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If you run a local business, it is vital to have a well-optimised GMB page. Our local SEO services help you get discovered online leading to more leads and conversions. Contact us for efficient Google My Business Optimisation services.

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    Google My Business Optimisation

    GMB optimisation services can help your business show up on the first page of a search result ahead of the organic results. All you need to do is claim your business and optimise your page. Get more local leads and revenue.

    Google Maps Optimisation

    Along with GMB, we will also optimise Google Maps so that customers can locate you. This is important because distance plays a vital role in ordering “near me” searches. Proper Google Maps optimisation could boost your local search ranking leading to more business.

    Local SEO Services

    Apart from GMB and Google Maps, you should aim for the top 3 spots in organic search results as well. Our local SEO services will help you rank on the organic results page by targeting top local keywords in your industry.

    Directory Optimisation

    Google looks at several parameters across the web including local listings before assigning a quality score to your business. We will help you increase your quality score by getting your business registered and optimised on important local directories.

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    Google My Business Optimisation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you run a local business, Google My Business Optimisation is imperative for your trade. Doing this will allow searchers to easily locate your business online while neglecting this crucial step could adversely impact your sales.

    In this article, we will reveal everything about Google My Business listing. Read about different Google My Business tips and tricks to improve your local SEO ranking and get more leads and customers.

    What is Google My Business?

    Google My Business (GMB) is an online tool that allows you to manage how your businessappears across major Google platforms such as Search and Maps.

    The tool is completely free. It allows you to feed in your business details such as address, phone number, business hours etc. so that accurate information is available to searchers. You can also interact with your customers through Q&A, messages and reviews.

    Why is GMB Important?

    A GMB listing is critical for local businesses. It allows customers to locate you easily. It also provides them with important details such as images, reviews, and ratings.

    The objective of a GMB page, apart from supplying crucial contact information, is to enable the user to assess the reputation, credibility, and performance of an enterprise.

    A large number of people refer to the GMB listing service to find and contact local businesses.

    The other reason GMB is important is because Google uses the data to populate the three-pack listing that appears on the first SERP. A high GMB rank translates into more leads, more conversions and therefore more profits.

    Do I Need Local SEO?

    A good GMB rank could bring more leads for your business but it doesn’t happen on its own. You need to optimize the page. This is done with the help of local business results Optimisation.

    Local SEO is a specialized field which differs from the regular Optimisation that is commonly carried out on websites.

    Local businesses should lay high emphasis on GMB because it has huge benefits for them. Proper GMB Optimisation could lead to a manifold increase in customers leading to high growth and profits.

    A Step-By-Step Guide to Optimize Your Google My Business Page

    You can perform Google My Business Optimisation using this step-by-step guide:

    1. Claiming Your GMB Page and Verifying Your Business

    Before optimizing your page, you first need to claim it.

    This can be done by logging in to GMB and filling out your details.

    Google verifies each and every business before listing. This is done through various methods such as by post, email, phone, and bulk verification. You can find out more about GMB verification services by clicking here.

    Once you’ve verified your profile, you will be prompted for more data. Try and fill in as much information as possible for a strong GMB profile.

    2. Don’t Ignore Photographs

    The GMB listing platform allows you to upload photos and videos of your business. Don’t neglect this important step. Google takes into account the images you upload while determining your ranking.

    The photos and videos need not be of professional quality but they should be clearly visible.

    Besides helping with ranking, having photos could help you get more customers. Statistics reveal that people generally prefer to interact with businesses that have photos on their pages.

    3. Get Reviews

    Apart from photographs, reviews also impact your Google business SEO rankings.

    Try and ask customers you have served to leave a review.

    You should also try and respond to each review you get individually. This includes negative reviews. Responding to reviews tells the reviewer that you value their feedback and contributes to building a favorable online impression for the business.

    4. Add Postings

    The GMB posting service is similar to social media posts and they pop up on your GMB page. You can use the GMB dashboard to compose these posts.

    Your posts could be about anything—from events to discounts and holiday messages. You can also add pictures to your posts but make sure they are of the right size.

    5. Use the Booking Button

    Do you run a restaurant, salon or medical clinic?

    If you run a business that relies on appointments, the booking button on GMB could be particularly helpful.

    However, this facility is only available for those that have linked up with a Reserve with Google partner.

    The booking button could help your business by making bookings easier for your customers.

    6. Use the Messaging Service

    Not many people know that Google My Business services also has a messaging service which you can access via your dashboard. It allows you to reply to those people who send you a message. However, this service is currently available only for mobile web users and not desktop and app users.

    7. Optimize the Questions& Answers Section

    The Q&A section appears just below your contact details and is a great tool to tell people more about your business.

    It acts as a listening board to help you understand what questions people have regarding your business. It is also useful for searchers because it acts as readily-accessible FAQs.

    Keep an eye out for any new questions that appear. If you think that a certain Q&A is important, go ahead and upvote it—this will improve its visibility.

    Also, keep in mind that anyone can answer a question so be sure to go back and check regularly for erroneous answers.

    8. Write a Business Description

    Google has started allowing business descriptions on GMB to further explain your offerings. These descriptions should be limited to 750 characters.

    However, only 250 characters appear on the Knowledge Panel while the rest is cut off. Incorporating the most important information and keywords at the beginning of the copy can help you get around this problem.

    9. Use the Services/Menu Feature

    GMB now has a Services/Menu feature that businesses can utilize. So if you run a business that offers multiple products/services such as a restaurant or a cleaning service, you could use this feature to provide more information about your offerings. This is an excellent Google local business SEO tool to tell your customers more about your venture.

    What is the Google Local Listing Optimisation Process Followed at itraffic?

    Our Google My Business Optimisation service follows a rigorous process that’s in line with the best practices followed by leading SEO companies worldwide.

    We employ the exact methods described above to help you break into the three-pack listing to gain more organic traffic leading to greater sales or conversions.

    Do I Need a Professional Google Maps Optimisation Service to Improve My GMB?

    Understanding the concept of local Optimisation is one thing, carrying it out quite another. There are several technical aspects to local Optimisation that are best left to GMB experts.

    A professional Google Listing Service Provider will analyse your specific needs before starting work so that you are able to target the right audience and provide the right information. They are also well-equipped to handle unforeseen challenges to help you meet your SEO objectives.

    How to Track Clicks from Google My Business

    Not many people are aware of the fact that the traffic you receive from GMB can be tracked separately and need not be merged with organic SEO results.

    Under normal circumstances, GMB traffic numbers are added to the organic traffic column making it hard to distinguish between Google business site SEO and regular SEO. However, it is possible to separately track GMB traffic by making a few minor adjustments to your tracking system.

    First, you need to decide which pages to track. Once that is done, you can segregate your GMB traffic data from the regular search using the following steps:

    1. Creation of Tracking URLs

    You need to create tracking URLs so they contain the additional information you need. Go to the Campaign URL Builder on Google and feed in the relevant data. Don’t forget to add “gmb” (Google My Business) in the Campaign Name field. Then generate the new URL.

    2. Updating Your Google My Business Link

    The next step is to update your Google My Business link. Log on to the GMB platform and add the new URL, clicking on the “Apply” button to save your changes.

    You will see a message saying your changes will take a few days to come into effect as they need to be reviewed. Don’t worry too much about it since these are minor changes which are generally approved by Google without any problem.

    3. Viewing Your GMB Campaign Data

    Now you are ready to view your local listing Optimisation data. Log on to the Google Analytics dashboard and go to “All Campaigns”. You can see the “gmb” section.

    You can find all the details regarding the clicks that came from the “WEBSITE” button of your GMB page here. This provides an easy way to track your Google local business SEO results.

    How Can I Define the Area Which I Serve on Google Map?

    There are many local businesses that work exclusively on-site (such as plumbing and HVAC businesses). Others serve customers both at their location as well as outside through the home delivery of goods and services (e.g. restaurant businesses).

    If you run a business that delivers to a local area, it is necessary to define the area you cover. This helps searchers understand whether they are eligible for your services by checking the Google Maps listing.

    You can easily define the area you serve by logging in to the GMB platform. Enter the postal codes for the areas you serve. Alternatively, you could also enter a city name if you cover the entire city.

    However, it is not possible to enter the service area in terms of the distance around your shop/workshop/office.

    How Do I Get Ratings and Reviews on Google Maps?

    Reviews and ratings are an important way to increase your ranking through Google Maps Optimisation.

    As opposed to Yelp, which forbids business owners from proactively asking customers for reviews, Google actually encourages businessmen to seek reviews.

    The reviews should,however, conform with Google Maps’ review policy. Googleis able to easily spot reviews that violate its guidelines and takes them down after investigation.

    As a local business owner, one way to get reviews is to request your customers to write about their experience. On the other hand, responding to each review individually tells people that you take feedback seriously and helps build trust in your business.

    Customers can leave a review or a rating using their desktop device by going to the GMB page of a business and clicking on the “Write A Review” button.

    In case they are using a mobile device, they should go to Google Maps and search for the business. After reaching the GMB page, they should click on the “Review” tab on top where they will be prompted for a review and rating.

    Reviews and ratings are a key local map Optimisation technique with a significant impact on your rankings.

    How Can I Link My Google Map with My Website?

    Linking the business address on your website to Google Maps is quite easy yet there are very few people who actually do it.

    Neglecting this important Google My Business listing Optimisation strategy could deprive you of the chance to make it easier for your customers to locate you, imposing a cost on your business.

    Connecting the address on your website to Google Maps involves a couple of simple steps. Let us understand it with the example of a restaurant in Melbourne.

    1. Go to Google Maps and search for your business. This will bring you to your GMB page.

    2. Once you are on your GMB page, click the Share icon on the right. This will give you the URL.

    3. Now log in to your website for editing. Copy the link from Google Maps, go to the address section, add the link to Google Maps. Don’t forget to save the changes and update the website.

    You have just linked your address to Google Maps!

    How Do I Display My Portfolio in GMB?

    Adding photographs and videos on GMB is a vital step to improve your SEO for Google business and stay ahead of your competitors. Adding images is important for two key reasons:

    1) It helps you boost your local search ranking; and

    2) It encourages customers to interact with your business.

    The process starts with image selection. Ensure that the images are clear and well-lit. They do not have to be of professional quality but readers should be able to clearly identify what they are seeing.

    Ensure that the pictures are of the right size and format before uploading them (they should be either JPG or PNG formats, between 10 KB and 5 MB in size, containing a minimum resolution of 720 x 720 p). Avoid the excessive use of filters so as to give viewers a true representation of your establishment.

    Apart from pictures, GMB also allows you to add videos. But they should be no more than 30 seconds long, up to 100 MB in size, with a minimum resolution of 720 p.

    The addition of visual media to GMB is a key means to optimize Google My Business listing.

    How Can I Optimize Google Maps Listing for a Particular Set of Keywords?

    Until some years ago, it wasn’t easy to perform Google local listing Optimisation with keywords. But in March 2018, Google introduced a new field which allowed businesses to not only describe their business for readers but also optimize the field with keywords.

    You can easily access the Business Description field from the GMB dashboard. Use it to optimize your page for important keywords. Try and use the main keywords at the beginning of the copy for maximum leverage.

    Apart from the Business Description field, it is also possible to use the Services/Menu/Products fields to include keywords. These fields are only available for some types of businesses.

    Along with the names of products and services, there is space for a brief description on each item. Use it to include keywords related to each corresponding product/service and improve your GMB listing.

    If you deal with products rather than services, GMB also permits you to create individual ‘collections.’

    Each collection comprises a number of products and contains space for a description. This provides business owners with an extra opportunity for keyword Optimisation.

    Keep in mind that it’s vital to avoid keyword stuffing. Use only those keywords that are relevant and fit the context.

    Keyword stuffing and out-of-context descriptions could earn you a penalty from Google and put paid to all your efforts at Google My Business listing Optimisation.

    How to Carry Out Link-Building for GMB Listing

    External links are critical for Google local listing Optimisation.In this context, there is little difference between regular SEO and local SEO since both take into account the quality and quantity of backlinks while ordering the results. The only point of divergence is the approach.

    When it comes to local SEO, you should devote some amount of content to local topics and incorporate local keywords.

    For instance, if you run a restaurant in Brisbane, you may write a blog on Brisbane’s 10 iconic dishes. You could submit this write-up to a local website to help you gain a backlink.

    Other link-building measures that are used in local search are comparable to off-site SEO.

    Get in touch with the editors and administrators of websites and ask them if they can publish your article. Citations on local business directories can also help boost backlinks.

    Some other ways of link-building are as follows:

    1. Getting your name on alumni lists. This can be taken even further by inviting the people who compile these lists to feature you on their ‘spotlight’ pages. Getting featured on these pages could helpyou earn some high-value backlinkssince they have a strong context.
    2. Tying up with a non-profit. Hopefully, they will write about the help extended to them by you on their website and incorporate a backlink.
    3. Job postings. Need to hire a fresh graduate? Why not post your requirement on the official website of a reputed college? Many colleges have online job boards. Listing your ad there could help you earn a link from a coveted .edu websitethus aiding local listing Optimisation for your business.

    How Can I Optimize My GMB For Voice Search?

    Voice search is growing. Almost half of all online searches are expected to be voice searches by 2020 as per ComScore. If you run a local business, it is essential to carry out local business results Optimisation for voice search as well.

    This will ensure that your business doesn’t suffer if and when the shift to voice search happens.

    There are some important differences between text search and voice search which need to be factored in while performing GMB Optimisation for your company. Here’s a list of some of the steps to take for local voice search Optimisation.

    1. Optimize Your Citations

    There are a number of voice search engines such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Each of them uses different databases as their primary source of information.

    For example, Alexa uses Bing for search, Yelp, and Yext for business listings, and Yelp for reviews. Siri uses Google for search, Apple Maps for business listings, and Yelp for reviews.

    And Google Assistant uses Google for search and GMB for business listings and reviews.

    Needless to say, ensuring a strong presence on these platforms (while not neglecting others) could improve your Google My Business listing Optimisation from a voice search perspective.

    2. Use Schema Markup

    Schema markups provide data to search engines in a well-structured and better-organized manner.

    Its most important function is to help Google understand the relevance of your pages.

    Schema markups are important from an SEO point of view because it can help you adapt better to upgrades such as voice search function; improve relevancy and locational features, and help your website increase its search ranking (which will also boost voice SEO).

    3. Use Long-Tail Keywords

    The basic difference between text search and voice search is that the latter is usually carried out using longer sentences.

    For example, if you were to carry out a local search on dentists in Gold Coast, you would probably key in “best dentists in the Gold Coast.”

    But when it comes to voice search, the same query would probably be phrased in a different manner such as “Who are the top dentists in Gold Coast?”

    In other words, when to comes to voice search, it is important to write as you speak. The strategic use of long-tail keywords could help you optimizeGoogle Maps listing and show up in more voice searches.

    How Can I Promote an Event on GMB?

    Planning an event? You can spread the word free of cost using the GMB posting service. Google allows business owners to create posts on GMBwith minimum hassle.

    1. Sign in to your GMB account and click on “Posts”.
    2. Click on the “Write a Post” button.
    3. Choose the “Event” option.
    4. Upload an image.
    5. Write out the event title and description to go with the image.
    6. Add time and date and a call-to-action.
    7. Preview the post to see if everything is in order.
    8. Press publish.

    How Can I Add a Virtual Tour to My Google Maps Listing?

    Google Maps allows you to give your visitors a virtual tour thus allowing them to get a good look at your business.

    Here is a brief outline of how to add a virtual tour:

    1. Get a good camera that allows you to take 360-degree panorama shots.
      While taking photographs, ensure that the images are at least 7.5 MP with a 2:1 aspect ratio. The size should be 75 MB or less.
    2. After you’ve taken the photos, the next step is to post them. Log in to your Google My Business page and select to the “Photos” option. Click on the “360” tab.
    3. Click on the blue plus icon to upload the images. They will appear on your GMB page.
    4. Uploading your images on Google Street View allows many more people to see them. This can be done through the Google Street View app.
    5. Open the app and click on the camera icon at the bottom. Select “Import 360 Photos” to upload your photographs.
    6. Now move the red icon on the map over your address to pin your business location. Your virtual tour is now ready to be published on Google Street View!

    The process of adding a virtual tour may sound easy but it is a technical process.That’s why it might be a good idea to hire a Google-certified professional to do the job. They are experts at capturing 360 images while also being familiar with Google’s Street View requirements.

    You could also

    Does Adding a Virtual Tour Improve My Local SEO?

    While there is no direct evidence that adding a virtual tour can improve Google local listing Optimisation, it could have an indirect impact on your ranking by improving the completeness of your profile. It could also help your business gain more online exposure by improving the quality of your page and making a big impression on viewers.

    How to Claim and Optimize Your Bing MapsListing

    While Google dominates the search engine market hands down, there are other search engines like Bing which, although not as popular as Google, still perform millions of searches a day. This makes them important in terms of local business results Optimisation.

    Claiming and optimizing your page on these alternative platforms could help you tap into a comparatively small but no less important segment of people which relies on these other search engines to explore the internet.

    You can claim and optimize your business on Bing Maps using the following steps:

    1. Claim Your Bing Maps Listing

    It is likely that your business is already up on Bing Maps, waiting to be claimed. If it is missing, you can add the listing and claim your business.

    2. Add Your Business Information

    The next step is to add your contact details including name, address and phone number. Try and ensure that the details you provide are consistent across all web platforms. Search engines do not like discrepancies in data. Consistent data across all internet platforms could help your business obtain a higher ranking.

    3. Don’t Forget to AddPhotographs

    Empirical evidence suggests that businesses with photographs rank higher on Bing. Don’t neglect adding photographs when you are optimizing for it.

    4. Add Your Business Hours

    This crucial data helps inform customers about your hours of operation.

    5. Add Your Category

    You will be prompted for your business category. Unlike Google Maps listing, Bing also allows business owners to add a specialty or a sub-category to their business for a more detailed entry.

    6. Optimize for Reservations

    Do you run a restaurant business? Link up with OpenTable to add a reservation feature on your page.

    7. Add Deals and Discounts

    Bing is also integrated with Groupon. If you plan to offer deals on your products, listing them on Groupon could ensure that they feature on your Bing page as well.

    8. Get Listed on Local Business Directories

    Citations on local business directories could assist you in improving your ranking. Superpages, Local, Judy’s Book, YP, Manta, and Yahoo! are some of the local citation sources that are valuable for Bing.

    If you already have a GMB listing, you need not worry about feeding in the data once again. Bing allows you to import your details from Google My Business. There is also no need for verification if your business has already been verified by GMB.

    How to Optimize Your Business for Apple Maps

    Apart from Google and Bing, Apple Maps is an important platform for local businesses mainly because many customers use Siri to carry out local searches, and Siri relies on Apple Maps. You will be missing out on a large section of customers if you ignore Apple Maps.

    Here is a step-by-step guide to optimizing your business on the platform:

    1. Sign In

    Open the Apple Maps site and log in with your ID and password.

    2. State Your Relationship to the Business

    Open the “Add a New Business” page.

    You will be asked to specify your relationship to the business—i.e., disclose whether you are the business owner or someone who has been authorized by them to claim the listing.

    3. Enter Contact Details

    You will need to feed in your contact details such as name, address, and phone number. Ensure that the details are consistent across the internet. This is important for Optimisation across all platforms be it Google business SEO, Bing SEO or Apple Maps.

    4. Phone Number Verification

    Apple will call you on your phone to verify your number.

    5. Add Other Information

    You will be asked to select your business category. Be as specific as possible.

    Don’t forget to update your hours of operation. In fact, you should try and enter as many details as possible including your social media handles, website address and so on.

    6. Review Your Information and Publish

    Check whether all the details you have entered is correct and click on the OK button to publish. It generally takes about three weeks for your information to appear on Apple Maps.

    How To Delete Your GMB Listing

    Google allows you to “Remove a Location” if you don’t want to manage it anymore. Using this option will relieve you of the responsibility of managing the page but will not delete the entry from Google.

    You can remove a location by signing in to your GMB account. Then click on “Info” followed by “Click or Remove this Listing.”Click on “Remove Listing” followed by “Remove.”

    Bear in mind that this is a permanent action and cannot be reversed. The only way to undo the change and revive your Google Maps listing is by going through the verification process all over again.

    What Is Google Maps?

    Google Maps is an online service that offers different types of map-based assistance to users. Apart from displaying geographical features through satellite, it also contains a comprehensive database of roadnames and businesslistings.

    It incorporates many useful features such as a navigational serviceand an application program interface (API), which allows webmasters to embed the map on their own websites. Its Street View feature lets users see images of streets and places in any part of the world.

    Google Maps has transformed the mapping landscape since its launch in 2005thanks to its utility, functionality, convenience, and many other useful elements.

    Why is Google Maps Important for Local Businesses?

    Google Maps is crucial for local businesses because of its high degree of integration with Google My Business. In fact, the two terms are often used interchangeably.

    We have already discussed the importance of Google My Business for small companies in detail. The importance of Google Maps for local businesses can be attributed to the same reasons.

    Does Google Maps Optimisation Service Help?

    Google Maps Optimisation services is a key part of the local search Optimisation process. It helps in enhancing the online presence of a business to attract more local customers.

    It has the same impact as optimizing Google My Business because both of them are actually the same. The necessity of GMB Optimisation has been explained in detail in the above paragraphs.

    Do I Have to Pay for a Google Business Listing?

    Claiming a listing on Google Maps/GoogleMy Business comes free of cost and Google does not charge any money for it. If you receive any communication asking for payment for GMBeither on behalf of Google or its representatives, it is probably fake and should be reported.

    However, hiring a company to optimize Google My Business listing is a contract between you and that company where Google isn’t involved. It is generally a paid service.

    How Do I Add a Call Button to My Google Business Page?

    Listing your business for local maps optimisation needs you to have a profile in Google My Business. This is an excellent way to show up for local searches, especially those performed using a mobile device.

    Very often, when your business shows up in the search tiles, a prospective customer would like to call you for information. It may have to do with the price or details of the goods or services that you offer.

    Source: ducttapemarketing

    If you have not yet added a phone number, it is time to do so.

    • Log in to Google My Business.
    • When the Home page of your business opens, you will find several options in the left-hand pane.
    • Click on “Info”
    • You will find three fields – address, working hours, and phone number
    • You can add a new number or edit an existing one

    It is essential that you add a number if you want to optimize SEO for Google Business. Most users who find your business through search would like to call first.

    How Do I Change My Mobile Number on Google Business?

    To change your mobile number, follow the exact steps described above, editing your number instead of adding a new one.

    Google will take some time to process the update as explained in the previous section.

    How Do I Add a Second Location for My Business on Google?

    Once you have a Google My Business account, you have to provide the business address.

    For the purpose of Google local listing optimisation, you have to enter the address completely and precisely such as 123 XYZ Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

    If your business has multiple branches –

    • Click on “Manage locations” at the bottom of the left side pane
    • Now click on “Create location group”
    • Give the group a name
    • Click Create and add as many locations as you wish.

    All of these places of business would become a part of Google Maps Listing and show up in local search.

    If your business has more than 10 locations, you are eligible to use a spreadsheet for uploading data.

    Source: storage.googleapis

    The owner of the Location group (also known as Business account previously) can upload a spreadsheet with the details, and they appear in the address field automatically.

    How Do I Get My Business on Google?

    Getting your business up on Google simply means claiming the GMB/Google Maps page for your enterprise. Read the section on Google business listing Optimisation for comprehensive instructions on how this can be accomplished.

    How Do I Change My Address on Google?

    Changing your business address is quite simple. It can be done using the following steps:

    1. Sign in to your GMB account.
    2. Choose the location for which you wish to modify the address.
    3. Click on the “Info” button.
    4. Make the changes you want on the Info page. Don’t forget to click “Apply” after the change.
    5. You also need to mark your location on the map. If Google does not do this automatically, look for a “Set Marker Location” sign on the right-hand side and click on it.
    6. You will see a map with a red location pin. Drag this marker and place it on your business location. Then click “Apply.”
    7. Google will take some time to review the changes after which you will see it reflected on your GMB listing.

    How Do I Change Incorrect Information on Google?

    It is essential that your business listing provides correct information about your business to help with Google optimisation services. Any errors about a phone number or working hours can inconvenience your customers, and it will be difficult for you to acquire them back.

    • Log into the home page of your Google My Business account
    • On the left pane, you will find a tab marked Info
    • Locate the field that you wish to change
    • After completion of your edits click Apply

    Keep in mind that though you may change the information in a matter of minutes, it does not show up instantly in search. Google may take a few days to make the change at its end.

    You are able to change:

    • Business name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Working hours
    • Images
    • URL of website
    • Category

    Accurate information allows you to optimise Google My Business listing and drives more customers towards your business.

    You have to make sure that the images perfectly represent your work and your brand.

    How Can I Add My Address on Google Search?

    You can add your address on Google search using the GMB listing service.

    Adding your address on GMB ensures that it is added to all Google platforms such as Google Maps and Google Search.

    Refer to the subtopic “A Step-By-Step Guide to Optimize Your Google My Business Page” above to know how this can be done.

    How Do I Verify My Business?

    Google My Business is an entirely free solution that allows you to rank higher in local search. It is tied to Google Maps Optimisation and enables you to provide the latest updates to your customers.

    After you have created a profile and provided all the necessary details (phone number, address, business name), you have to choose a verification method that suits you best. The verification is an essential part of GMB listing of your business.

    1. Mail – Log into your account and choose “Mail.” Google will mail you a postcard with a five-digit code. Input the code in your Google My Business
    2. Phone – This is really easy. It is similar to the verification of your Gmail ID. Choose to verify by phone and enter the code you receive by text.
    3. Verify by email – Select “verify by email” option. After a few minutes, visit your inbox and click the verification link.

    Your GMB listing will now be live. Anyone in the neighborhood will see your business name in the tiles that appear in search.

    How Do I Change My Google Business Name?

    You can change your GMB business name both before and after verification. But getting it done after verification will require you to get your authentication done all over again.

    Before Verification: It is relatively simple. You can change your business name by using the edit option.

    After Verification: In case you have already sought verification form/already been verified by Google, you will have to get your GMB listing authentication done once again. Refer to the topic “How Do I Verify My Business?” above to know more.

    How Do I Change My Google Business Address?

    It is possible to change your address before verification by editing your information on GMB. If you have recently sought verification or already been verified, it is necessary to verify your business once again. Read the section on “How Do I Verify My Business?” to find out more.

    Our Google My Business services can help you modify details such as business name and address which are generally cumbersome to carry out. Get in touch with us for more information.

    How to Add Google My Business Posts?

    One of the best ways to optimise Google My Business listing is to share posts. There is a lot that you can do with posts.

    For example –

    • You could share details of new products and services you are offering
    • You could promote your business by offering special discounts
    • You could even share a positive review from a customer

    It is easy to create a post.

    • Log into the home page of your Google My Business account
    • The left panel has a tab marked Post
    • Click it and then click on Create Post
    • Save and publish the post

    It is very similar to posting updates on Facebook. Providing fresh content once a day or even once a week is a good way to rank high via local maps optimisation.

    Source: corp-brightlocal.imgix

    The post should be slanted towards including local content. That provides what is known as location authority, and you are able to establish your reputation for that category.

    Why Is My GMB Post Not Showing?

    If you are unable to see your GMB post despite having put them up, it could be due to either of these reasons:

    1. Your post doesn’t conform to Google’s posting rules. Click here to learn more about creating Google posts.
    2. There’s a glitch in Google—in which case, you should contact the Google My Business helpdesk.

    How to Optimize GMB Posts

    Google Posts are a useful means to promote sales, discounts, events and so on. However, adding keywords to Google Posts does not have any impact on your ranking. Google Posts can, nevertheless, help you obtain more organic traffic by urging searchers to click on your link.

    Currently, the best way to optimize Google Posts is to create engaging content that persuades searchers to heed your call-to-action.

    How to Use Google My Business Events

    Need to promote an event on Google Maps? You can use GMB Posts to spread the word. Refer to the section “Add Posting” above to learn how to do this.

    Is It Possible to Auto Post on Google My Business?

    GMB currently does not have a provision for scheduling posts. However, integration with Google Calendar can help you achieve this.

    There are also certain third-party tools such as OneUp, Sendible, Social Report and Social Pilot that allow users to schedule their GMB posts. Alternatively, opt for our GMB services for help with auto-scheduling of your Google My Business posts.

    How to Add a Google My Business Video

    Apart from images, GMB also lets you add videos to promote your business.

    You can an add video on your GMB page using the following steps:

    1. Sign in to your GMB account and select the location for which you want to upload the video.
    2. Click on the “Photos” option followed by the “Video” tab on top.
    3. Select the “Post Videos” option.
    4. Drag and drop the video to start uploading. It could take up to 24 hours for the video to show up on your GMB page after it is uploaded.

    Note that Google only accepts videos that are up to 30 seconds in duration. The file size should be a maximum of 100 MB with a minimum resolution of 720p.

    We are experts in Google local business SEO who can help you create and upload suitable videos to improve the quality of your GMB page.

    What Are the Guidelines for Google My Business Reviews?

    Reviews and ratings are among the factors that Google takes into account while ordering a local search. Business owners are encouraged to contact their customers for ratings and reviews. However, the reviews should be consistent with Google’s guidelines to avoid being flagged.

    Here is an enumeration of some of Google’s important review policies:

    1. The review should reflect the genuine experience of the customer and should not be posted with a view to influence the ratings.
    2. The review should not come from a fake account.
    3. Areview should not be repeated more than once (no spammy reviews).
    4. The review should be related to the business (no off-topic content).
    5. There should be no conflict of interest between the reviewer and the business. For example, you should not review your own business, a competing business, or a business in which you are/have been employed.

    If you see any review that violates these guidelines, you should report it to Google. It is also important to keep these rules in mind while seeking reviews from your clients/customers.

    For more details on what constitutes inappropriate content for Google, click on this link.

    We at itraffic can take the burden of getting customer reviews off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on your business. If you feel you lack an adequate number of reviews, get in touch with us. We will use our knowledge of Google local business SEO to optimize your reviews and ratings.

    How Do I Add Questions and Answers to Google My Business?

    Very often, when customers look for a vendor, they have a specific question in their mind. Questions and Answers are added to your GMB listing by default.

    If you are able to answer queries, (such as – can you assemble a custom gaming PC that is VR Ready for under AUD 2,000?), you will get new clients, and it plays a large role in Google local optimisation.

    How to answer questions?

    • Log into your Google My Business account
    • Now search for your business on Google (through another browser tab if needed)
    • Click on See Questions in the “Q and A” section
    • Click Reply

    It is essential that you are brief, accurate, and confident. Omit ambiguities like “”I may be able”” or “”I have to consider”.

    First, draw the customer to your shop and then ask about your doubts regarding the client’s requirements.

    All that Google search is looking for is if you are an attentive businessman who has authority. Good answers are definitely helpful when it comes to local business SEO.

    How Do I Use Google Questions and Answers?

    Using Google Questions and Answers is quite simple.

    Log on to your GMB account and use Google Search to find your business listing.

    Then go to the “Questions and Answers” section and click on “See All Questions.”

    Look for the question you wish to reply to and click on the “Answer” button. Type in your answer and press “Post.”

    How Do I Turn Off Google Questions?

    Unfortunately, there is no option to turn off Google Questions. It will always appear on your page irrespective of whether you want it or not.

    Can’t find time to answer queries from your customers on GMB? Get in touch with us for efficient GMB services to keep your page optimised and updated at all times!

    How Do I Add Messages to My Google Business Page?

    It is essential that you include text messaging as part of your GMB listing. Research shows that an overwhelming number of customers like to text and find out more about a business before they call.

    But most business owners do not include this feature. It is crucial that this lack is corrected immediately.

    To add messages to your Google My Business profile –

    • Log in to the homepage of your Google Business account
    • Locate the Messaging option in the left pane.
    • Enter the number on which you would like to receive SMS messages
    • Google will send a verification SMS to the number. Confirm it.

    Note that when a prospective customer clicks and wants to send a message, they would find a different number. The message is routed through Google so that they can understand how fast and how often you respond.

    Google business SEO rewards you with a higher rank if you are reasonably prompt.

    How to Message a Business on Google

    If you are using the messaging service on GMB, it is useful to know how customers can use it so that you can explain the process to them to help them contact you.

    Customers can see a “Message” tab on your GMB page. All they need to do is tap on it and punch in the message.

    What is the Appointment URL in Google My Business?

    GMB allows you to add a variety of URLs including URLs for viewing a menu/list of services, making reservations at restaurants, and booking appointments. You can add these URLs by signing in to your GMB account, selecting your location, clicking on the URLs section, and inserting the relevant URL.

    How Do I Access Microsoft Bookings?

    You need to sign in to Microsoft 365 as a global admin.

    Go to the “Billing” and “Purchase Services” option. Then locate the “Business Apps (free)” card.

    Hover on the button to get the “Buy Now” option and click on it. Select the number of licenses you need. Now click on the “Checkout” button followed by “Next.”

    Click on “Invoice” for your billing statement. Since this is a free service, you will get a bill for $0. Click on “Place Order.”

    Activate the feature from the Office 365 portal or app launcher.

    How Do I Create a Google Business Listing?

    You can create a GMB listing by signing in and claiming your business on Google Maps. Refer to the section “A Step-By-Step Guide to Optimise Your Google My Business Page” above for detailed instructions.

    What are Labels in Google My Business?

    Labels or tags allow Google local optimisation to identify the type of services your business provides.

    To add labels –

    • Log into the homepage of your Google My Business profile
    • Click Info
    • Click Advanced Information
    • Click Labels
    • Add those that you think describes your business best

    It is the same as adding labels or tags in a blog post. Make sure that the labels are short and descriptive. They are not visible to customers and only useful for indexing.

    Source: cloudfront

    So if you have a haircutting salon in Adelaide possible labels can be –

    • Haircutting salon in Adelaide
    • Hair grooming in Adelaide
    • Best haircutting salon in Adelaide
    • Expert hairdresser in Adelaide
    • Styling salon in Adelaide
    • Beauty parlor in Adelaide

    It adds to your Google business SEO optimization and makes it clear and easy to understand what your business provides.

    Whatever services you provide, spell it out in detail in the labels. Keep it brief but detailed.

    How to View Insights for Your Business Listing

    Information regarding leads and statistics on GMB is available under “Insights.”To access the section, sign in to GMB, select your location and click on “Home.” You’ll find the relevant data under the “Performance” section.

    Why You Need to Keep Your Google My Business Listing Updated

    If your GMB listing is not updated, customers will be unable to find you leading to the loss of business and revenue. Furthermore, Google periodically deactivates inactive accounts making it necessary to keep logging in.

    Our world-class GMB listing service can ensure that your account remains updated at all times so as to occupy a spot in the top 3 local search rankings.

    How to Claim and Profit from Your Google My Business Listing

    Creating a GMB page requires you to claim your business first and foremost.

    Read the section “A Step-By-Step Guide to Optimise Your Google My Business Page” above for detailed instructions on how to create GMB listing for the business.

    How to Update Your GMB Listing When You Move

    It is essential to keep your GMB details updated every time you move your business.

    Find out how to change your contact details by referring to the “How Do I Change My Address on Google?” section above.

    How Do I Get Reviews On Google Maps?

    Peer to peer reviews is the most trusted form of feedback. The handiest one is the reviews left in your GMB listing and linked to Google Maps. It is a surefire way to optimise Google My Business listing for your business.

    How do you get people to participate?

    1. There is no way to be subtle about it. Ask your customers to leave a review. It is best to request those with whom you appear to have developed a rapport during the transaction.
    2. Many customers do not know about Google reviews or do not know how to add one. Have a flier ready that describes the steps in detail.
    3. Give incentives for reviews. That is not penalised by Google. Tell your clients that if they leave a review, they would get 5% off the next time or hand them a discount coupon.
    4. Send emails as a tool to ask again in case they have not left a review.

    What Is Appointment URL In Google My Business?

    Google has gone a step ahead and added a really valuable feature to GMB listing service. Your clients can now make an appointment using the Google Tile showing your business information.

    It is available for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, consultancies and firms such as those involved in construction, plumbing. Restaurants too have this new facility. Walk-in stores do not yet have access to it since it is not necessary.

    • Log into your Google My Business homepage
    • Click the Info section
    • Below the field where you have your main URL, there is an option for Appointment URL
    • If Google has partnered with a third party to provide these URLs, you cannot alter them, but you can add your own.

    Source: formandfunctionagency

    With a Google Maps optimisation service that can do this for you, expect significant ranking improvement in local search.

    The local search function of Google pays a lot of attention to these factors to find, who are the best service providers in the area.

    Why Updating Your Google My Business Listing is Important?

    You must keep reviewing your GMB listing from time to time.

    It is possible for others to edit it. There is an option known as suggested edits, and those suggestions might go live without you ever knowing.

    • Log into your home page at Google My Business
    • Locate the To Do section
    • Review all the changes that have been made since your last visit
    • Since these changes might cause disruptions to your business, it is best if you could log in once every week and make amendments if needed.

    Even if you do not make amendments daily at least once a day, check your business by searching Google. Find if there are any changes in the phone number or working hours in your Google Maps listing.

    Google says that it sends out regular emails to owners, but many say they do not receive it. Your rivals could make changes without you ever knowing about it.

    At the same time, you need to be careful to update any changes to your business instantly.