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      I have worked with Ben and his team for many months now on multiple projects. Ben has very creative staff and they designed my latest website. He is very proficient and knowledgeable. itraffic is certainly one of the best SEO services company in the Canberra we have worked with. They deliver real result.



      I have worked with many companies, but really impressed with the way itraffic works. They have handled the project with ease while maintaining quality.

      Jason Freeman

      6 Strong Reasons

      We are the Best SEO Services Provider in Canberra

      Data-driven Strategy

      We don’t work on gut feelings. Our SEO strategies are always based on practical data insights that we receive from hundreds of projects

      Result-driven Approach

      SMEs can’t wait for long to get result, they are cash-strapped. Our results-driven approach helps them realise their business goals fast

      In-depth SEO Audit and Competitor research

      You get a clear picture of where do you stand in front of your business rivals and what you need to stay ahead in the competition

      Long-term Sustainable Results

      You get long lasting SEO results as our SEO process is based on a solid foundation

      Strong Focus on Google My Business Page Optimisation

      Google My Business Page Optimisation can transform the fate of Businesses.  As a top SEO company in Canberra, we can help you generate more leads as this is our core strategy.

      Strong International Experience

      Our clients are located in more than 49+ countries that give us unique capability to understand your requirements and solve your problems.

      3 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us



      Our 89% clients are still with us and that shows our capability


      157+ Years of Cumulative Experience

      35+Strong SEO team and 75% of them have more than 5-10 years’ experience. Certified and experienced professionals handle your project.


      $50 Million Revenue

      Every year we generate almost $50 million revenue for our clients by generating leads.

      The 13-step SEO Process for Sure-fire Success in Canberra

      As of March 2019, there are 1.6 billion websites on the Internet. You’re not going to becompeting with all the 1.6 billion websites on the internet but the websites related to your niche are also going to be in at least the thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

      Having a website is just the first step in the journey of reaching the top. How does one leapfrog all these websites and appear in the top three of Google search results? How do you come up on the top considering that more than 100000 sites are being added to the internet every day?

      Let’s understand the challenge that you face in even more detail. Assume that you provide SEO services in Canberra and are trying to rank for keywords such as “best SEO firms in Canberra” and “affordable SEO companies in Canberra”. Assuming that there are 10,000 local searches for these keywords every month and you’re able to appear in the top three results in the search engine results, you can capture 85-90 per cent of calls and emails from prospective customers.

      Even if 40-50 percent of your prospects convert and each of the projects bring you $1000, the prospective revenue for you will be $4-5 million. Now, this might all seem to be in the realm of fantasy right now but this is by no means impossible. In fact, it is perfectly doable and with time and effort it will show results.

      A crucial element in helping achieve this target lies in harnessing the power of Google to the fullest. This means that you need to be visible in the search results of Google both organically (without paying any money) and also by appearing in the Google My Business Page listings. Ensuring that your Google My Business page is fully optimized is a crucial step as Google gives preference to local businesses.

      Let us take a look at the 13-step SEO blueprint that can help you reach the top of Google search results.

      Optimising for Google My Business Page

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      Half the Google search queries are local searches which should give you an idea about the impact it has on lead generation. Local search queries are the ones most likely to convert compared to generic search queries. This is why Google urges local businesses to list themselves and claim their Google My Business Page.

      This is logical because most people search for products and services that they are most likely to buy online locally. A recent HubSpot study states that out of every two people who search online locally one ends end up buying gifts and products. Coming back to the point of claiming your Google My Business Page, here is how you can do it.


      itraffic always believes in delivering what it promises to clients. Our team has a well-defined process which is 100% data-driven and we don’t work on gut feelings. The team comprises experienced and certified individuals who really work hard to achieve desired business outcomes.

      Ben Lewis, CEO of itraffic

      Claim Your Business on Google

      Getting a new Google My Business account is extremely easy. And if you have not created an account on Google My Business yet, then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. To creating an account on this applicationyou can follow their instructions to register yourself. Once you start, you will be asked to submit your email ID as well as a registered mobile number.

      You will receive a one-time verification code both on your registered email ID and phone number, so make sure that you are providing the right mobile number and email ID. Once you register your business on Google My Business, it is time to add your My Business photos. As per Google, businesses which are optimised by photos have a higher chance of being seen and contacted. You will receive 35% more chances to get more engagement.

      Along with photos, you should optimise Google maps for your business location as well. Once your site gets optimised, you will have 42% more chance of customers contacting you. Ensure that all the photos you list are of high quality.

      Get Citation and Reviews

      We all know how great reviews can impact a business. Almost everyone looks for Google reviews nowadays before doing any business with a company. Even in real life before buying a television set or a smartphone, we often seek recommendations from family and friends. The same way people nowadays rely heavily on rating and reviews.

      As per ConversionXL more than 81% of people count on reviews and checking ratings of a business before deciding on their purchase. Harvard Business School study also states that with every 1-star increased rating, a business can receive a increase of 10% of revenue. Citation and reviews are vital for your business.

      It is now the age of online reviews and thus, reviews available on sites like foursquare, Yelp, MerchantCircle, Citysearch, and Google My Business Page reviews are the new word-of-mouth for your customers. These reviews also play a crucial role in Google ranking. When one searches for your business, always remember, that the customer will come fully-prepared and thus positive reviews about your business are crucial! The better the reviews, the better the revenues.

      Enhance Your Website for Mobile Search

      Every company’s website is aiming for mobile optimising. With the increasing number of mobile users, it is a reasonable thing to do. There are around 6 billion mobile users and imagine the number of people using their smartphones to buy products and services.

      Websites which will rank higher on the mobile-first index will automatically rate higher on search engines. At the same time sites which are not mobile optimised and didn’t scale on these factors will be pushed down to the bottom of search engine results. The reason behind it is simple; if your site is not user-friendly and not mobile optimised, then users and customers skip such sites, which means you lose prospective customers and clients.

      If they have skipped your website, it clearly indicates that they are choosing your competitors site! If you don’t want to push your customers away, then offer them a mobile-friendly site so that they stay with you. Having a rich mobile-optimised site is essential for your business’s growth. Learn the best ways and practices of web development to ensure that your customer gets a rich mobile website experience.

      The size of your website text should fit perfectly in the mobile device. Remember, if customers keep zooming out and in to read your website’s content, this will not give them a good browsing experience. When you go for mobile optimisation, your site will become responsive to all kinds of smartphones and will automatically resize its content.

      Think About a Responsive Website

      A responsive website is basically a website which is quick and doesn’t consume a lot of time to load. Unfortunately, around 60% of the websites all over the world fail when it comes to providing a responsive website. Not having a reliable, responsive website would mean losing valuable customers almost every day.

      Having a responsive design means that visitors will prefer exploring your site and this may enhance the sales and revenuetoo.

      Pay Attention to Voice Search

      There are no two ways about it, voice search is the future of search engines. Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa are already giving you glimpses of what the future will be like. Using your voice to search or give commands instead of typing is a game changer that is challenging previously held notions about online search and even reinventing how household electronic items are being used. The numbers also reflect the changes that are coming. 35.35 percent of people search on Google using voice according to a study by Search Engine Journal. Another PwC study says that 32% of users between the age of 18-64 use voice search daily. ComScore states that this number is slated to go up to 50% by the end of 2020.

      Tailor Search for Rich Snippets

      Extracting the maximum from Search Engine results is possible with rich snippets. Rich snippets help you get more qualified leads. What are rich snippets? Rich snippets are blocks of information that reflect the answers that most closely match what the user has been searching for. This snippet is displayed in the beginning of Google’s search results. The information is usually followed by a URL of the website where the information on the snippet is elaborated upon. The best part about rich snippets is that even if your site is not number one on the search results, thanks to the quality of information being provided the snippets will help generate leads as they contain the URL of the website.

      Google has data regarding the benefits of rich snippets. Businesses that were featured in rich snippets saw an increase in the click-through-rate (CTR) from 2% to 8%. The ROI for these businesses saw in increase by 677%.  More rich snippets are also displayed to user queries since last year, up by 9% to be precise. All this goes to show that the sooner you start taking advantage of rich snippets, the faster your business will benefit.

      Speed Up Your Website

      According to an industry study, a one second delay in page load times on a website means a loss of 7 % of visitors on the site. Similar studies have shown that 79% of online shoppers are almost certain to never visit a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. 44 % of the same visitors will not even recommend this site to their friends. Similarly, user experience is paramount for 44 % of these visitors who say that their loyalties will lie with a website that delivers easy to comprehend navigation.

      The bottom-line is that loading times of your website could make a huge difference to your business.

      When it comes to fast loading websites, itraffic, one of the top emerging SEO firms in Canberra makes sure that websites load at their optimum with all codes, videos and images perfectly augmented.

      Here is how iTraffic ensures that your website stays ahead of the rest.

      Enhancing media content: websites generally slow down because of images and videos and their large sizes. Large file sizes equals more consumption of bandwidth. So, file size is of utmost importance.

      Enabling all-round compression: itraffic offers Gzip compression reduces the size of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. This is turn leads to reduced page response times that means no bounced traffic.

      Using browser caching: Internet browsers store information such as files, stylesheets and images. This helps websites to load quickly and web users don’t have to download the same data again when they visit a site.

      Don’t miss out on On-page and Off-page Optimisation

      On page and Off Page optimisation are two aspects that a website can’t afford to miss out on.

      On page optimisation of a website needs to be as per the guidelines of Google. The factors that need to be kept in mind for the same are as follows:

      Do an SEO audit of your site – An SEO audit of your website will reveal the number of webpages on your site that have been indexed by Google.

      Perform Competitor Research – A highly experienced provider of SEO services in Canberra, itraffic uses the latest best-in-class SEO tools to breakdown the strategy of competitors. This helps to understand the mind-set and moves of these competitors. Subsequently, off page optimisation and back linking become easier when you know about your competitors. You can understand the websites that link with them and contact the same sites as well.

      Update URL, Page Meta Description and Page Title : The existing URLs, Page Titles and Page Descriptions need reviews on your part. Once you have evaluated them you can decide whether to update them or not.

      Give New Page Titles: new page titles are needed for keyword phrases as all keywords can’t be ranked on a single page. Page titles are needed to rank for specific keywords.

      Make a Comprehensive Content Strategy

      Content is the king and you must pay attention to it. Websites often fail to rank higher on search engines because of poor content. While creating content, you must choose the right topic; only the right content will enhance the success of your website. The content on your website should have the right keywords which have high search intent. These are the keywords that your audience have chosen to search for a particular product, service, or any specific niche. As per the Content Marketing Institute, a website must invest their resources on good content strategy because it builds trust among the target audience and helps with conversion.

      This is how you should plan for content strategy.

      First, pick a few short words, around 10 or 15 of them which are related to your business.


      Second, use Google’s keyword tool to see the long list of keywords which are relevant to you and also check the search volume of each of these keywords. In this way you will see the keywords which are mostly being used and also get an idea about the keywords that your competitors use.


      Third, the pages on your website should also have call-to-action button and it should have high-definition pictures and links of other pages on your site, in this way, the visitor will be prompted to explore different pages of the site and will get to know about your services and products that your business has to offer.

      Blog Continuously

      Your website’s growth is directly related to the amount of blogging that you do. Blogging on relevant topics with the right keywords is crucial for your website’s growth. A Hubspot study attests to this fact by showing that more organisations that publish more than 16 blogs a month generate 3.5 timed more leads than those that publish 0-4 blogs.

      Content that is information-rich gets advanced by Google. The focus should be on writing content that is high-quality and enhanced according to Google’s parameters. As a top SEO Company in Canberra, we are well aware that low-quality content creation is of no use in the larger scheme of things as this will not rank highly. This means that domain authority will not increase.

       One common mistake that most businesses make is that they start writing blogs and gradually stop writing them. Keeping your website updated with content that is relevant and noteworthy will increase the chances of a website’s ranking going up drastically.

      Irrespective of what the buzz is, the fact is  websites need new content. It is now your responsibility to provide them with content that is engaging and required by them. Crazy Egg says that a blog that is well-managed will grow inbound leads and also bring in more visitors. However, never forget the human reader in the picture. The robots of Google are not your target audience. Contemplate and share topics that your audience wants to see and create blogs accordingly.

      Don’t Miss Out On the Latest Google Updates

      Google constantly updates its search algorithms. This is done so that people can get the very best experiencethe web has to offer. Most of these updates are minor but there are some updates that bring changes to search engine rankings in an unprecedented way.

      If you think of yourself as a good digital marketer, there is no other way than to keep up with changes in Google’s algorithms. Everything is easier said than done. Keep in touch with news on leading platforms such as Search Engine Roundtable, SEOMoz, Search Engine Land and HubSpot for the latest and greatest in the SEO industry.

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        The best marketing practices, the maximum time that you could invest and the maximum money that you could spend have all been done by you. How do you know that your efforts are paying off? Measuring and tracking your SEO performance becomes crucial here.

        Organic traffic, organic bounce rate, conversion rate and click-through rates are some other metrics that you need to pay attention to measure your success in a quantifiable way. The information gained here helps to study your business growth and make changes to strategies if needed.

        The data can be useful to find out about weekly or monthly performances. As a known provider of best SEO services in Canberra, we help you trace other KPIs such as inbound links and indexed pages will provide an inner view of your business value and help you to identify areas that need strengthening.

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