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What is Guaranteed SEO? Can SEO Be Guaranteed? Can SEO Guarantee an Increase in Sales? What is the 90 Day Ranking Guarantee? Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization SEO Company make a website rank How to get my website on the first page of Google? How important is off page optimization in SEO? What are your favourite methods of SEO to guarantee the top result in Google search? Should I hire an SEO company that guarantees first place rankings? Is there a better guarantee SEO service than a rank pay? Is there any SEO services that gives guaranteed results? What is the benefit of using a Guaranteed SEO service provider? Does itraffic really fulfill their promises/guarantee for top rankings? What are the top Guaranteed SEO firms? Which company provides 100% Guaranteed SEO services? Which company provides an affordable Guaranteed SEO service in Australia? How to find a professional SEO company? How to Improve SEO Ranking on Google in 2019? How to Rank My Webpage on Top of the Mobile Search Results? Are SEO services worth it? Can any website rank without doing SEO? How can we increase SEO traffic in 30 days? How does SEO help in promoting a business? How long does it take organic SEO to take effect? How much does it cost for SEO services? How much should I spend on SEO per month? How can the right SEO Company offer positive SEO results? Is SEO necessary for a business website? What are some top SEO companies in Australia? What are the modern SEO services? What is a good SEO plan for a small business? What is paid SEO and organic SEO? What is SEO Ranking? What is the guaranteed way to local SEO? Where can I get small business SEO services? Why do a few SEO agencies offer ‘pay on results’? Why should you choose the best company for SEO Guaranteed Services? Will my sales increase through SEO?

Guaranteed SEO Services to Empower Businesses

Choose none other than the most trusted and guaranteed SEO service to get more clients through higher search rankings.

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    Our Guaranteed SEO Services

    Guaranteed Local SEO

    Looking for more local clients? You need to rank highly for local searches. With our guaranteed local SEO service, you get all the citations, ratings, reviews, and backlinks you need to succeed in local search.

    Guaranteed and Holistic SEO

    On-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO – you name it and we do it. Look no further than itraffic for the most comprehensive and reliable SEO services, with a guarantee of success.

    Guaranteed Mobile SEO

    Mobile search is the way forward. People look for businesses on their mobile phones and that’s where our guaranteed mobile SEO service helps you. Stay relevant, stay visible, and reap massive benefits.

    Business Success, Guaranteed

    Don’t think of SEO as a cost. We assure you great ROIs on your SEO investments, as your high Google ranking will draw more customers and contribute to your revenues in a big way.

    What our customers think of us:

    We hired the team of itraffic to create and manage our overall social media presence. And we are feeling proud to say that they have delivered what they promised us in the beginning. Thank you for all your efforts.


    Organic search engine traffic and sales have almost doubled since we started taking the assistance of itraffic’s SEO services. I trust them and their guaranteed results. Ben and his team’s work is highly commendable.


    The dedication and commitment of Ben’s team have made stand where we are today. Our business is driving more and more traffic every day. All thanks go to itraffic. Well done.


    Get in touch and let itraffic take you to Google’s first page results for your most important keywords.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Businesses need to make important decisions everyday. Out of the several possible investments they can make every day, they need to decide the ones that will yield high ROIs and do so in a short duration.

    And that’s where itraffic solves the biggest problem for all kinds of businesses. Our guaranteed SEO service takes the uncertainty out of the equation. Guaranteed first-page position on Google, for your most important search terms – it doesn’t get any better than this.

    What is Guaranteed SEO?

    Guaranteed SEO is when an SEO company guarantees to increase your website’s search engine ranking, visibility, and traffic.
    An SEO company offers guaranteed SEO services to the effect that your websites will rank on the first page of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for a set of target keywords. Obviously, working with a guaranteed SEO company means there’s low risk and high ROI.
    A guaranteed SEO company, like itraffic, optimizes your website to rank for relevant keywords. It promises to reach the goals set for your SEO campaign.

    Can SEO Be Guaranteed?

    Yes, guaranteed SEO results are achievable with time-tested and proven effective white hat SEO techniques.

    A company can bring you guaranteed SEO rankings by using the right methodologies and staying in line with the latest SEO trends. All you need is a proactive and robust SEO campaign including techniques like link building, keyword optimization, and more to boost rankings, traffic, and as a result, increase the revenue for your business.

    No matter which SEO plan you choose, a guaranteed SEO company ensures to deliver promised rankings based on well-researched keywords.

    Mostly, guaranteed SEO service comes with a money-back guarantee. Hence, if the results are not as per the contractual agreement, you get back your money.

    Can SEO Guarantee an Increase in Sales?

    The honest answer is yes! But it is subject to your SEO strategy.

    SEO is highly effective and one of the most powerful ways to attract higher rankings and more traffic. But simply optimizing your website for a few high-traffic keywords and updating the content does not make a good SEO strategy.

    It is important to have a targeted SEO strategy, one that aims to deliver guaranteed SEO results. Though guaranteed SEO services do not promise to increase sales, they can help you create and sustain a strong presence online.

    With SEO results guaranteed, you consistently rank on page 1 in the search engines. You are more visible to the audience. This means you improve your chances of reaching out to more users and thereby earn more conversions.

    If you hire the services of a guaranteed SEO company like itraffic, you have more chances of increasing sales.

    What is the 90 Day Ranking Guarantee?

    The moment that you ask an SEO agency if results will be visible soon, they will reply that it is incremental.

    However, incremental does not mean forever. That is why itraffic provides a 90-day ranking guarantee.

    The guaranteed SEO ranking is possible due to the process put in place by the company.

    Money back guarantee SEO begins with a completely fresh look at your site and all the content that it hosts. This is an SEO audit.

    Content is a major factor that determines the authority that Google gives to the site.

    The next most important factor is to get all the pages to sport the all-important Meta Tags and Alt Text.

    This is followed by a thorough investigation of broken links. Links on your site that lead nowhere because they were mistyped or since the pages no longer exist hurt your ranking badly.

    itraffic not only gives your site an SEO makeover but also makes sure that Google acknowledges these updates, and ranks it higher than what it was in the past.

    Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization — Is it possible?

    Can you guarantee SEO results is a common query we face.

    iTraffic is a top SEO provider, and we pride ourselves in our service assurance.
    How is it possible?

    1. Technical SEO – Making a website fully accessible to the search engine. The site structure has to be perfected so that it is possible for the crawlers to reach every page and index them. Technical SEO looks after the SEO aspects of the architecture of the site.
    2. Optimize inbound links – These are also called backlinks. The reason they are important is that they tell Google how important the page is. If the content on the page is deemed highly relevant, then a number of pages will link to it. This, inturn, convinces Google’s search algorithm that your website is an authority on a subject matter,
    3. Keywords – The role of appropriate keyword analysis goes far beyond the use of free tools. There has to be a judicious mix of long and short tail keywords, and they have to be inserted in the proper context.

    Perfecting all of these factors makes it possible to provide SEO guaranteed results.

    What the the best SEO campaign that can guarantee sales?

    You can compare the SEO process with footfalls at a shopping mall. The mall can draw more people but converting that to sales is the task of the stores (selling proper merchandise at appropriate prices).

    With guaranteed SEO packages, you can bring a lot more traffic to your site. That’s called sales lead generation. Conversion of the lead to an actual transaction depends on the rapport and engagement between the owner and customer.

    A guaranteed SEO agency like itraffic cannot influence selling itself. It is an act of publicity, and hence SEO is a part of the marketing of your business.

    But from conventional wisdom, we know that more visitors would mean more leads and hence more sales.

    If without SEO you were receiving 30 inquiries a month and able to convert 10 then with SEO you would receive 120 leads and be able to convert at least 40.

    How to get my website on the first page of Google?

    SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making a website reach the top of search engine rankings.

    Not many users of the internet go beyond the first few results, and it is critical that your site reaches that level.

    itraffic provides guaranteed SEO. What does it mean? Simply put the processes that iTraffic uses would certainly elevate your business website to the top of the search.

    How is this done? There is no mystery, really. Guaranteed SEO is the result of an analytical understanding of the Google ranking process. Since 85% of the search market belongs to Google, most of the optimization is aimed at its algorithm. With minor adjustments, the same can be used for Bing (which also powers Yahoo!)

    Google regularly changes its approach to SEO and publishes the details. A thorough comprehension of these alterations leads to guaranteed SEO results. There is no secret sauce for this success other than continuous advances to the process that leads to better optimization.

    What are your favourite methods of SEO to guarantee the top result in Google search?

    Providing Google SEO guarantee to clients means that itraffic uses time tested ways that are proven to offer higher SERP (search engine results page).

    What do these steps entail? Here is a brief overview.

    • Ensure correct page titles – Every page on the site must have a unique title. The title helps the user and the search engine to understand what the page contains. At all costs, misleading titles must be avoided.
    • Better page description – The description is a small snippet about the page that appears in the search results. It has to be no more than 150 characters and must be quite concise but meaningful.
    • Internal links – Each page should contain links to other pages inside your domain.
    • Using H1, H2 – The proper use of headers is a must. It makes the content hierarchy clear. The title, main headings, subheadings.

    Guaranteed SEO services are the perfect way to make your website be able to conform to these and several other criteria that makes it useful and Google friendly.

    What the best SEO campaign that can guarantee sales?

    As the owner of a business website you have, without a doubt, heard of an SEO campaign. A well thought out and carefully executed SEO campaign can bring guaranteed SEO ranking.

    Steps of a successful SEO campaign:

    1. Link building – There is no way for Google to “read” the content on your website. Instead, it observes if your content is useful to others since in that case, they would link to you. These links known in the trade as backlinks are of paramount importance. Any backlink will not do. They have to be from sites that have a reputation.
    2. Content Creation – Generation of innovative content that is also highly informative is a key driver of any SEO campaign by iTraffic.
    3. Keyword Research – Content has to be interspersed with keywords that you are aiming to rank for. The choice and density of keywords have to be carefully calibrated.
    4. Social Media Usage – SEO is never complete without the full integration of social media. Proper usage of social media content has always guaranteed first page SEO.

    Should I hire an SEO company that guarantees first place rankings?

    Guaranteed SEO services like that provided by iTraffic is an immense boon to small business owners.

    With the coming of the internet and especially smart devices, a huge part of marketing happens though the web.

    Digital marketing is here to stay, and if you have to change, it is best to do so while assisted by an agency that gives money back guarantee SEO.

    Local SEO is what drives sales. Are you the best at what you do in your part of the town? Then you should make sure that everyone knows about it.

    Broadcasting is quite easy thanks to the significant number of avenues provided by iTraffic from a social platform-based promotion to the use of WhatsApp for business.

    Not only do you need to tune your website and social profiles but also learn to manage newsletters, send out promos, and basically have a strong footprint online.

    This will raise revenues and grow your business exponentially.

    Is there a better guarantee SEO service than a rank pay?

    In the SEO world, guaranteed SEO ranking does not exist due to the ever-changing and unstable nature of SERP algorithms. So, you should never trust SEO providers claiming to get your website the first rank on Google SERPs. This is simply not possible unless they do something that bypasses Google’s terms of service, such as link farming or PBN.

    Ideally, if you want guaranteed results SEO, you should contact local SEO providers who have demonstrated success and experience across different sectors.

    The truth is, proper SEO is time-consuming and requires a lot of work. So, the very idea that you would get amazing results for minimal investment is flawed. As long as you move in the right direction and use the right set of keywords for your website, you will achieve guaranteed SEO results.

    The trick is to establish authority by building trust and concentrate on the products and services in which you are proficient enough to make a name for yourself.

    If your work gets the right reactions, search engines will reward your site for adding value to their index.

    Is there any SEO services that gives guaranteed results?

    To reach the first page in SEO is not the result of either magic or luck.

    From time to time, Google updates its way of searching. An SEO agency like itraffic that keeps in touch with these changes would be able to provide guaranteed SEO.

    A search engine cannot actually read what is provided on a page. It crawls and indexes the whole internet.

    When users search for a keyword, such as, “best hairdresser in Sydney,” Google tries to locate the most relevant result from its index. The more appropriate the keyword is to your business, the higher you will rank.

    This is why website content is always created with the customer or end-user in mind and gives guaranteed first page SEO.

    The more content that your site hosts, the more the number of keywords that can be naturally accommodated and the higher will be your claim to a first page rank for those keywords.

    What is the benefit of using a Guaranteed SEO service provider?

    What are you investing in your SEO campaign? Your hard-earned profits.

    What do you require? Clear and measurable results that can be demonstrated to you without any obscure jargon.

    That is precisely what itraffic – a guaranteed SEO company – offers you.

    It is not so hard to perform SEO. All that one has to do is look at a few websites and go through the motions.

    But will it result in SERP gain? Seldom. An ad-hoc SEO campaign never works.

    It is the result of long experience and careful planning.

    It is the ability to deliver this value that makes iTraffic able to provide SEO guarantee.

    To summarise, it is not so much a question of being able to perform SEO but being able to translate it into visible proof.

    Otherwise, you get trapped in an endless cycle of promises and along with it plenty of tongue-twisting words and phrases that are meant as if something significant is happening to your website, but actually, it is not moving forward an inch.

    Does itraffic really fulfill their promises/guarantee for top rankings?

    It is natural that as a business owner, you are worried about your site ranking. It is way too hard for most laypeople to understand visits, clicks, impressions, bounce, and other related terms.

    itraffic always delivers on its guaranteed SEO packages. We have a stellar track record over the past several years of keeping our promise.

    At first, we will conduct a thorough SEO audit of your site. A carefully performed review gives you a more transparent snapshot of what is wrong with your site and why there is a lack of traffic.

    After this, there are four steps performed in tandem:

    • On-page analysis
    • Off-page analysis
    • Technical analysis
    • Keyword analysis

    After the site audit itraffic would improve all these aspects step by step.

    While some steps such as optimizing the HTML code and adding Alt Text can be completed in a month or two, building quality links takes time.

    Also, you have to factor in that Google results have a significant lag of at least 3 weeks.

    What are the top Guaranteed SEO firms?

    SEO is absolutely indispensable for a website owner. Digital marketing has arrived, and unless your presence on the internet speaks for itself, you will be unable to draw customers in droves.

    Several SEO agencies in Australia provide guaranteed SEO services.

    We provide below a list of the most well known and reputed digital agencies.

    Address: Miami QLD 4220, Australia

    SEO Shark
    Address: 33/104 Bathurst Street, Sydney NSW 2000

    Gustin Quon
    Address: 208-1460 Chevrier Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3T 1Y7

    Newpath Web
    Address: Level 14, 330 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000

    One Egg
    Address: 9-13 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022, Australia

    Of course, itraffic is by far ahead of most of them in customer satisfaction surveys. We are also the only money-back guarantee SEO.

    The most exceptional SEO process is evolved from detailed analysis. This is where most of our competitors fall short. With our substantial experience, we are able to provide you with insights like on one else can.

    Which company provides 100% Guaranteed SEO services?

    Do you know that one-third of all purchases start with a Google search?

    Your website needs to be on page one of Google. Users of a search engine rarely visit sites that rank below the first fifteen results.

    That is why you need the services of itraffic, the agency that gives you guaranteed SEO ranking.

    It is through a blend of the latest techniques that adapt to Google that itraffic achieves this result.

    Content – Content remains king. That is why we advise our customers to host a blog on their site. Google prefers pages with great and authoritative content.

    Also through the content, you can display to your customers the grasp that you have over your domain.

    Mobile friendly – Most people have switched to using mobile devices for search. Google gives preference to sites that are optimized to load fast on mobile phones.

    Provide a site map – It allows the site to be crawled easily and indexed by Google bots.
    It is through the use of innovative techniques like these that we provide you SEO Google first page guaranteed.

    Which company provides an affordable Guaranteed SEO service in Australia?

    If you are a business owner, you have a limited budget for SEO.

    After all, there are other and more traditional forms of marketing that require funds. Your digital marketing strategy has to be absolutely customized so that you can easily target a given demographic.

    itraffic is a guaranteed SEO company that provides an SEO package for every budget.

    There is complete assurance about the quality of work that we will deliver.

    After your site audit, we will communicate to you clearly what is required and tell you the timeline that is possible to adhere to.

    For providing you with an SEO guarantee on the first page, itraffic takes the help of the latest tools to decipher what your website needs.

    The most urgent need is often a complete overhaul of the site code to make it faster and more responsive. We would also need to fix dead links.

    Usually, to make a site more visually appealing, we set up a gallery of your past work. Past work is the best testimony of your competence, and your website is a fantastic place where you could showcase it.

    How to find a professional SEO company?

    Once upon a time, SEO was relatively straightforward. All that you needed was a lot of content chock full of keywords.

    But Google has overhauled its algorithms several times in the past decade. There are also more sites jostling for the same eyeball.

    You need help from the top experts in the business. At iTraffic, with guaranteed SEO packages, we aim to deliver just that.

    What do we provide in our package?

    • Website audit – The preliminary task we perform is a site audit.
    • On-page optimization – Your site becomes more responsive. We also tweak the template as far as possible to present a clean and aesthetic image.
    • Local SEO – With small business in mind, we focus on local SEO and optimization for Google My Business.
    • Social Media – We create and manage your presence on social media. With regular updates on Facebook and Twitter, you can be sure that your customers would be well informed of your new products and services.
    • Report – Every month, we present you with a comprehensive report about how your site has performed and if we actually fulfill the promise of guaranteed ranking SEO.

    How to Improve SEO Ranking on Google in 2019?

    With innumerable websites on the web, ranking in Google in 2019 is tougher than earlier.

    Guaranteed SEO

    is surely the best way to go. But, it is essential to take the newest SEO ranking factors into consideration.

    To ensure your website gains the desired SEO ranking in 2019, do follow this checklist.

    Use New On-Site SEO Tactics

    The simplest and most effective way to boost SEO ranking in 2019 is by improving on-site SEO.

    Optimizing your website for the latest keywords helps to enhance its online visibility. Make sure you practice ‘front loading.’ This means including keyword in the title tag.

    Google focuses more on keywords mentioned at the beginning of your content and not those that appear later on.

    Further, longer content means higher search rankings. It really works, especially when the content includes competitive keywords. But, make sure long-form content makes sense.

    Focus on Searcher Intent

    Searcher Intent is the new buzzing topic in the SEO arena.

    Pleasing RankBrain lets Google knows whether your website is the perfect fit for searched keywords or not. If it is so, no one can stop you from earning top rankings in Google.

    Searcher intent is of various types. Depending on your industry and niche, your web page must be a great fit for search queries.

    Integrate LSI Keywords To Your Webpage

    Now this one truly delivers great results.

    LSI keywords are long-form phrases or words relevant to your content or topic. Google is fond of LSI keywords, as they let Google easily know about your webpage or topic.

    Free LSI keywords search tools are available. However, for best results take the help of a trusted guaranteed SEO company.

    Consider Mobile-First Index

    Being mobile-friendly means building responsive websites. This is highly important particularly for ranking in mobile searches.

    Responsive websites help Google to precisely index webpages.

    This is the era of the mobile-first index. To make sure you stay alive on both desktop and mobile platforms, follow Google’s guidelines for the same.

    Reduce Bounce Rate

    Searcher Intent is definitely a great way to achieve great rankings. However, it alone cannot make it happen.

    It means that users shift quickly to other websites in order to quench their queries. Hence, your website is not the perfect fit for them.

    If users don’t quickly leave your website and are not happy with it, Google immediately shows a red flag.

    Hence, reduce your website’s bounce rate.

    For this, ‘above the fold’ aspect of your site must be highly impressive.

    Format your webpage in an easy to understand the structure.
    Let your users easily find and reach what exactly they are looking for.

    All these help in reducing a website’s bounce rate to a great extent.

    Well, these are some of the important factors to consider for achieving higher SEO rankings in 2019. However, they are not all. There are is still to explore and implement.

    Remember, the market is competitive than ever.

    No matter how hard you try, don’t expect to become an SEO expert and drive results in just a couple of months. It needs years of knowledge and experience.

    Hence, it is best to hire a company offering guaranteed SEO ranking.

    itraffic is a reputed guaranteed SEO agency that promises to deliver top SEO rankings in the shortest time span. They implement the latest and white hat SEO techniques to fetch lasting results for their clients.

    So, go only to the experts.

    How to Rank My Webpage on Top of the Mobile Search Results?

    You’ve set your website for the mobile platform. But it is not ranking top for mobile searches.

    What can you do?

    Ranking for mobile search results is quite different from ranking for desktop searches.

    Not only is the screen size small, but searchers on mobile are also in a rush.

    Hence, first and most importantly, focus on your website’s loading speed.

    Searchers on mobile are looking only for websites that load fast. If your web page fails to deliver so, nothing else would be able to help.

    Pop-ups, almost all mobile searchers hate them!

    Searches made on mobile are usually time-bound. Everyone is looking out for quick answers and solutions.

    Frequently appearing pop-ups not only consume time but disrupts the overall experience.
    Eliminate them. Too many pop-ups can negatively impact rankings as well. So, better wave them no.

    Since 2016, Google officially incorporates AMP or accelerated mobile pages into its search algorithm.

    For better ranking in mobile searches, focus on AMP. The three core components to build AMP pages are:

    • AMP Cache
    • AMP JS
    • AMP HTML

    Give equal importance on all these AMP aspects to let your website load almost instantaneously.

    Mobile screens vary in size and dimensions. The best way to serve them is by creating a responsive design for your webpage.

    Responsive design fits perfectly to all screen sizes without compromising on quality and visual experience. Code your web page accordingly.

    Mobile is the handiest device available for users to make relevant searches. These ways are great to maintain the needed pace.

    However, a company assuring you guaranteed SEO results can help you in the best manner. An SEO agency like iTraffic has already helped innumerable companies gain top rankings in mobile searches.

    So, if you really want to win the race, make sure you hire only the best.

    Are SEO services worth it?

    When you get guaranteed results, SEO is worth any amount of money and time, really.

    Let’s try to understand it in more detail. Let’s assume you incur a cost of $1200 per month, for 6-months. This means a total outlay of $7200.

    Now, let’s assume the SEO efforts get you to Google’s first page for your target search queries. This means your website is exposed to, let’s assume, 500,000 Internet users per month. Assuming that 2% of these visits your site, that’s a massive 10,000 visitors.

    Now, if your website has been converting at 1%, this means a hundred new customers each month. Now, you know the customer lifetime value (CLV) for each new client you get, so you can well imagine how the ROIs you get on guaranteed SEO is so impressive.

    At the end of the day, all SEO is business development.

    Can any website rank without doing SEO?

    Theoretically speaking, yes they can.

    In fact, you don’t have to make a conscious effort to get your website ranked. Once Google’s bots crawl it and index it, it will automatically be assigned a ranking for certain keywords.

    However, that’s not SEO. In fact, you need guaranteed search engine optimization to make sure that:

    • Your websites get a high rank
    • They get this rank for the keywords you’re most interested in
    • You’re able to sustain the rank

    And this is where you need a guaranteed first page SEO assurance from a professional company. You don’t want to waste your marketing dollars on experimentation, do you?

    How can we increase SEO traffic in 30 days?

    30 days is the minimum period you should expect to wait before you can see any results from our guaranteed SEO tactics.

    Here’s a quick list of all that we’ll do for your website:

    • Begin with an end to end audit of existing SEO and content
    • Prepare a plan based on your SEO goals
    • Conduct keyword research
    • Optimize your website for on-page SEO
    • Start content marketing to get high-quality backlinks for your website
    • Create trackers and reports so that you can see the latest progress anytime you want

    Generally, 30 days are sufficient to get all these initial actions done. By this time, your website becomes a lot better than hundreds of others which are either not doing any SEO or have been entrusted to amateur SEO consultants who neither offer any guarantee, nor any transparency.

    How does SEO help in promoting a business?

    Like we explained, all SEO is essentially business development.

    It’s not an isolated activity that you do for the sake of it. In fact, every dollar you spend on SEO for your website has to be accounted for. You must ask yourself, how will this feedback to my business in the form of more clients, and hence, more revenue.

    SEO promotes your business in many ways. For starters, when your website shows up on Google’s first page, you know your website is visible to millions of potential customers. This improved online visibility helps increase your web traffic, and eventually, gets you more business.

    Also, content marketing is an important aspect of SEO at itraffic. Our guaranteed SEO service builds heavily on your existing content strategy so that we brand your business as an authoritative voice on a subject matter. This helps establish your business as a brand in the digital world.

    Eventually, whether it’s voice SEO, local SEO, or content marketing – all SEO contributes to business promotions.

    How long does it take organic SEO to take effect?

    Before we answer this, a word of caution.

    There are hundreds of SEO consultants, companies, and agencies out there, willing to offer you the “guarantee of #1 rank” for a heavy sum of money.

    Please understand that it’s impossible for any agency to offer you a guaranteed first rank on Google because there are too many uncontrollable factors in the mix.

    itraffic offers you guaranteed SEO services, and our guarantee is a well-thought-out one and something we intend to follow up on.

    Our organic SEO strategies are time tested and proven effective. While it’s not possible to provide a blanket answer to this question, we have observed time and again at a 30-45 days period is enough for clients to witness the results of our SEO.

    If you’ve never undertaken any SEO activity in the past, it may take us more time to demonstrate results. Also, the time may increase if we try to rank your website for the most competitive keywords of the industry.

    How much does it cost for SEO services?

    A poll covering more than 600 SEO companies found that the average SEO expert usually charges anywhere between $80 and $130 each hour. Also, the average monthly retainer for guaranteed SEO services ranges from $750 to $2000 every month. Performance-based SEO, on the other hand, can be started immediately and has a dynamic price range.

    Despite knowing all this information, you might still be left wondering about the type of SEO that is ideal for your specific business. The best-case scenario would be to break down the different kinds of search engine optimization services offered by a local firm and establish a standard price point for every single one of them.

    How much should I spend on SEO per month?

    The cost of SEO services in Australia differs considerably based on the services you need and the expected outcome. Generally, the cost of SEO depends on:

    • The number of keywords you wish to rank for
    • Current rankings for those keywords
    • Amount of competition for your target keywords
    • Amount of work needed to get website ranking.

    Local SEO is usually the cheapest to implement. It’s also easier to secure business rankings for local searches since the competition is less. You should spend about $500 to $2000 a month for local SEO in Australia.

    Holistic SEO, on the other hand, involves securing business website ranking across numerous location-based searches in the country. SEO normally costs more per month compared to local SEO since a lot more work is necessary and there is more competition.

    The price varies case-by-case. SEO can set cost you anything between $500 to $2,000 a month based on how much work is needed, the number of keywords you’re ranking for, the size of your business, and the current ranking of your business.

    How can the right SEO Company offer positive SEO results?

    Before hiring a guaranteed SEO agency, you should understand how the company will apply their services and whether it is the right move for your business. Some guaranteed SEO experts promise the moon but fail to deliver anything substantial. However, selecting the right SEO company can work wonders for your business prospects.

    SEO consultants offer a comprehensive method of harmonizing the latest and most productive SEO approaches to help your business. They offer recommendations that help your website perform optimally. They also tell you how much time it will take to optimize your site, the expected costs, and services best suited to the requirements of your business.

    A good SEO company will clearly define plans and purposes for website optimization. They will provide SEO solutions that are long-established and proven to produce effective, guaranteed SEO rankings as opposed to vague theoretical ideologies found on the Internet.

    SEO experts boost business traffic through increased visibility on popular search engines. They also use a keyword approach to attract traffic to your business site. Despite proper rankings, it is necessary to target the right keywords to compel your target audience to visit your website.

    SEO professionals are also competent enough to provide businesses with helpful propositions on how online budgets work so that businesses avoid overspending while searching for the best SEO services.

    Select the best SEO company that :

    • Understands and conforms to all your business requirements
    • Boosts sales
    • Improves site traffic
    • Increases website usability
    • Enhances browser compatibility and user experience
    • Offers increased return on investments

    Businesses will also achieve a higher rank owing to local SEO services that apply specific tactics to improve the local business profile.

    Is SEO necessary for a business website?

    All business sites need SEO. Otherwise, how will customers find you in the era of the internet?

    SEO is an ever-changing field. iTraffic the guaranteed SEO company provides the latest techniques to drive traffic to your site.

    Let us look at some of these:

    1. Long blogs – For a few years, SEO experts have spoken out about the need for long blog posts because Google deems them as authoritative and informative. In-depth posts that explain every aspect of a topic is essential.
    2. Modify older posts – Are your older posts still relevant? If they contain obsolete facts, it is time to give them a major overhaul. This is also a fantastic opportunity to sue new keywords that have emerged.
    3. Utilize RankBrain – Google uses a tool known as RankBrain. It not only searches for the string the user entered but anything close to it. Such as the search for “pastry shop in Sydney” will also fetch results about “bakers in Sydney.” This is a golden opportunity for providing guaranteed SEO results.

    What are some top SEO companies in Australia?

    The world of SEO is constantly changing and evolving. Naturally, business owners in Australia have the need to change and modify their website to keep up with the technology.

    There are several well-known SEO agencies in Australia. iTraffic is, without a doubt, absolutely top echelon and provides guaranteed SEO ranking to every client.

    List of some top SEO agencies in Australia:

    Address: Miami QLD 4220, Australia

    Address: 604/566 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

    Address: Level 4/109 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

    Digital Surfer
    Address: Level 1/27 Griffith St, Coolangatta QLD 4225, Australia

    Sharp Circles – SEO Company
    Address: Level 19/180 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

    If your query, can you guarantee SEO results, there is only one agency that you must visit.

    With decade long experience and hundreds of happy clients, itraffic has mastered the science and art of SEO.

    Take the hassle out of SEO and hand all of your worries to us. We deliver always.

    What are the modern SEO services?

    There is a huge change in sweeping through SEO. At this moment, over 60% of web search is conducted through a mobile device. It is imperative that your website is optimized for smart devices since Google has adopted mobile first indexing this year.

    itraffic, where we provide guaranteed SEO packages, has found some quite ingenious tweaks that would make your website rank high in search despite mobile-first indexing.

    The AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages project from Google speeds up a site and makes it load faster. AMP pages are lighter and use the tag “amphtml” that tells Google that your pages are optimized for mobile devices.

    It is not only that your site should be fast, but the UX must also match the small size of a smart device. There is less screen real estate, and it should be used carefully.

    Since newer operating systems cannot use Flash, we will also help you get rid of it and move the content to HTML5 ready site.

    Our guaranteed first page SEO promise is true for every possible device.

    What is a good SEO plan for a small business?

    Being a small business is not easy. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 60 percent of small businesses stop operations within the first three years.

    But SEO can make your small business more user-friendly, attract quality visitors from search, and increase credibility. Guaranteed SEO has one of the highest ROIs since it connects your business to potential customers looking for services and products similar to yours and is in the middle of a “purchase decision”.

    Thus, you receive highly targeted traffic to your site.

    SEO for small business is divided into two categories –

    • On-page SEO: Improving individual website pages to enhance rankings within search engine results pages.
    • Off-page SEO: Actions taken outside your own website to improve rankings.

    SEO is necessary for small businesses since it puts them on the first page of search results for both desktops and mobiles. However, the SEO strategies adopted must be sustainable so you don’t waste money on “guaranteed” SEO packages that don’t work or lose their effect once you stop paying.

    Below are some SEO services that help secure your rankings:

    On-Page SEO for Small Businesses

    This involves optimizing both the HTML source code of a website and its content. The primary focus is to help crawlers understand the context and meaning of your site’s pages.

    Please note that the changing nature of on-page SEO means you must stay updated on the latest practices and trends.

    • First, perform keyword research to understand what the target market is looking for.
    • Apply the keyword research to create a content plan and devise the best site structure.
    • Analyse keywords and group those with similar topics and intent.
    • Evaluate SERP for each keyword to identify high-ranking pages for those keywords.
    • Analyse those pages to understand the qualities they possess and determine the format and content type.

    Page Title

    Search engines use titles to understand what your site is about. Include a descriptive and unique title tag for each page and include the keyword you wish to rank for. Always include target keywords near the beginning. Create a short title since search engines normally display the first 60 characters. Include power words, modifiers, and numbers.

    Meta Description

    Meta descriptions compel users to click on search results, so make sure they are compelling. Use meta descriptions to tell visitors what information they will find on a page. Include target keywords to make the descriptions more appealing to online users.

    Page Formatting

    Poor formatting can affect the quality of your web content. Format text for readability and allow users to navigate your page so they can quickly find information. Break the text into short paragraphs, break your content with useful headings and subheadings, and use lists with bullet points so users can skim your content. Headings can include relevant keywords but ensure you use keywords naturally.


    Develop quality content that serves your business prospects. Produce natural content that can quickly get quality backlinks and garner the attention of your audience.


    Images make your web page easier to understand and more interesting. Use descriptive file names and add descriptive ALT tags so the search engines make sense of the contents of each image.

    Internal Linking

    Internal links help SEO since they connect the content and tell search engines about the site structure. By following the links, Google finds out which content on the site is related. More links indicate more value for the search engine.

    Off-Page SEO for Small Businesses

    Off-page SEO provides signals to search engines that your company’s site is useful to online users and provides value.

    Link Building

    The link building indicates authority. This is an effective off-page SEO tactic since more backlinks from high-quality brands and businesses indicate more value for search engines. However, avoid buying artificial links to trick the search engines.

    Social Media Content Promotion

    Social media, while not instrumental for search engine rankings, is an aspect of off-page SEO. It provides a great opportunity to get in touch with prospects and customers. Focus your social media marketing campaigns on engaging customers and promoting content from your site.

    PPC Campaigns

    Organic SEO is unpredictable and time-consuming. If you want SEO guaranteed first-page ranking quickly, paid search is an alternative option. It immediately boosts traffic and conversions. Use PPC effectively to support various parts of the sales funnel and help your business grow.

    What is paid SEO and organic SEO?

    Organic SEO involves optimizing your website HTML and copy so that it ranks higher on search engines like Bing and Google. This allows potential customers to find your website easily and quickly when they search for a service or product you provide.

    Organic SEO requires patience, time, and consistency, but is more likely to convert visitors into customers as long as your website stands out from the competition. Plus, when you rank on the front page of a search engine, it indicates the legitimacy of your services and products to potential consumers.

    Paid SEO, on the other hand, are those companies that have paid to appear at the top of the search results.

    In spite of the little green box next to the title stating “ad”, most consumers remain unaware that these are advertisements. They feel native and fit cleanly into the results to be minimally obtrusive.

    Instead of waiting for SEO to build up naturally, companies can now pay for the chance to secure guaranteed SEO results.

    What is SEO Ranking?

    Search engine optimization is the broad strategy you use to increase the number of visitors to your websites, by getting your web pages to rank high on search engine result pages.

    Now a high SEO ranking, or a high search ranking, mean the same thing.

    Remember, a single web page could have multiple ranks. How did you ask?

    That’s because the SEO rank is calculated for a particular search result. For instance, your HVAC servicing business website could be ranking 12 for the search phrase ‘professional HVAC technicians for hire’ while it could be ranking 28 for ‘book HVAC repair in Sydney’.

    The pursuit of a high SEO ranking, hence, makes sense only in the context of the search phrase you’re trying to rank for. Of course, to be visible, you’d ideally need to rank among the top 10 results on the SERP, and that too for a search phrase that enjoys a lot of traffic volume.

    There, you see, the equation could become complex, when you add variables such as keyword research, traffic potential, conversion factors, etc. A guaranteed SEO company with experience in empowering local businesses to rank higher, hence, can save you money, time, and effort.

    What is the guaranteed way to local SEO?

    In spite of the mind-blowing potential of local search optimization, businesses continue to struggle in figuring out how to get their next hundred customers.

    Local SEO is the answer, and a guaranteed local SEO agency is your foolproof strategy to success.

    Here are some of the most dependable local SEO strategies itraffic will implement for your business:

    • We’ll secure the maximum possible number of NAP citations (name, address, phone) for your business.
    • Expect us to help you get your Google MyBusiness profile and then make it 100% verified and complete.
    • Trust out proven effective methods of getting user ratings and reviews for your business, which will boost your local SEO.
    • Local SEO success depends on the choice of right keywords, and itraffic helps you with your local keyword strategy, as well as with optimizing your content for local search keywords.
    • We have established channels of getting highly valuable backlinks for your business.

    Where can I get small business SEO services?

    SEO is often misinterpreted as a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s far from the truth.

    Doing SEO for a multinational organization is massively different from doing it for an e-commerce business. Similarly, the SEO strategy for a small business or local business is different from SEO for a SaaS service provider.

    Your generic Google searches for a local SEO company or small business SEO agency may yield dozens of results, but all may not be relevant for you. By all means, depend on Google search and online lists of top SEO companies, but make sure you check further and decide whether it’s the kind of guaranteed SEO service provider you can trust.

    Some key questions to ask:

    • How do you ensure your SEO tips and tricks are relevant for my local business?
    • Which similar small businesses have you helped in the past with SEO?
    • How will you ensure that my SEO investments yield positive ROI over a reasonable short duration?

    Why do a few SEO agencies offer ‘pay on results’?

    Continuing from our last answer, it’s important for you to know that SEO isn’t like what it used to be. SEO companies need to invest a lot of effort to make things work. Often, a small business owner may end up paying several thousands of dollars, without any SEO success.

    Guaranteed SEO companies that have proven-effective methodologies of SEO, hence, need to step up and do their bit to ensure that customers get a lot of confidence. To this effect, they are inclined to offer a ‘pay on result’ guarantee.

    This basically means that you get an SEO guarantee, and need to pay the agreed amount to the guaranteed SEO company when you see the results. This makes sure you get proper ROIs and don’t fall prey to SEO companies that only make lofty promises without giving any results.

    Why should you choose the best company for SEO Guaranteed Services?

    SEO has become so complex that it’s not practical for a small business to trust a team of freelancers sitting somewhere in their homes on the other side of the planet. You need a professional and guaranteed SEO service provider.

    Among these, look for the best SEO guarantee, because only a company that trusts its methods will offer you a guarantee on the services. itraffic has worked with several businesses like yours, and we’ve helped them grow their clientele.

    With our SEO, we guaranteed first-page ranking to our clients and delivered the promised results. We encourage you to visit our website and check out our case studies and testimonials. With our SEO, page one position is guaranteed, once we conduct a quick SEO audit for you. Get in touch and know more.

    Will my sales increase through SEO?

    Think of it this way.

    When you are guaranteed Google search results first-page position, you can imagine the number of people who will take a look at, and visit your website.

    Next up, all you need is to depend on your website’s conversion ability (we can help with that too), to convert the traffic into queries and customers. So, it’s guaranteed that your SEO success will quickly transform into sales for your business.

    Ask us how we can optimize our SEO campaign to suit your requirements.