How to leverage the feature of Google post to get more local customers?


How to leverage the feature of Google post to get more local customers?

Google Post – Some of you might have heard of this term, while for some it might just be another SEO jargon. Well, for all those who have heard of a Google Post before, this article would provide the much-needed insight. And, for those, who haven’t, let me start with a little brief first.

Last month, I went to India for a vacation with my cousin Leny. As myself and Leny were exploring the Palaces of Jaipur(one of India’s very popular tourist destinations), Leny suggested that we should try some local delicacies. Rather than asking the cab driver, we decided to ask Google. All I had to do was type “best Rajasthani restaurant in Jaipur” and this is what I got

You see, Google did not just show the listing for best restaurants in that area, but it also pulled an advertisement that showed all the details we needed to know about this place, even reviews, map, contact details, website link and directions.

With anywhere, anytime access of Google through your smart phone, looking for a place and finding relevant information is incredibly easy and fast. Simply by typing in what you are looking for, the search engine gives you all the information you need.

This brings me to the very basic question – what is a Google Post? The answer is whether you are searching for a sports team, celebrity, restaurant, service provider, school/college or even movie, you might have noticed that the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) displays a social media post directly from the brand, other than the usual search results. This is a Google Post. In short, itis free advertising for local businesses, getting their promotional content on SERP. Refer to the picture above for better understanding.

Google has been crowned as the top tool for discovering and vetting any kind of business. According to the statistics, 82% of people rely on Google to find information about local establishments. This also means that you have another important tool – Google Post that can be used to promote your brand/business online. Start with customizing is your business information on Google My Business listing, and the best part is that it’s free.

Google Post is amongst the latest new tools from Google that helps enhance your business’s search results. Any business operating online can access this feature and use it to the best of their interest. Google has given every website the access to Google My Business account. Access to this tool can help you advertise on your business listings for free. Depending on the nature of the query, your company’s Google post will either show up or Google’s search or map results. Let’s see what else we should know about this amazing feature.

How is a Google Post different from a Social Media Post?

The first and foremost difference between a Google Post and Social Media Post is that Google Post is free for all Google My Business customers. It offers you the flexibility to promote and highlight important events and happenings crucial to your business’s development. It’s an excellent way to share engaging content with your target customers so that you can catch their attention, get more leads and sales out of your website.

Secondly, Google Post are very easy to follow. So to say, whenever your prospect customers types a query, a simple Google search will enable them to find and follow your Google Post that could contain your business’ latest promotion or event without even having to follow your website. Whereas, in a Facebook post, the customer must like your page before seeing the content. Google Posts are instantaneous, and they show up automatically in the search results. You see the difference, it prompts automatically and can help your business stay on top.

If you run a local business, you can easily add interesting content to your GMB listing and engage your customers right on the search page – without having to redirect them to your website or a different platform first. With Google Post your customers will be able to see your business profile and important details/events on the Google Knowledge Panel, and they can also visit your website if you have added the link in yourpost.

Let’s discuss some more details:

1. The Word Limit

Yes, there is a word limit and a typical Google Post allows you to frame your content in up to 300 words. You can describe your offer, product or event within the given word limit. Upload an image, video or GIFs for making it interesting. You can also add call-to-actions to initiate product purchases, reservations and newsletter signups. There’s one more advantage – your audiences can share your Google Posts on social media too.

2. The Validity

Yes, there’s a validity too. In order to make sure that you are constantly publishing fresh content in your post, Google sets a life span of seven days on every post. Only those promoting an event will not expire after seven days, but they’ll also disappear after the event is over.

3. The Analysis

Yes, you heard me right. There’s an analytical feature that allows you to observe how many impressions and clicks your post has earned. Though it’s a limited amount of metrics, but there’s enough data and information that can help you grasp which one of your posts resonated better your audiences and which ones did not.

Whether your audiences find your post interesting enough to visit your website depends on the kind of content in your Post. This brings me to the next topic of discussion.

4. How to create interesting and engaging Google Posts?

A Google post can be used for many reasons including promotion of your business offerings, events, andeven product updates. It gives you the opportunity to become more than just an ordinary faceless business in the crowded search result pages. It is a way of targeting new and existing customers with relevant and timely content, especially catered to fit your business needs. It’s a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website.

However, while crafting the post, you should pay special attention to grab your audience’s attention. Don’t worry, there’re plenty of way to do so.

5. Compelling Copy

Regardless of the strength of your marketing campaign, if the content of your post isn’t interesting enough, it will not have much of an affect. Interesting and catchy content that instantly grabs your audiences’ interests and gains their trust is the only way to succeed. Following are some tips that you can follow to create compelling copy for connecting with your audiences and inspiring actions using your post.

6. Catchy Headlines

With only 58 characters to spare in the title, you must get to the point first. Just make sure that your headline makes an appeal to your audience’s interest or gives some news they don’t want to miss. Your offer’s value, benefits, and relevance should be clearly communicated. There’re certain words and phrases that can pull your audiences interest and prompt them to read the rest of the information. A professional writer can do the job much better compared to a novice.

7. Clear & concise information

Technically, there’s are 300 words or 1500 characters to describe your post, only the first 100 characters show up in Google’s knowledge panel. Do not stuff your post with too many messages, stick to the main message that you want to convey. Try to highlight the main benefit/feature within the first 100 characters.

8. Add high-quality visuals

Pictures, videos, GIFs and other such media files could really prove to be a boost of refreshment to your post. Who wouldn’t be attracted by a nice image or a witty video or a funny GIF amidst so much of content to read? Pictures are not just added for the much needed eye-catching, attention-grabbing appeal but they also supplement your story. Say for instance, you are running a local restaurant and you add picture of mouth-watering dishes in your post. Now, think of the kind of effect this picture will have on someone who’s a foodie and wants to explore good places to eat. You will win a customer here. Make sure that you are using large, high-quality visuals that make your post stand out.

Using Google Post for your promotion is much like posting a mini blog every day! The more of refreshment and newness you bring in the content of your post, the better it is.

Finally, I would just like to add that showing up on the first page of Google isn’t enough, you must utilize all possible means like a Google Post to ensure that you are on top of your game. Make the mostof the given information and start posting today!

For more information on Google Posts, write in to me.