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      I have worked with Ben and his team for many months now on multiple projects. Ben has very creative staff and they designed my latest website. He is very proficient and knowledgeable. itraffic is certainly one of the best SEO services company on the Sunshine Coast we have worked with. They deliver real result.



      I have worked with many companies, but really impressed with the way itraffic works. They have handled the project with ease while maintaining quality.

      Jason Freeman

      6 Strong Reasons

      We are the Best SEO Services Provider on the Sunshine Coast

      Data-driven Strategy

      We don’t work on gut feelings. Our SEO strategies are always based on practical data insights that we receive from hundreds of projects

      Result-driven Approach

      SMEs can’t wait for long to get result, they are cash-strapped. Our results-driven approach helps them realise their business goals fast

      In-depth SEO Audit and Competitor research

      You get a clear picture of where do you stand in front of your business rivals and what you need to stay ahead in the competition

      Long-term Sustainable Results

      You get long lasting SEO results as our SEO process is based on a solid foundation

      Strong Focus on Google My Business Page Optimisation

      Google My Business Page Optimisation can transform the fate of Businesses. We can help you generate more leads as this is our core strategy

      Strong International Experience

      Our clients are located in more than 49+ countries that give us unique capability to understand your requirements and solve your problems.

      3 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us



      Our 89% clients are still with us and that shows our capability


      157+ Years of Cumulative Experience

      35+Strong SEO team and 75% of them have more than 5-10 years’ experience. Certified and experienced professionals handle your project.


      $50 Million Revenue

      Every year we generate almost $50 million revenue for our clients by generating leads.

      Our 13- Step Rigorous SEO Process to help you Generate 3X More Leads for Clients on the Sunshine Coast

      Will your target market sit and take notice of your website when there are over 1.67 billion websites on the world wide web? And to make matters even more challenging, 100,000+ websites are launched every day.

      An SEO strategy thoughtfully conceived and perfectly executed is the only way to get top rankings in SERPs. This is a competitive arena. Getting rankings on keywords such as top “SEO company in Sunshine Coast” can be a difficult task.

      Why should SEO be your top priority? A well-planned and executed SEO strategies help businesses attract more qualified customers and increase conversion rates.

      For example, what happens when, for instance you type “best SEO Company in Sunshine Coast”. Three types of results are displayed: The first is the paid ad results, the second is Google’s My Business results and the third is the organic results that are below the two above.  Needless to say, paid promotion is going to cost you money unlike SEO.  Small businesses with limited resources cannot hope to outdo larger organisations with deeper pockets in this department.  So, SEO is the best route to build a strong web presence for small businesses.

      This is a long-term investment which returns much more than what you invest. If there are 1000+ organic searches on a keyword like “best SEO company in Sunshine Coast” and a few other premium keywords. Capturing a top spot on Google My Business Page Results and organic searches you can easily receive 700-800 more leads. The conversion rate will be higher as these are inbound leads. Just imagine the amount of money you can make if you convert even 50% of these leads.

      This is perfectly possible if you have patience. SEO can enhance your visibility, put you in front of your target audience and help you take your business to the next level if you pay close attention to the important SEO strategies we list below. We will discuss ways to reach the top of the organic search results to then capture one of the top three spots on the Google My Business Page results:

      Optimise the Website for Mobile Search

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      According to a study by Quick Sprout, 48 % of users say that they are irritated with websites that are not optimised for mobiles. This is the single most important reason to optimise your website for handheld devices. Google considers your level of mobile optimisation on both desktop and mobile devices, and in October of 2016, Google launched its mobile-first index which advocates a mobile-friendly website. Not having a mobile website means you will lose potential customers.


      itraffic always believes in delivering what it promises to clients. Our team has a well-defined process which is 100% data-driven and we don’t work on gut feelings. The team comprises experienced and certified individuals who really work hard to achieve desired business outcomes.

      Ben Lewis, CEO of itraffic

      Create a Responsive Website

      When it comes to driving traffic to your website and keeping it there, a responsive website can be of great benefit.  With a large chunk of your present and potential customers using smart phones and tablets to browse the internet and make online purchases, it is important on your part to ensure your prospects get the best user experience. Absence of a responsive website (which automatically fits the screen size) can be extremely dangerous for your online business as a poor viewing experience can put off the visitors who will quickly move to a competitor’s website.

      A responsive website offers an easy navigation facility to the visitors who can navigate the website with much more ease and find the desired content with as few steps as possible.

      Top SEO services providers in Sunshine Coast understand the importance of mobile optimised views and its crucial role in generating a positive experience and facilitating additional traffic to your website. It ensures thatyou have an easy to navigate, responsive and fast loading website where all the text, images and videos can be easily viewed on any mobile device without the need for zooming or scrolling.

      Make Your Website Fast

      Various reports suggest that one of the major contributors to high abandonment rate on websites is poor page load performance. Viewers can get quickly frustrated and disillusioned with your slow loading website. In fact, statistics suggest that 53 per cent of visitors will abandon the page and hit the close button if a page takes more than three seconds to load. Another study by revealed that over half of internet users will quickly terminate their visit if the website takes more than 2 seconds to load.

      A number of studies have shown direct relationship of a faster loading website site with increased conversion rates, better user engagement, and higher customer satisfaction.

      For example,

      100 millisecond delay in page loading time resulted in a 1% loss of sales for Amazon

      Intuit observed that their conversion rate jumped 3 % by reducing their webpage loading speed from 15 to 7 seconds

      A 3-second page time reduction (from 5 seconds to 2 seconds) on Obama for America campaign site caused the donation top surge by over $34 million in election contributions.

      Make Navigation Easy

      Over 55 % of online users say they will refrain from recommending an online business with a poorly designed website that makes finding relevant information complex.

      An e-commerce website may be visited many times before the buyer finally decides to purchase something. This is not the case with business websites used for lead generation where first impression is often the last impression.  To boost your lead generation, it is important that visitors find the information they have been looking for quickly and effortlessly.

      Good navigation facilitates seamless browsing which encourages the visitors to stay longer on your sites and make purchases. Good navigation can speed up the viewers’ search and provide a clear indication about what information they can get from the site and in what manner.

      Tips for Great Website Navigation

      Stick to standard interaction labels–Do not try to be too smart with navigation labels. Call the “Contact Us” link “Contact Us” rather than showing your smartness with something such as “Interact!”

      Use drop-down menus with care–Make sure your drop-down options are clearly labelled. Improper use of drop-down menu makes your website cluttered, disorganized and clumsy.

      Limit the main navigation elements–Main navigation should never have more than five or six options.

      Optimising On-page and Off-page SEO Factors

      On page and off page SEO factors are integral to your overall SEO process and success.  Our SEO experts in Sunshine Coast are aware that optimizing Meta description, title tag, and heading description is integral to directly quality traffic to your website.


      Title tag

      Title tags are the second most important on-page factor for SEO, after content. – Source: MOZ

      You should include Title Tags because they specify your webpage for search engines and visitors. They are supported by all major browsers and show up in the SERP and in Browser Tabs.

      You cannot add more than one title element in your web page.  – Source: w3schools


      Meta tags

      Meta tags are part of the HTML code of a website page and provide information to the search engines about what the page is about.

      However, it would be unrealistic to expect that all of them can do the job for you. Experts agree that in order to rank high in results returned by Google, you need to pay extra attention on delivering high-quality content and user satisfaction.

      Optimise Meta description for each page

      Google does not use the Meta description as a ranking signal but they can greatly influence your pages Click Through Rate (CTR) because they are shown in search results where they can guide user click-through rates. They are typically up to 160 characters long and summarize your webpage.

      Create, Claim, Verify and Optimise your Google My Business Page

      If you’re in need for a plumber to fix your kitchen tap or hungry in a new city, you in all probability will look for it in Google which in turn will display proximity-based results. Burger joints, “near me”, “around me”, best plumbers”, “good hair salons”, ‘Shopping Centres near me’, etc are some good examples of Google based searches that have a location-based intent.

      As per the latest reports, over 65% of local customers prefer Google and other search engines to search for a local business. Moreover, 50% of local customers who locate your business on search engines end up visiting your business.

      To put it in simple terms, your business must be listed in Google My Business to boost your chances of being found in a local search. A fully complete, accurate and optimized Google My Business page can increase the success, for both your online and offline operation. The Schema Mark-up tool can also play a crucial role in optimising your Google My Business page.

      Google’s aim is to aid people to find businesses in their proximity. What this means is that the closer the searcher is to your business, the higher the probability of your business appearing in the search results. It then brings us to the all-important question: How do you optimize your Google My Business page to get found by customers outside the specified boundaries?

      You can overcome this limitation to a considerable extent by listing your business on high quality sites in addition to reputable third-party directory listings, like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Citysearch, etc.

      However, in order to maximize your benefit, you will have to ensure that your Name, Address and Phone (NAP) is constant across all these sites. It is best to let a top of the line SEO Company on the Sunshine Coast handle the job of optimising the Google My Business page. As a reputable SEO Company in Sunshine Coast we have the resources and the expertise to deliver top results for you.

      Focus on Niche Local Directories

      A Google report reveals that four out of every five customers use search engines to do local searches. Failure to list your business in local directories could cause you to lose a major chunk of your business.  In contrast, building links on quality directories can add to your overall profitability by enhancing your local search visibility on Google and attract your target audience. Additionally, you can benefit a lot from high volume of referral traffic that established directories have.

      It is a known fact that well-organised directories are considered trustworthy and authoritative by search engines. Choosing reliable and reputable directories to enhance your local business’s visibility requires some simple procedures and a little patience.  First of all, look for some top keywords and then search “directory”. It is recommended that directories with a Page Authority of 45 or higher should be preferred. Of course, it goes without saying that this should not be the sole criteria for a site selection, but you have to make a start somewhere and this seems to be as good as any.

      Schema Strategy for Local SEO

      Schema mark-up is the code that you need to place on your website to help search engines find and display relevant content to their users. The importance and relevance of Local SEO continues to soar with Google’s continued algorithm updates aimed at helping small businesses attract more customers.

      Schema mark-up code on your site offers a tremendous boost for your local business by providing your prospective clients with more detailed and relevant information about your business.

      Google’s features resulting from adopting schema markup have been growing at a steady pace. The search engine giant announced more than 10 new features in 2017 and countless others are in pipeline. 

      Apart from the addition of new features, we have also recently seen 50+ updates to Google documentation and vocabulary.

      Here’s a sample of the case studies that show how schema markup and rich results that help increase engagement and clicks online. The numbers are compelling:


      25% higher click-through rate on pages with markup (Rotten Tomatoes)

      35% increase in visits for recipes with markup (Food Network)

      5% more time spent on pages and 3.6x higher interaction rate (Rakuten)

      82% higher click-through rate for rich result pages (Nestle Faz Ben)


      20% more clicks for pages with schema markup (La Fourchette)

      Optimise Long Tail Keywords on the Topic

      Long tail keywords refer to the specific queries that could be 3, 4 or 5 words or even longer. They are important because the longer your keyword is, the higher its chances of enjoying better rankings. These keywords are characterised by a lower search volume and lower competition. What it means is that they may bring in lesstraffic but they are more qualified. In other words, long tail keywords can boost your effortsin drawing more purpose-driven traffic to your website that is more likely to make a purchase.

      This can be best explained with an example. You have just started out with your law practise. You have graduated from a good university and you possess all the skills to be a good lawyer.  However, the legal market is overcrowded, and established law firms make it incredibly tough for smaller players to compete online.

      A viable and fruitful option is to include long-tail keywords to stand out on your own and succeed in getting a good amount of high-converting organic traffic to any website. For example, the word ’law firm’ or ‘personal injury lawyer’ does not fully capture the person’s interest. On the other hand, a phrase like affordable personal injury attorney in Sunshine Coast more clearly describes the customer’s intentions and they are more likely to be directed to your website.

      Comprehensive Competition Analysis

      A comprehensive competitive analysis helps you get ahead of your competition by providing you with an opportunity to replicate the good they are doing and helping you avoid any pitfalls.

      On-page optimization, link building, keyword mapping, social media marketing, etc that is done without understanding your own business as well as that of their competitor’s leads to poor implementation of SEO strategies resulting in acute waste of resources.  As a formidable provider of best SEO services in Sunshine Coast, we offer competitive analysis that provides a crystal-clear view of who is winning the organic visibility race, what keywords are the most relevant and helps you get you the desired rankings and what kind of back link strategies are coming up trumps over others.

      Identify your competitors

      Pick four competitors so that you can compare yourself with them

      Back link Gap Analysis

      A back-link gap analysis discloses information on the websites that are linking to your competitors, but not yours. Data provided by this analysis helps in minimising the gap between your competitors’ back link profile and boosts your ranking by getting links from websites that already link to your competitors’ websites.


      Keyword gap analysis

      This helps you look into the reason for your keywords not performing to expectations though the same keywords obtain top rankings for your competitor’s websites.

      Create Authoritative Content

      Domain Authority is a vital ingredient in obtaining a high search engine ranking for your website. Domain authority is built with content that is quality –rich, in-depth and educational in nature.  It is important to create content with a focus on local customers just as keywords are created with a niche or local target in mind. When you are a small business, with limited geographic reach, it is best to create content with your local prospects in mind.

      For example, as a local plumbing business on the Sunshine Coast, you are most likely to receive traffic to your website from queries such as “plumbing business on Sunshine Coast”, “Best plumbers on Sunshine Coast” and “top-rated plumbers on Sunshine Coast”.  If your content addresses your markets and makes clear concise points, your SEO will deliver results.

      Publish Blogs Regularly

      A report by HubSpot reveals that the companies that publish 16 + blogs a month generate 3.5 times more traffic than companies that publish only 0-4 blogs a month. The writing is clear on the wall—the more blog you publish, the higher rankings and the more traffic you get.

      Google only likes providing its users with relevant and informative content. Websites that are regularly updated send a positive signal to the website that the content provided is fresh and meaningful to the users.  Blogging also offers the search engine algorithms more reason to index your website frequently. Updating or making changes in your homepage is not reliable, neither is it a good business move. In such a situation it is only blogging that keeps your content fresh and endear you to search engine spiders.

      Another important advantage of blogging is that it keeps people on your website for a longer duration which is another very important SEO factor. When someone comes to your website and clicks a link on the results pages and leaves immediately, it signals Google that the information on the website was not relevant. Keep track of your SEO efforts and measure the impact.

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        Keep track of your SEO efforts and measure the impact


        Any SEO issue that is not identified and resolved in time can greatly impact your business.  Below we discuss some important metrics that will help you detect and rectify problems before they snowball into something major.

        Keeping a close tab on your SEO health is critical to getting the best ROI from your SEO efforts. Any lack in performance needs immediate rectification. We use a mixture of both free and paid tools to generate measurable and easy to understand reports that will give you a clear idea of how our strategy is performing.

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