Online Reputation Management Service

Online Reputation Management Service

Online Reputation Management Service Providing Company

We at i-traffic specialize in Online Reputation Management (ORM) and social media marketing. In the last five years, the demand for our online reputation management services have been increasing every year. In last year alone, we got requests for ORM of more than 100 accounts !!

How we Handle A Typical ORM project and how much we charge?

Based on our experience we have prepared a standard methodology as follows:
Our reputation management services enhance your brand’s visibility through search engine rankings. We do this by getting positive links, reviews about your brand, product and services. We use popular and major platforms like social networking sites, wikis, community websites, squidoo lenses etc

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A few of our clients used to suffer major losses due to negative feedback on review/complain site like Complaints Board,,, My3Cents, etc. In the ideal reputation management scenario we contact the source of the false complains/reviews and ask them to remove those comments and false allegations or face legal charges. But It can take long time and cause you tremendous losses.
Our Online Reputation management services do not remove the negative comments but push those negative comments out of first few Search Engine Result pages( SERP).

We remove all negative comments by pushing them down the SERP and replacing them with positive or neutral reviews and links. We primarily perform the following activities

  • Sister Sites ( Micro Sites): We create micro sites related to your brand, product and services and then promote thesesites to complement the first page result about your brand.
  • Social Media Exposure We boost your presence on social media platforms by creating profiles, putting interestingdescriptions and engaging your audience in positive ways. We create your profile on hundreds of social media sites thusleaving no room for your competitors hijacking your brand. Have a look at the list of social networking sites we refer.
  • RSS Feed : We publish blogs, press releases on your behalf and submit their RSS feed on RSS feed directories.
  • Online Business Profiling: We create profiles on business directories on your behalf too. On site like Crunchbase etc.
  • Blogging: We help you setting up blogs and post content on it on a regular basis. There are scores of site,,,, etc. We create profiles and post articles onthem on a regular basis.
  • Building Wiki: Links from Wikipedia are #1 for most of the searches we make on Google.We help you with creatingpage on Wikipedia too.
  • Multimedia platforms: We create channels on platforms like Youtube, Vimeo etc and promote your videos through ourvideo marketing strategies. We also create profile on image sharing sites like Pinterest and promote info-graphics, cartoonsetc.
It usually takes two months to six months to dispel a negative comment from first page. To find out the best suited ORM strategies for your site for free. Fill up the form. We will get back to you within just a couple of hours or talk to an online expert on live chat who will suggest you the best online reputation management strategy now!!