. We offer you the right balance of affordable SEO and dependable SEO. Our SEO services are priced from $500 per month onwards.

    How do the charges of itraffic compared to top 10 SEO Companies in Australia?

    The top 10 companies in India offer you high differentiating services. After all, there’s a reason why these companies are the top 10

    Expect to pay anything between $2,000-$3,000 per month for SEO services, including site audit, SEO strategy, on-page SEO, off pages SEO, technical SEO, content optimization, content marketing, analytics, and reporting.

    For specialized SEO services, such as local SEO, voice SEO, and YouTube SEO, the pricing can go up to as high as $5,000 per month.

    At itraffic, we understand that not every business can afford to spend thousands of dollars in SEO per month. We understand that you need to see the results and experience more traffic and more sales to see the value of SEO.

    Our customized service packages start from $500 per month. We can offer all kinds of specialized SEO services, and deliver them at a price point that suits you.

    Do SEO companies provide any guarantees?


    The number of websites being launched every day is in thousands.

    The number of search algorithm updates Google implements per year runs in hundreds.

    With so much competition and ever-changing rules and best practices of SEO, providing a guarantee isn’t realistic.

    Any SEO company that guarantees to take your website from, let’s say, position 50 to potion 5, or from position 15 to position 1, isn’t being honest with you. And if you hear similar claims from a self-professed ‘guaranteed SEO company’ before you even sign the contract, be wary, as you may be misled into paying a lot of money for very basic SEO.

    At itraffic, we understand you expect some transparency and confidence. We will give you realistic estimates and then deliver on them.

    Does itraffic provide any ranking guarantees? Will you refund my money if you fail to achieve results?

    No genuine SEO company provides any kind of ranking guarantees. Just like no physician can guarantee you the cure without a detailed diagnostic process, itraffic won’t ever promise you a ranking guarantee without first understanding your business, your website, the competition, your ranking goals, and several other factors.

    After a careful analysis, we’ll explain what we can achieve for you via our SEO services.

    We offer a 30 days money-back assurance, in case we are not able to deliver any improvements in your website rankings. Apart from this, we don’t refund any payments. That’s also because one change in Google’s algorithm can even cause your website ranking to dip. With such external factors at play, its impractical for any SEO company to offer refunds.

    Is Local SEO company different from an SEO company?

    You won’t find many companies that only offer you local SEO service.

    That’s because local SEO is an offshoot of regular SEO.

    Some of the most important elements of local SEO, such as backlinks, long-tail keywords, authority content, voice search based keywords, and social signals, are also equally important for regular SEO.

    So, you should look for SEO companies that are experts in regular SEO, as well as local SEO.

    What questions should I ask an SEO company to determine if they understand my local SEO needs and aware of GMB optimization?

    There’s no doubt that an effective SEO strategy can drive potential prospects to your local business. But when it comes to signing up a local SEO agency, the selection should only be made after you’ve made certain inquiries. Let’s take a look at the 5 most essential questions that you must pose before partnering up with a local SEO agency.

    1. Can you elaborate upon your methodologies in clear-cut terms?

    First of all, you must find out about the techniques that the SEO agency employs to boost a local business website’s rankings. A reliable SEO agency will unhesitatingly explain how it will generate local citations, relevant backlinks, business reviews, and authority content for you.

    2. Do you have any prior experience in working with similar companies?

    Knowing about the past experience of the SEO agency will enable you to find out whether their approach, strategies, and practices will actually benefit your local business.

    An agency that has some experience working with similar companies is an indication that they will help your local business grow, hence, making it easier for you to get in touch with potential customers.

    Ask the agency for proofs like referrals, and case studies. If they hesitate to provide you with their past records, you should continue to further your search for a more trustworthy agency.

    3. How will you help me with GMB optimization?

    It can be time-consuming for a business to create a 100% complete Google My Business Profile. A local SEO agency can offer a great service by ensuring your GMB profile is 100% completely and well optimized for local SEO. Insist that the agency convinces you about its plan of action.

    4. Have you offered SEO services to any local business before?

    You must ask the SEO agency about the local businesses that it has worked with before to ascertain their level of expertise and prowess in your business field. Inquire about the agency’s approach to on-site optimization, business listings, online testimonials, and how they will help you rank well in local search.

    5. Can you share some documents related to SEO?

    No matter how irrelevant this question sounds, seeing SEO-related papers that consist of web content drafts or keyword mapping will help you figure out whether the agency really offers quality work.

    Do SEO Companies charge hourly or on a monthly basis?

    If you have a very small project, where you want a set of highly controlled and specific activities performed for your website’s SEO, then you can get services at an hourly charge.

    For more comprehensive SEO service, where it becomes difficult to define the scope of activities, a monthly fees based model works well both for the agency as well as the client.

    Client’s don’t have to deal with negotiations for each new requirement that comes up in the course of important SEO updates being done to your website. And the agency already budgets peripheral work in the monthly fees calculation so it doesn’t mind going the extra mile, to ensure it gets the results it has promised the client.

    I am a small firm. Can I still hire an SEO company as I have heard that they charge thousands of dollars per month?

    Paying thousands per month to an SEO company will only make sense when you are convinced that you will get enough business growth to offset this amount.

    To calculate whether it’s viable for you to spend such amounts, make some estimates such as:

    The average customer lifetime value per new customer
    The cost of customer acquisition of your current marketing efforts

    Now, SEO will boost your website’s visibility, will get you more customers, and hence, get more potential revenue.

    Also, it can slowly replace other marketing media you may be using and reduce the amounts you’re investing there.

    If the cumulative benefits seem worthwhile enough, investing a few thousand dollars per month in SEO will not appear to be a challenge for your business.

    Of course, it’s useful to discuss with the search engine optimization agency how they can help you with your business growth over the short term, to make the right long term investment decision.

    Do SEO companies also optimize GMB and Google maps for local SEO?

    GMB or Google My Business serves as the keystone in local SEO for both small and large businesses.

    The competition is fierce here as the best-ranked business top the rankings.

    A few simple methods used by SEO companies to help you rank better for local search related keywords:

    • Provide detailed information on Google My Business about your business for gaining credibility.
    • Ensure you have your contact number, email address, exact location, operation hours, working days listed in your GMB profile.
    • Add great photos of your business, services, and staff for ensuring authenticity.
    • Be careful while adding the address as Google hates insufficient addresses, be as specific as possible.
    • Google keeps a watch out for activity, so ensure you keep updating your blogs, products, photos and ask your customers for genuine Google Reviews.
    • Embed the Google Map that shows Street View Images to your website.

    Google Maps Optimization is also inter-linked to GMB. It is extremely beneficial for local businesses looking to improve their online visibility.

    When a user searches with a geo modifier, for example, “Mexican food Sydney” Google automatically shows results whether or not the user is in Sydney. For your business to show up for local searches both organic and geo modifier searches, here are a few things a good local SEO company will do for you.

    • Get your company verified with GMB
    • Generate citations by listing your business on platforms like Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
    • Make sure the address is properly linked with GMB.

    Will you also work on building citations for our business?


    Citations are the backbone of your local SEO campaign. A citation is a mention of your business Name, Address, and Phone number on a reputed online platform.

    While most SEO companies only focus on the generally known methods of citations, such as listing your business on the major online business directories (such as Yelp, HappyTables, etc.), itraffic goes several steps ahead.

    We have years of experience in helping local businesses such as salons and spas, cafes, pest control, restaurants, laundry services, and glass cleaning services get more clients via local search. We’ve created a mega list of online directories and other platforms where we can create citations for your business.

    Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, TripAdvisor, Superpages, Open Table, City Search – we will create business citations for you on these, plus dozens of other reputed online channels.

    What questions should I ask an SEO company to choose the best one of them?

    When it comes to SEO, there are good SEO practices and there are bad SEO practices. The bad ones lead to a downfall of your website’s ranking. So when you choose an SEO company make sure that you choose well and ask the following questions:

    1. How experienced is the agency and can the results of past clients be shared?
    2. Does the company understand your business? How will it target the right set of audience to drive organic traffic back to your website?
    3. What is the content and blogging strategy? What will be the frequency of sharing blogs for driving relevant traffic?
    4. What type of SEO will be worked upon?
      1. On-page optimization
      2. Off-page optimization
      3. Technical SEO targeted towards search engines
    5. How will the report of activities and results look like? What will be the frequency of sharing these reports?

    How do SEO companies tackle long tail keywords?

    Over 70% of the searches made on Google are long tail. And because long tail also means high specificity, raking for these keywords invariable leads to more conversions.

    Take a look at this graph to understand.

    Source: neilpatel

    Now, for your web pages to rank at the top, you need to leverage the power of long-tail keywords.

    At itraffic, we have implemented super successful long tail keyword strategies for all kinds of local businesses and will do it for your websites too.

    Our SEO teams are well equipped with all kinds of long tail keyword research tools and techniques.

    Expect is to quickly identify the most lucrative long tail keywords for your websites.

    We’ll optimize your web content for long tail keywords.

    itraffic is all about business-focused SEO; we’ll analyze, identify and finalize long-tail keywords for your local business, and empower your website’s local SEO

    Is website speed a ranking factor?

    Yes, and it’s a very important factor. Google lays special emphasis on any factor that’s closely related to user experience, and the website loading speed is one such factor.

    In July 2018, Google made it official that page speed was an important factor in determining the ranking of mobile websites.

    Page loading speed is so important that Google has created a tool to help webmasters evaluate their websites and identify issues. The tool is called PageSpeed Insights.

    Of course, you need more detailed analysis and robust technical solutions to make sure your website’s pages load at lightning-fast speed, thereby cutting out all customer attrition.

    And even otherwise, here’s a stat that will convince you of the importance of website speed.

    Even a 100 milliseconds’ delay in page loading can cause its conversion rates to drop by 7%.

    That’s 7 customers lost per 100! We’re sure no business can afford this.

    How soon can I see improvement in results?

    Here’s a secret of SEO – nobody can ever guarantee you a timeline for major improvements.

    Google’s algorithms for website ranking are updated very frequently, and of course, the information about the nature of isn’t made available in the public domain.

    However, by following time tested SEO best practices, along with some innovative methodologies we’ve developed over the years of our service in this field, we can confident say that you’ll begin to see trends of improvement within a month.

    The timelines also depend heavily on the SEO goals we discuss. For instance, ranking for a heavily competed keyword such as ‘best vegan Cafe in Perth’ may take longer than creating 20 citations for your local business on the most important web directories.

    Do you also provide SEO services for DuckduckGo and Baidu?


    Both Duckduckgo and Baidu have a niche audience.

    If you feel your business can benefit by moving up the ranking on these search engines, we can serve you.

    The basics of SEO, such as keyword research, content optimization, and content marketing remain the same across all search engines.

    We understand the differences and nuances of SEO that separate Duckduckgo and Baidu from Google and will optimize your website accordingly.

    Does itraffic provide White hat SEO services?


    In fact, we only provide white hat SEO.

    It’s unfortunate that several SEO companies promise guaranteed results within a short duration, and even promise to take your website to #1 for a target keyword.

    These companies may be using blackhat SEO methods such as:

    Keyword stuffing


    Private link networks

    All these and other methods are in direct contradiction with search engine guidelines.

    Our well-meant advice for all Aussie business owners – never risks your website’s reputation for a quick fix.

    You’ll neither get the promised quick-fix results nor will you get the opportunity to recover if Google finds out the tricks and penalizes your website with a ranking downgrade.

    What guidelines does itraffic follow for Search engine optimization?

    itraffic is a client focused search engine optimization company, with a long term approach to SEO.

    We follow all the webmaster guidelines Google keeps on publishing on its official blogs.

    In addition to that, we follow all known channels of securing the most dependable and updates information about SEO – whether it’s a press release from Google, an SEO conference, the top 10 SEO research blogs, whitepapers, and handbooks.

    All our on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO practices are well aligned with the guidelines and best practices of whitehat SEO.

    What makes itraffic different?

    Almost every business owner or individual service provider we talk to has a few common concerns.

    Among these, the major concerns are – How is our SEO agency different than any other? How does the business owner choose?

    Hence, we’ve designed our service model in such a way that our clients benefit the most, in every way. The three differentiators for itraffic are:

    1. We’re among the top SEO companies, and among the rarest of the rare, because we offer you a money-back guarantee if you don’t witness any improvement in your website’s ranking over a month.
    2. We go a step ahead and guarantee that your websites will rank better for target keywords, within a single month of our service.
    3. To make sure you get complete control, we don’t bind you into captive contracts. When we sign a contact, it will be on terms perfectly agreeable to you.

    Do you help with technical SEO?


    Technical SEO is one of our competitive advantages.

    Our SEO teams comprise of technical SEO experts who remain updated with the latest guidelines issued by search engines (and also the ones they don’t reveal!).

    The result, we ensure that your website remains technically aligned with the expectations of a search engine like Google.

    Our technical SEO service includes:

    • Optimizing you website’s URL structure
    • Aligning your website’s navigation structure with time tested best practices
    • Ensuring the robots.txt. file is updated
    • Implementing structured data makeup (which is vital for local SEO)
    • Optimizing 404 error pages
    • Resolving linking errors
    • XML site map generation and submission

    Apart from all this, we have the technical expertise that helps your website beat all competition, such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), page loading speed improvements, integrated SEO for multilingual and international websites, mobile-friendliness, and a lot more.

    Do I need to hire other SEO company to speed up my website or will you do it? Is this service included In the SEO package?

    Website speed optimization is a technical activity, not exactly covered under SEO.

    So, we do not include this service in our standard SEO packages.

    That sais, we pride ourselves as one of the few ends to end SEO service providers in Australia.

    When you engage itraffic for your websites’ SEO, you get tell us everything apart from SEO you need, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. At an additional charge, we can optimize your website page speeds too.

    That’s because page speed optimization is a highly skilled activity. We have the right people on our SEO teams to quickly deliver dependable solutions that make your website super fast and optimized for top rankings on Google SERPs.

    Do you send monthly ranking reports and traffic reports?


    Our clients are our top priority, and we take every extra step necessary to ensure complete transparency in our service.

    We never throw unnecessary and complex charts and reports around, because as a business owner, all those numbers are not your priority.

    Expect us to report insightful, accurate, and simplified data, so that you remain updated of the progress.

    If your focusing heavily on a specific aspect of SEO, such as local SEO, we can customize our reports as per your needs.

    Will the report contains details about improvements in my website ranking, and demographics of my website traffic?


    We’ll create dedicated reports to track improvements in:

      • Website ranking on the whole
      • Individual page ranking for specific keywords
      • Website ranking for local search related keywords
      • Bounce rates of webpages
      • Website dwell times
      • And a lot more

    Also, because the ultimate purpose of all SEO is to contribute to business success, we lay particular emphasis on analyzing your website traffic and reporting how it spreads across different demographics such as:

    • Age
    • Geography
    • Gender
    • Device types
    • And more

    I don’t want to sign any contract. Can I still work with your company?

    We understand that you may have reservations about signing a contract, particularly when you may not be aware of the nature of work involved in SEO.

    We respect your thought process and make sure we fit your needs in our flexible work process.

    Subject to a few conditions, we can discuss how itraffic can serve you for a short duration, without a binding contract.

    After this, we can get together, work out a plan, define the project scope, and draft a contract that makes the service engagement transparent for both parties.

    Suppose I get the desired results and I want to end the contract with itraffic. Will my results vanish?


    What makes itraffic the best search engine optimization company in Australia is our undivided attention on client success.

    Our SEO methods are sustainable and deliver long term improvements.

    When you feel your website has achieved the results you wanted, we encourage you to talk to us, understand what our vision for implementing further improvements is, and if you feel you won’t benefit from continuing the service any longer, we can end the contract. Your website’s ranking, traffic, and SEO ranking signals will remain unaffected.

    I have heard itraffic works with only selective clients? How can I make sure that itraffic works with us?

    That’s right.

    Think of it this way. If we were to offer the same kind of SEO service to every business, there would be no differentiator, and Google would treat them all the same.

    We are among the few SEO companies that really focus on the client’s business success. To ensure that we don’t create a conflict of interest situation, we ensure:

    We invest a lot of time in understanding your business vision and how you feel SEO fits into it

    We see how your vision and itraffic’s service match up

    If we’re convinced that your SEO expectations are practical, achievable, and manageable – we communicate the same and go ahead with complete confidence

    Once we sign a contract with a particular type of business from a certain location, we don’t work with a client with the same profile, to ensure our existing client gets our exclusive and differentiating service

    Not many SEO companies offer you such an ‘exclusivity’ clause in the service contract. However, you’d agree that such an approach is entirely reasonable for a client-focused SEO agency.

    Can you please explain the entire workflow with itraffic from signing up to reporting?

    Most of our clients who switch from their existing SEO agency to itraffic have a common concern.

    They never get a complete understanding of what’s happening, what’s next, what are they paying for, when they can expect results, and so on.

    To make your itraffic experience more valuable, we ensure complete transparency, and enable you to understand the different phases of the service.

    Phase 1 – Requirement gathering and project scope definition

    Phase 2 – Submission of the proposal from itraffic, and signing of the contract

    Phase 3 – itraffic begins on your website’s SEO and delivers results as per agreed timelines.

    Phase 4 – After the initial audit and basic optimizations, we start with regular reporting to keep you updated about the progress of your website’s SEO.

    We also organize regular conference calls, to ensure we remain updated about your concerns, expectations, and queries, and deliver the most dependable service you can expect.

    What services apart from SEO do we provide?

    itraffic offers you the most comprehensive and end to end digital marketing and web solution services.

    Apart from SEO, we offer:

    • The most professional website design service
    • Cutting edge graphic designing
    • Social media marketing for all major platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
    • Video marketing, focused on YouTube
    • PPC and Google AdWords Campaign Management

    Our experience and expertise in all kinds of digital marketing services, delivered to a wide range of businesses, empowers us to deliver reliable and seamless services to you.