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      I have worked with Ben and his team for many months now on multiple projects. Ben has very creative staff and they designed my latest website. He is very proficient and knowledgeable. itraffic is certainly one of the best SEO services company on the Gold Coast we have worked with. They deliver real result.



      I have worked with many companies, but really impressed with the way itraffic works. They have handled the project with ease while maintaining quality.

      Jason Freeman

      6 Strong Reasons

      We are the Best SEO Services Provider on the Gold Coast

      Data-driven Strategy

      We don’t work on gut feelings. Our SEO strategies are always based on practical data insights that we receive from hundreds of projects

      Result-driven Approach

      SMEs can’t wait for long to get result, they are cash-strapped. Our results-driven approach helps them realise their business goals fast

      In-depth SEO Audit and Competitor research

      You get a clear picture of where do you stand in front of your business rivals and what you need to stay ahead in the competition

      Long-term Sustainable Results

      You get long lasting SEO results as our SEO process is based on a solid foundation

      Strong Focus on Google My Business Page Optimisation

      Google My Business Page Optimisation can transform the fate of Businesses. As a top SEO company in Gold Coast We can help you generate more leads as this is our core strategy.

      Strong International Experience

      Our clients are located in more than 49+ countries that give us unique capability to understand your requirements and solve your problems.

      3 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us



      Our 89% clients are still with us and that shows our capability


      157+ Years of Cumulative Experience

      35+Strong SEO team and 75% of them have more than 5-10 years’ experience. Certified and experienced professionals handle your project.


      $50 Million Revenue

      Every year we generate almost $50 million revenue for our clients by generating leads.

      Our 12 Step SEO Process That Will Help Your Website achieve the No.#1 position in the Gold Coast

      You run an SEO company on the Gold Coast. Unfortunately, your website does not appear on the first page of google search results when someone is searching for an SEO agency. You lose out many potential leads every day which is not good for your business. You aspire to rank #1 for premium keywords in Google search results; although this is not an easy task.

      More than 75% of users don’t even consider looking at the 2nd page of search engine page result, as per HubSpot study. Google says that the top 3 websites ranking in the Google SERP get 60% of the entire organic traffic on Google. Grabbing one of these top three spots on the Google search can actually help you make a lot of money. This goal can be achieved in three ways:

      You can run paid campaigns to generate leads. It’s, however, expensive.

      Come at one of the top three spots in the Google My Business Page results.

      Optimise your website for organic SEO

      Suppose you own a legal firm in Gold Coast where monthly search volume for top keywords such as “personal injury attorney in Gold Coast” or “top injury lawyers near me” is 500.

      With an average ticket size of $2000, you can easily earn $500,000 with the conversion rate of 50%. So you can make a really insane amount of money with little investment in SEO. This, however, can be achieved only by following a meticulous SEO strategy.

      Here it is to be noted that the cost per lead in a paid campaign is much more than what you pay in SEO.

      As a renowned provider of SEO services in Gold Coast, we follow a 12 Step SEO process which ensures your website stays on top of the SERP and that you don’t fall behind competitors and our results are sustainable because of the solid SEO process we follow:

      Focus on Local Optimization

      Compared to big brands and well-established organizations, websites optimised for local SEO generate 70% more return on investment. Google has estimated that 50% of the searches are now done with local intent. That means one of two people are interested in a local product or service whenever they’re browsing online and they are your most likely buyers. Not optimising your website for local SEO means your website is like a leaking pot.

      These numbers provide enough information about the importance of local searches for the targeted audience and this is expected to grow with time. The probability of conversion is much higher since these leads are from people looking for the specific product/service that your business offers.


      itraffic always believes in delivering what it promises to clients. Our team has a well-defined process which is 100% data-driven and we don’t work on gut feelings. The team comprises experienced and certified individuals who really work hard to achieve desired business outcomes.

      Ben Lewis, CEO of itraffic

      Optimise for Mobile Search

      According to a Forbes news report, mobile commerce will constitute to about 45% of the total online sales as it allows users to shop with the convenience of wherever they are. Mobile search has become the backbone of Google’s indexing after Google launched its mobile-first index in 2018. Now it is being used as the primary index to respond to search queries. Not having a mobile-friendly website means the loss of potential business.

      According to a survey conducted by industry experts, Google has been penalizing those websites that don’t utilise mobile optimised SEO designs. The more optimised your website is, the higher the mobile traffic and you will achieve much greater search engine rankings. Google mercilessly implemented Mobigeddon 2.0 which resulted in penalisation of 40% of Fortune 500 companies that were affected by this update and consequentlylost their standing in the first 3 pages of Google searches. These examples demonstrate the impact and numerous benefits of having a mobile friendly website. It means prioritising your website and content so that it’s responsive to mobile users. This is a must for everyone.

      Make a Responsive Website

      Having a responsive website has become a critical part of SEO strategies regardless of the industry. According to a study, 60% of businesses have failed to fulfil the industry standards of a responsive environment, due to this they are still struggling to get found on Google searches.

      This clearly demonstrates that you will be losing prospective clients every day with a web site that does not meet industry standards for responsiveness.

      By making your website responsive, you can stop a considerable number of customers switching to a competitors’ website and gain much more rapport with satisfied users.

      When someone lands on your website and has a difficult time finding the information they’re looking for, there is a good chance they will leave your website. This is considered a bounce, and the likelihood they’ll be coming back is slim. At this point you’ve lost them, so that’s a lead right out the window. This can be fixed by improving the users experience.

      A responsive web design is tailored to the visitors’ experience. It has a high probability of converting a user because of the seamless and smooth user experience it offers.

      Since it is well optimised for various devices, you will have a better chance of capturing a large number of users and converting them into leads.

      The more user-friendly your website is for your audience, the more Google loves it. If your website is not user-friendly, the CTR will be low.

      Onpage and Offpage Optimisation

      Every page of your website should target certain targeted keywords and avariety of terms in your site. Every website should include these critical on-page elements:


      Title Tag: Google is trying hard to understand the meaning of a page and denounce the manipulative keywords to receive the right kind of ranking in search results. Putting the keywords in the title tag of your page. The title tag is what you see at the top of your browser.

      Meta Description:  Title tag is your search listing’s headline, the Meta description is your site’s additional ad copy. This appears as a subheading below the headline in the Google search.

      Alt Attribute: The mark up of your images impacts the way search engines perceive your page. An alt attribute is an HTML that provides alternative information for an image.

      URL structure: Your site’s URL structure is an important SEO factor. That is why optimising URL structure is important.

      Link Building: External links are amongst the most critical SEO factors that determine the ranking factors.

      SEO Audit: We analyse your site in detail from an SEO perspective to understand where your website stands and what the weaknesses are. Once the problem is identified, a suitable strategy is devised.

      Optimise for Voice Search

      Experts believe that by the end of 2020, nearly 30 to 50% of all searches will be performed through voice search. According to a 2016 report by Internet Trends, voice search is growing at a rapid rate. In 2015, there were a total of 1.7 million voice-first devices, which grew to 6.5 million devices in 2016. Voice Labsestimates that the number reached to nearly 24.5 million devices.

      In fact, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai revealed that 1/5th of the Google search queries now come from voice search and it has taken the 3rd spot in the survey of the top SEO trends of 2017 and beyond. Can you afford to ignore this trend? That is why voice search is an important part of our SEO strategy.

      Our SEO services on the Gold Coast take care of voice search optimisation so that you can stay ahead of your competitors and have the edge over everyone else.

      Take Advantage of Rich Answers

      A report by Ben Goodsell, the columnist of Search Engine Land, demonstrates that the CTR rate jumped from 2% to 8% for websites that included rich snippets and with total business revenue increasing by 677%. Such result can be replicated on your website.

      Google is displaying rich answers for nearly 1/3rd of the search queries and the frequency of adding more rich snippets to its searches has seen a marked increase of 9% in the last year.

      Rich answers can help you generate leads even if you come in the top three searches provided your website appears in the rich snippet.

      Speed Up your Website

      Do you want to sell more? Then you need to make sure your website loads faster as this is the most vital part of the user experience. Everybody hates slow loading website and if it does not load within a couple of seconds, users will leave the website.  A slow loading website means loss of customers and sales will automatically decrease.

      MachMetrics 2018 research says that most sites take approximately 8-11 seconds to load. Website loading speed is also a part of Googles ranking factor. Even a delay of a second in the page load time can reduce the conversion rate by 7% which results in the loss of substantial sales.

      If you find this difficult to believe, a survey revealed that 79% of customers prefer not to do business with business that have a website that delivers a poor user experience. Now, let’s have a look at some factors that can help you speed up your website:

      Optimize Images – Optimizing your images is one of the most important factors to consider by every aspiring webmaster. You can either scale them appropriately before uploading them to the site or compress them to reduce their size.

      Enable Browser Caching – Why make website visitors wait to download the same things every time they browse your site? Enabling browser caching helps you to store data on your visitor’s devices and load your pages quickly.


      Leverage Compression –Leveraging the benefits of compression is like putting your site into a zip folder. Compression decreases your page size and increases its loading time whenever visitors browse your site.


      Take Care of your CSS – CSS is an important part of every website and it loads even before your website does. The loner time the CSS takes, the longer the users need to wait.

      If you take care of your CSS and optimize it properly, your data will load faster, giving you an opportunity to quickly navigate through your websites pages.

      Look for Long Tail Keywords Based on the Topics

      Ranking on long-tail keywords is much easier compared to common keywords because they are more specific in nature. Since the Internet is very vast, finding an audience for your product or service is easy. Long-tail keywords bring more qualified traffic and leads because they are precise and pinpoint a specific requirement.

      So, you will need to choose at least 5-10 long-tail keywords for each page that you want to rank. For example, if you are looking to rank only in “SEO” keywords, this is almost impossible because of the extreme competition. But your page can rank for the long-tail keyword “Guaranteed SEO in Gold Coast” with careful planning and devising the right sentences.

      In other words, the more specific the content, the more specific the audience needs, the higher the possibility of converting traffic into leads – and the higher your webpage will rank in search results.

      Build Pages for Each Topic

      When it comes to SEO and website rankings, it can be almost impossible to get each page of a web site ranking  #1 in search engines for a wide variety of keywords.

      You need to build web pages for each topic you’ve chosen for your business and optimize each page with a handful of long tail keywords. For example, creating a web page on SEO can help you define it with various sub-topics such as a small introduction on SEO, how SEO works, what are the strategies, where to find the keywords and so on.

      Keep your keyword list in mind to determine the total web pages you’ll be creating for your site. Ultimately, there should be a page for each product, service and the business location. This will help you mark your presence all over the world and your customers will be able to find you no matter what keyword they’re using.

      Make a Comprehensive Content Strategy

      Not devising a proper content strategy means your SEO efforts are going nowhere. Content is the foundation of the SEO process. One needs to create content for every stage of buyers’ journey which includes awareness, considerations and decision making. Choose the topics that really matter for your business. Come to research and understand what your customers are looking for, what are their dreams, desires, fears and frustrations? How do you solve their problems or meet their needs? All of this will have a direct relation to the conversion rate of your website.

      Publish Blogs Regularly

      According to Crazy Egg, online publishing of blogs assists in attracting potential customers. Having a well-structured website with a blog can boost your ranking by 434%. With regular blogging the conversion rate drastically goes up.

      Prepare a list of web pages you want to rank and then, take the actions necessary to get those pages found by search engines. Keep your list updated and prioritize your strategy according to your desired business goals. HubSpot in a research study proclaimed that publishing more than 16+ blogs in a month generates 4.5X more leads than website that publishes only 0-4 blogs in a month.

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        If you can’t measure your success, there’s no chance of improving it. After implementing SEO strategies, we as a reputable SEO company in Gold Coastevaluate how your website performs on key SEO parameters such as increase in qualified traffic, click-through rate and the number of leads and conversions. We tweak and optimise the strategy based on the information we receive.

        We also keep track and keep a close eye on inbound links, leads and indexed pages so that SEO campaigns are constantly optimised.

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