How To Use Blogging thow-to-use-blogging-too Increase Traffic and Leads

27Feb, 2018

How To Use Blogging to Increase Traffic 100 Times & Generate Leads

The year of SEO Tsunami is finally over. The last year saw epic algorithmic changes like Google Panda and Penguin updates which changed the landscape of search engine optimisation completely.

We kept waiting for Google Seal and Zebra but they never happened 😉

After the Google Penguin and Panda, conventional link building became almost dead but It brought blogging and content generation into mainstream.

A very interesting pattern which was shared by a HubSpot needs mention here. The data was compiled after study and research of more than 7000 businesses. The following graphs will help you in self-exploring answers to the obvious questions about blogging and lead generartion like the following.

  • 1) How often do I need to blog on a weekly or monthly basis to see considerable increase in leads and traffic?
  • 2) Will I see a increase in traffic if I double or triple the frequency of blogging from once a week to two or three times aweek?
  • 3) How much more leads a website with 101 to 200 pages can generate than a website with 50 or fewer pages?
  • 4) How many landing pages do I need to increase my leads?
  • 5) How much increase in leads can I expect if I increase the number of landing pages to 15 from 10?

Blogging and content generation is a tedious job and you need to be very passionate to sniff great content ideas and produce and interesting article on it. The research conducted by HubSpot highlights several interesting trends and relation between blogging and leads.

The above graph is full of great information which shows that traffic is directly proportional to the number of page. Notice, the graph rises very quickly after 400 pages. We at SEO Corporation has observed similar phenomenon for several of our clients, too.

Tip: What is the number of pages on your site currently? If It is less than 100 you need to take drastic action. Increasing the number of pages from 50 to 100 has increased website’s traffic by 48% !!

A graph depicting direct proportional relation between the number of pages on a website and leads:

Factual Information: Websites with pages between 101 and 200 generate approximately 2.5 times more leads than a 50 page website.

Increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 can help you achieve 55% increment in leads but most of the companies did not see any improvement in rankings when they increase the number of landing pages between 1 to 10.

The best recommendation is to post a blog post every alternate day.It has been observed that the companies which blog 15 times a month generate 500% more traffic than the companies that don’t blog. But don’t blog for the sake of blogging. Do it to share useful and helpful information. You can share case-studies, how to guides etc .


To increase the number of leads a business should blog at-least 10 to 15 times as evident from the above graph. Companies that blog 6 to 8 times per month generate double the amount of leads than the companies which blog 4 to 5 times a month.

You can see 45% increase in traffic just by increasing the number of published posts from 11-20 to 21-50.

Blogging can not only help you to get leads and traffic It can help you to establish your brand as industry leader. SEOMOZ , SearchEngineWatch, Mashable became household names through blogging so why can’t you!!

Happy blogging in 2013.

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