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      I have worked with Ben and his team for many months now on multiple projects. Ben has very creative staff and they designed my latest website. He is very proficient and knowledgeable. itraffic is certainly one of the best SEO services company in the Melbourne we have worked with. They deliver real result.



      I have worked with many companies, but really impressed with the way itraffic works. They have handled the project with ease while maintaining quality.

      Jason Freeman

      6 Strong Reasons

      We are the Best SEO Services Provider in Melbourne

      Data-driven Strategy

      We don’t work on gut feelings. Our SEO strategies are always based on practical data insights that we receive from hundreds of projects

      Result-driven Approach

      SMEs can’t wait for long to get result, they are cash-strapped. Our results-driven approach helps them realise their business goals fast

      In-depth SEO Audit and Competitor research

      You get a clear picture of where do you stand in front of your business rivals and what you need to stay ahead in the competition

      Long-term Sustainable Results

      You get long lasting SEO results as our SEO process is based on a solid foundation

      Strong Focus on Google My Business Page Optimisation

      Google My Business Page Optimisation can transform the fate of Businesses. We can help you generate more leads as this is our core strategy

      Strong International Experience

      As a top SEO company in Melbourne, our clients are located in more than 49+ countries that give us unique capability to understand your requirements and solve your problems.

      3 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us



      Our 89% clients are still with us and that shows our capability


      157+ Years of Cumulative Experience

      35+Strong SEO team and 75% of them have more than 5-10 years’ experience. Certified and experienced professionals handle your project.


      $50 Million Revenue

      Every year we generate almost $50 million revenue for our clients by generating leads.

      13 Step Rigorous SEO Process That Will Help Your Company Get 3X More Leads in Melbourne

      Occupying the top position in Google searches has many advantages and the most obvious is the increase in qualified traffic to your website and better online visibility. Launching your website is just the first small step in the long arduous journey.

      Why is it that?

      The answer lies in the fact that 1.67 billion websites are already on the Internet and a further100,000+ websites are launched every day. The competition to capture the top 3 slots is really fierce as they drive 60% of total search queries.

      Let’s put this into the right perspective: You are owner of a plumbing business in Melbourne and your business depends on local search queries. If there are 10,000 local searches that are conducted every month through the most important keywords such as “best plumbers in Melbourne”, “top plumbers near me” or “plumbing repair services in Melbourne”; capturing the top spot in the SERP when a user types these keywords in the Google search bar means you capture 85-90 percent of calls and emails from perspective customers. Inbound traffic has a better conversion rate than outbound traffic.

      Even 40-50 percent conversion will result in 4000-5000 new clients per month. If the average ticket size of each project you get is $1000; the revenue you may earn is $4-5 million!  The result may seem impossible but perfectly achievable though it takes time to show results.

      The million-dollar question, however, is how to achieve this goal? When somebody types any keyword in the Google search bar, it throws up three search engine page results.

      You can win the game provided you capture top position in both Google My Business Page (second result from top) and organic search result (last result that appears at bottom). Otimising Google My Business Page is even more important as Google gives preference to local businesses in SERP. Here is a 13 step SEO methodology that we follow to drive results:  

      Optimising for Google My Business Page

      Slide Slide Slide

      The proportion of local searches is almost half of the total Google search queries, so it has the biggest impact on the number of leads generated. Local search queries have better conversion potential than generic queries. Google is also pushing hard to get local businesses to claim their Google My Business Page.

      If you have just started local SEO in Melbourne, starting with optimising Google My Business listing is the first important step in this direction. Those who search for product and services locally are most likely to purchase online. As per the HubSpot data, one in every twopeople who conducts a local search buys the product.


      itraffic always believes in delivering what it promises to clients. Our team has a well-defined process which is 100% data-driven and we don’t work on gut feelings. The team comprises experienced and certified individuals who really work hard to achieve desired business outcomes.

      Ben Lewis, CEO of itraffic

      Create, Claim and Verify Your Business

      Create a fresh Google My Business Account if you don’t have one right now and Claim Your Business by verifying it. The verification can be done by Postcard, phone, email, instant verification or bulk verification. Then it should be optimised with Google My Business Photos. This is important. According to Google, businesses with photos receive 35% more clicks to their website than whose images are not optimised. Other data by Google confirms that optimising Google Maps results in 42% higher requests for driving directions in Google Maps. However, the photos should be of at least 720 pixels wide by 720 pixels high in JPG or PNG files.

      Get Citations and Reviews

      A ConversionXL study reflects that 81% people make buying decision after reading reviews and checking ratings. Poor ratings prevent them from making purchasing decisions, whereas a lack of ratings does not instil trust in the mind of visitors. A Harvard Business School study found that 1-Star increase in the rating bumps revenue by almost 10%. Still, can you afford to ignore this fact, seriously?

      Therefore, local citations and online reviews—such as Yelp, Foursquare, Citysearch, MerchantCircle and even online Google My Business Page reviews should be taken seriously as they send signals to search engines based on what Google awards to local search rankings. The more positive reviews your website has, the greater will be the chance of conversion.

      Optimise for Mobile Search

      Mobile phones have become the most important handheld device in the last two decades. The number of smartphone users has surpassed 6 billion; people use their phones to read news, search information, and buy online. Considering the large number of mobile users, Google is constantly pushing to make website mobile-responsive; it already launched mobile-first index in 2016. What does this all mean? Not having a mobile-friendly website means your website will not get higher search rankings and it will continue to be ineffective. Prospective buyers who come to your website, will be annoyed by a poor mobile experience.In fact they leaveyour website instantly.

      Optimising On-page and Off-page SEO Factors

      On-page and Off-page SEO techniquesareone of the major practiceswhich come in handy when optimising web pages to rank higher and to gain more relevant traffic when searched. With on-page SEO on your website it can be referred to as both the content and the HTML source code that can be optimised.Whereas off- page SEOincludes links, other external signalsand backlinks from another website etc.

      Despite several changes in its rules in the past, on-page and off-page SEO remains a critical factor in SEO. Matching exact keywords is not the only thingthat needs to be worked on.

      In fact, one has to give special attention to optimisingmeta description, title tags and heading descriptionsall at the same time.

      Link Building: search engines use links as core ranking signals. This in order to acquire high quality links which will help iincrease the ranking of the website.Building authoritative content is key.

      Title Description: this specifies the title of the web page or it indicates to search engines about the webpage. Google looks at the title tag and compares it with the rest of the content to provide the best results.

      Meta Description: this is a snippet which summarises the page’s content to the search engine. Optimising Meta description is crucial for on-page SEO as it helps yield higher click through rate (CTR) and better conversions.

      Meta Tags: meta tags provide search engines with information about your page. This appears only on the page code. Relevant meta tags enhance user satisfaction and boost CTR.

      Create, Claim, Verify and Optimise Google My Business Page

      If you need a plumber to fix your kitchen tap or are hungry in a new city, you in all probability turn to Google which in turn will display proximity-based results. Burger joints, “near me”, “around me”, best plumbers”, “good hair salons”, ‘shopping centresnear me’, etc are some good examples of Google based searches that have a location-based intent. 

      As per the latest reports, over 65% of local customers prefer Google and other search engines to search for a local business. Moreover, 50% of local customers who locate your business on search engines end up visiting your business.

      To put it in simple terms, your business must be listed in Google My Business to boost your chances of being found in a local search results. A fully complete, accurate and optimised Google My Business page can increase the success, for both your online and offline operation. The Schema Mark-up tool can also play a crucial role in optimising your Google My Business page.

      Google’s aim is to aid people finding businesses in their proximity. What this means is that the closer the searcher is to your business, the higher the probability of your business appearing in the search results. It then brings us to the all-important question: How do you optimise your Google My Business page to get found by customers outside the specified boundaries?

      You can overcome this limitation to a considerable extent by listing your business on high quality sites in addition to reputable third party directory listings, like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Citysearch, etc.

      However, in order to maximise your benefit, you will have to ensure that your Name, Address and Phone (NAP) is constant across all these sites. It is best to let a top of the line SEO Company in Melbourne handle the job of optimisingthe Google My Business page. Well-established firms have the resources and the expertise to deliver top results for you.

      Focus on Niche Local Directories

      Following up on the point mentioned earlier, in majority of cases, customers prefer results for local business. According to the data released from Google, 80% customers use search engines to perform local searches. However a huge 90% of small businesses fail to capitalize on even a single local business listing online.

      This means, these small businesses loose out on the business from the customers who were most likely to give them their business. Due to this, all the effort, time and money which has been put in by these small business owners to have an online presence yield them no returns and the whole activity becomes an exercise in futility.

      In order to resolve this issue and to increase the visibility of business on search engines, our team of professionals work toensure that your business can be found on top business directories like Google my business, Yelp, Merchant Cycle, CitySearch. We have lists of authoritative web directories which have more than a million backlinks. We have a meticulous process to verify multiple factors before a directory is added to ensure your website remains safe and secure.

      Schema Strategy for Local SEO

      Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo collaborated and came up with a tool by the name or Schema.This helps the search engine understand your website’s content and provide the best search results. It also helps in Google My business page optimisation. It is a mark up data which facilitates location-based information to various search engines e.g. phone number, address and other information. Schema mark up can surely increase traffic to your website.

      Schema tool is here to stay as there were around 10 new features added in the year 2017 and there are several others which are still in the pipeline to be released in future. There is compelling evidence some businesses got their CTR increased by 35% with the implementation of Schema.

      This service is critical for businesses like hotels, clinics, eateries, lawyers, plumbers etc. as schema can increase traffic to their websites. As a highly rated SEO company in Melbourne, we are highly skilled with this tool and our expert team can improve your local SEO efforts by implementation of schema mark up by showing information on answer boxes and other rich snippets.

      Optimise Long Tail Keywords on the Topic

      Long tail keywords are those three or four keyword phrases which are extremely specific to whatever you are offering  your customer. Whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, it is a sign that they are looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy. Though these keywords receive low search volumes, it has a higher conversion rate as it brings only those customers who are truly in need of your service or product.

      For example, if someone searches SEO Services, the search engine will show the companies which are primarily bigger and those having an established domain. In this search, the chances that your website is being found will be less. However, if someone searches “Best SEO service in Melbourne”, the chances of being found on the first page are huge.

      In order to find out the correct long tail keywords, you need to understand what people look for when they have questions. Or what long tail keywords can bring more customers with a considerable amount of business?

      Comprehensive Competition Analysis

      It is vital to be fully aware of your competitors. The more you know about them, the more successful you will become in acquiring relevant leads and conversions. A competitive analysis is a process of identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses, relative to your own business, product, and service. Despite thisbeing one of the major aspects of SEO, a majority of business do not lay stress on the need of implementing it.

      It is imperative to be always ahead of your competitors and the only way to achieve this is by competitive analysis. As SEO Experts in Melbourne, we have found that majority of the SEO companies start doing optimizations such as keyword mapping, link building, etc., without fully understanding the business and where they stand in comparison to their competitors.

      With competitive analysis, you get a clear picture of why and how your competitors are able to rank up in the search engine and what are the keywords which are enabling them to surpass your website rank. Based on that, we can plan the future strategy.

      There are several toolswhich we useto analyse the competitors such as Google Search Console, SEMrush and Ahrefs etc.

      Create Authoritative Content

      Domain authority plays a key role in building a high-ranking search engine website. When Google has to decide which page is to be given high ranking for any given query, one of the biggest considerations is the quantity and quality of the content on that page. Authority is built by offering a unique and informed perspective about your products or services which is filled with valuable insight. It should be easy to comprehend and at the same time, should have the perfect depth necessary for your target audience. As opposed to the beliefs of many content marketers, it plays an important role in boosting the credibility of your website and to earn the customer’s respect. This will ensure that you gain maximum back links from reputed websites. The content should have the right keywords to cater to the customers you want to attract. For example, as a local SEO services firm in Melbourne, you are most likely to find traffic coming to your website from queries such as “SEO Company in Melbourne”,“ Best SEO company in Melbourne” and “top-rated SEO companies in Melbourne”.

      The more relevant and informative the content, the more  directly it translates into increased traffic coming to your website. ComStat says that almost all consumers search for local businesses and services and that is why we pay a lot of attention to what people in the industry want.

      Publish Blogs Regularly

      Blogging on the regular basis is vital. Blogging is one of the techniques which not just increases the desired traffic but also helps in building confidence in your customers.The more you publish blogs the more chance you will get to attract your target audience as this also increases the websites visibility considerably. Blogging helps build authority as it is the best way to establish yourself as an expert because through blogging you can provide information as well as insights about your field. As the authority builds, so does the trust and reliability with your customers.

      It is a known fact that, the more pages you have on your website, the more leads you will receive. According to HubSpot, if a business with 51-100 pages gets one lead in a given period of time, a business with 401-1000 pages will get 6leads in the same period. In simple terms, the more you blog, the more leads you generate leads.

      More content leads to more form submissions which is followed by more email opt-ins which again leads to more quote requests, and ultimately, more sales. HubSpot also revealed that, businesses that churns out more than 16 blogs in a month generated almost four times more traffic as compared with those that only post around 4 in the same time.

      Google appreciates and rewards the sites which come up with new content being added on a regular basis, and this in turn increases your visibility. It simultaneously does three things which are, increasing traffic, build trust and build authority in your domain.

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        Keep Track of Your SEO Efforts and Measure the Impact

        Measuring the efforts of your SEO is an absolute necessity and at the same time it is vital for the continuous improvement in the strategy. It will make no sense to execute the entire process if the results cannot be measured.

        There can be numerous unidentified issues which can pose a threat to the business which can be easily rectified just by tracking the SEO efforts. There will always be questions like, Will I get the appropriate and target ROI after SEO for my website? How am I supposed to find out if the keywords are working as planned?

        This helps in keeping a close tab on your SEO health as it is critical to get the best ROI. Measuring the impact will ensure quick rectification can be provided just in case there is any dip in performance.

        We use a number of tools, both free and paid to generate reports which can be used to build a clear picture about the current prospects of one’s business. Based on this analysis future strategies can also be streamlined.

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