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At itraffic, we provide a full spectrum of digital marketing services (eMarketing) which is not limited to Ecommerce SEO. If you are looking for standalone eCommerce SEO services then please visit this page.

If you are looking for a comprehensive set of digital marketing ( including paid ad) services then then this page is for you.

The services which we provide under our eMarketing services are as follows:

  1. Ecommerce Social Media Planning and management ( Facebook, Instragram, Google Products)
  2. Market place management and optimization. Ex: Amazon, Ebay, Etsy etc
    1. Amazon product management and amazon product optimization and Amazon SEO.
    2. Ebay product management and Ebay product optimization and Ebay SEO.
    3. Others like Etsy etc
  3. Ecommerce SEO.
  4. Ecommerce Paid Ad management
    1. Banner ad management
    2. Re-marketing
    3. AdWords or Google Pay per click
    4. Facebook paid ad
    5. Instagram paid ad

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Leverage Top 10 Channels to Sell Your Products Online
in Australia in 2019 (With ranking)

As expected, the eCommerce sector of Australia has become wider – with the emergence of new retailers and the availability of various payment methods. Last year, the revenue grew by 11.7% to $11.7 billion and it is expected to achieve the market capitalization of $26.9 billion by the end of 2023.

During its expansion, the online industry has changed the way eCommerce stores are performing their business operations.

Now the winners in the race are the online sellers who have already adopted “multi-channel sales strategy” to sell their products online – to offer a seamless and convenient shopping experience to potential buyers.

To share these insights, I have prepared a list of top 10 marketplaces that can help you increase your business sales in Australia.

Read on to know more. Here are the top 10 channels to look forward to in 2019.

E-Commerce SEO

There is no other better way to increase your business sales than SEO.

While SEO is usually considered as an effective tactic to drive more traffic to your website, it works excellent for the eCommerce sector as well.

Back in 2018, the online sale in eCommerce industry surpasses 2.8 billion dollars all over the world and this year, it is predicted to double the amount in the years to come. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that people will continue buying a variety of products from online retailers.

It’s indeed great news for eCommerce brands. But to Thrive in this highly competitive world, you’ll need to create a strategy that makes you stand aside from the others.

According to recent research conducted by HubSpot, “SEO is the main challenge for many companies in inbound marketing.” The higher you rank on the first page of Google searches, the better you sell.

Despite knowing that SEO offers the highest return for any eCommerce business, many online sellers try to overlook its importance and simply rely on social media channels. I am not saying that these social media channels are not worth your time, search engines remain the best tool for driving organic traffic for eCommerce.

Everyone knows that 85% of internet users use Google to look for a product before taking the final decision. Roughly 33% of consumers click on the first link of Google’s results and 75% of all clicks on the searches appearing on the first page of results.

That obviously means that if your business is not listed on the top Google SERPs, you’ll not get maximum leads for your eCommerce site.


Following are the few points you should consider to drive organic traffic with an effective eCommerce SEO strategy:

Extensive Keyword Research

To create a successful SEO strategy, you need to conduct extensive keyword research.

With keyword research, you’ll get to know what keyword your audience use whenever they search for your competitor’s products. Google AdWords is the best place to start with.


Google AdWords helps you understand what keywords you should be focusing on.

You’ll see how frequently these terms are being used by the people and accordingly, you can change them every month.

Start Blogging

Once you have all the keywords, you can add as many keywords as you can in your website pages. But that alone won’t help you attract more visitors.

You need to start a blog where you can write creative, unique and engaging content including the relevant keywords.

Simplify your Site Structure

To enhance the overall shopping experience of customers, it’s important to simplify the site structure. This will make it easier for website visitors to navigate and jump to other pages.

Optimize Your Site

Website optimization helps you fix the errors (if there are any). Errors impact your website ranking and also decrease the conversion rate. Some common errors include:

  • Broken Link
  • Wrong Product Images
  • Duplicate Content
  • Un-clear product descriptions
Make your Website Mobile Friendly

The popularity of mobile searches has taken the world to the next world and we know that 60% of sale come from mobile devices.

If your website is not mobile friendly, you’ll not be able to see yourself in top searches.


As you can see from the above picture that 80% of people use their smartphone and only 14% rely on a desktop.

You need to understand that mobile devices are dominating the industry. Use this knowledge to make your eCommerce site mobile responsive.

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E-Commerce PPC

If you’re willing to spend some money on ads to attract your potential buyers, you’d better look for the right place. Somewhere where you can expect 246 million organic traffic and 700% return on investment.

A place like Google Ads.

Known as the most popular search engine all over the world, Google launched its advertising platform in October 2000 as Google Adwords and renamed it Google Ads in 2018.

Google Ads is nothing but a paid advertising platform where you need to pay for every single click. The better your PPC campaign do, the more users click on the ad and hence, the greater your chances of driving new and organic visitors.

E-Commerce PPC

Why should you advertise on Google?

As mentioned above, being the widely used website, Google receives 40,000 search queries per second, which led to 1.2 trillion searches every year. Worth to mention that Google Ads has been around us for more than 18 years, giving us a major reason to consider it in terms of paid advertising.

According to a survey, 64.6% of online buyers click on paid ads when looking for a specific product or a service. And as per the calculations, advertisers make 8 times more money they spend on Google ads.

I guess these figures are enough to convenience you why should you consider advertising on Google. Need more?

Everyone including your eCommerce competitors is using PPC advertising to raise their brand awareness, which means that even if you’re coming on the first page of Google searches, you’ll automatically be pushed down due to the ads.

Its best to start soon, to prevent your business from getting lost in the crowd.

E-Commerce Re-Targeting

Don’t you feel disheartened when you see a customer (who was about to place the order) suddenly leaving your site?

I know, how it feels! And likewise, you must also be hoping for a way to grab the interest and attention of your potential customers back – to remind them what they were looking for.

And guess what? There is!

It’s re-targeting.

Re-targeting is one of the most effective and efficient ways to make those transactions happen that didn’t happen earlier (due to some unknown reason).

In fact, the real truth is, 98% of online buyers won’t convert into loyal customers on their first go. And that means you have only 2% of visitors who might help you increase your eCommerce sales.

Yes, that’s the major problem.

E-Commerce PPC

You just can’t let your potential audience to come and leave. You have to take some important decisions to get those visitors back – with the intent of converting them into customers. And in such cases, re-targeting actually works.

Re-targeting helps eCommerce business owners to boost their ads response by up to 400%. It’s because people tend to explore something again and again, they’ve already browsed – especially if they’ve just visited your website.

Approximately 3 out of 5 buyers admit being attracted towards ads for the products they’re interested in. Only 11% of online consumers were unhappy with those re-targeting ads, 30% had a positive response and 59% stated their mixed feelings.

In fact, people who are likely to buy from these types of re-targeting ads have shown a 10 times that of traditional ads.

There is a company Kimberly Clark, which has witnessed a vast growth and a conversion rate of 60% with the ads that have been retargeted.

So, if you also want to increase the sales and maximize the reach, here I have mentioned 3 re-targeting strategies that work for every eCommerce business.

  • Re-target specific URL visits
  • Re-target existing customers
  • Lead-gen ads based on page engagement
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Also known as one of the most popular mobile social networking websites, Instagram has more than 600 million monthly active users and 80% of them at least follow one brand of their choice. It’s a great platform to connect with potential customers who enjoy interacting with visual content.

Scrolling through Instagram’s posts allows users to closely observe the products and share the experience with their friends and followers.

Brands (including the start-ups and well-established organizations) are leveraging the benefits of Instagram’s marketing features and they have recognized it as one of the best platforms to increase their ROI.

And with the launch of Instagram’s shoppable feature, it has become even easier for online sellers to sell the products directly through the feeds.

Earlier, the only way to drive traffic to your website was through the link in Instagram posts or link in the bio, this new feature offers a smooth and flawless shopping experience for all those who are willing to buy from Instagram.

E-Commerce instagram

Why sell on Instagram?

According to the social media update conducted by Pew Research Center in 2016, 32% of internet users also have a registered account on Instagram and half of them use it in their day-to-day life. That means you have a great opportunity to attract and engage with new clients.

It’s also important to note that women tend to use Instagram more than men. And 59% of Instagram users are between 18-29 years.

If this is the scope of your potential audience and if you have still not created a brand page on Instagram you’re definitely missing out on several opportunities to make more money.

There are various online businesses and in-person stores, which have become successful in raising awareness through Instagram posts. Yes, you can, too. And to avoid the most common marketing mistakes, you need to look at the strategy of the big brands who are using it to generate a huge amount of revenue.

So, what steps you need to follow?

  • Let your audience know that your products are shoppable through Instagram
  • Use your WhatsApp number to accept the payments
  • Build a great and attractive gallery for your products
  • Don’t forget to use hashtags
  • Add unique products description to increase the sale. Use emoticons to make it more interesting and engaging.
  • Interact with buyers. If they’ve dropped a comment on your post, chat with them and resolve their concerns.

Use instagram


According to a recent survey, approximately 55% of online buyers turn to Amazon to search for a specific product. Last year, the largest eCommerce retailer generated total revenue of $232.88 billion in the US market. On average, it’s more than $12,000,000 billions of sale every hour.

These mind-blowing figures show that: Amazon is not going anywhere.

However, many entrepreneurs fear that if they start selling their products on Amazon, the online platform will either cut their profit margins or squash their growth.

And let’s be honest, depending upon how you’re doing the business online or at what price you’re offering the product, those fears can be justified.

Launched in 2017 in Australia, Amazon’s dominance in the eCommerce industry offers an amazing upside for all those online sellers who have figured out how to play the game and make Amazon work for them.

Check out the ideas of industry experts who have been selling their products on Amazon for many years and will continue to do so.

E-Commerce Amazon

Get More Reviews (if you think you have enough, try to earn more!)
David Feng – Co-Founder of Reamaze

Reviews are the backbone of Amazon.

“Ask your customers to write a review for the product they’ve purchased and reward them for their vital contribution.”

Be it either a small, mid-sized or a large organization, every business should optimize their website as per the current SEO standards, especially for Amazon. Since it is a well-renowned platform, people use it often to check the descriptions, prices, and reviews.

Understand the pricing structure of Amazon and list your products accordingly. For example, offering a deal like “Buy 1 Get 1” or significant discounts can help you increase brand exposure and attract potential customers.

Optimize your Amazon Page for Amazon SEO
Ryan Bemiller – Founder of Shopping Signals

To list your products in front of the potential customers, it’s important to optimize your Amazon page for SEO.

“Amazon itself works like a search engine.”

People search for a wide variety of products on Amazon and Amazon uses a simple ranking algorithm to determine which products to show in its top results.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and prepare a list of keywords you’ll use to find your products. Look at your competitor’s website and find what keywords they’re using. And then, create titles, subtitles and product’s descriptions.

Think Bigger than just to be an Amazon Brand
Daniel Wallock – the Marketing Strategies of Wallock Media

Don’t limit yourself.

If you want to see yourself as a brand, think bigger than Amazon and use various inbound marketing tactics to drive more leads to your products.

You may see huge traffic coming to your product pages by just creating the brand presence on various social media sites. Promote your business with strong content or use influencer’s campaigns to spread more about your business.

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Indeed, Facebook is the best social networking website to promote your business, considering its popularity all over the world and the daily active users, which was 1.3 billion by the end of 2018.

If you are one of those eCommerce businesses who say that they’re not getting enough traffic and organic leads from Facebook, I would say that’s because you haven’t mastered the art of selling products online through this platform.

Facebook works as a boom in the eCommerce industry. Let’s justify it with facts and figures:

  • 20% of online product sales come from Facebook
  • There is a chance of increasing 7-10% value on an average product sale happens through Facebook transactions
  • The conversion rate is 2-4% as compared to the web stores

And there is a lot more on the statistics roundup of E-Commerce.

E-Commerce Facebook

Now that you have a rough idea of why Facebook is the vital medium to connect with the audience and increase the product sale. Don’t you think you should start selling now?

“If you want to generate a huge amount of traffic every month, you should definitely make your presence known on face book.” This is what I recommend.

And with the advent of Shop Section feature, customers including the new as well as the existing ones can easily browse the products and buy directly from the page. Suitable for all eCommerce sellers and retailers, it’s never been easier for businesses to reach a large number of potential customers, who are actively spending 1-2 hours each day on face book.

Over half a billion people use this platform from their handy device. The Shop feature has been specially designed keeping the requirement of mobile users in mind.

How to Increase Product Sales Through Facebook?

  • Unique selling points in your business?
  • Focus on one strong concept
  • Add a call to action
  • Show what customers have to say about your product
  • Add emotions to your posts
  • Let your audience know that the offer is available for a limited time
  • Use figures to display a significant discount

E-Commerce PPC


Introduced in 1995 but gained recognition in the early 2000s, eBay is one of the largest eCommerce platforms, with more than 150 million users are buying and selling their products every day.

It’s a place where you can sell anything ranging from film cameras, sunglasses, clothes, books, furniture, and vintage baseball gloves.

As per the stats update from a resource, “more than 50% of purchases on eBay happened in the UK in 2018 from the handy mobile device.”

By the end of 2017, this online marketplace had approximately 168 million active users throughout the year, which was earlier only 90 million users in 2010.

Now, you must be wondering that is it worth to sell products on eBay? And I would say, yes!

E-Commerce PPC

Several eCommerce businesses started selling small and with the passage of time, they reached a place where they are able to generate a significant amount of income.

And you know, what’s the best part of this platform? You don’t need to invest even a single penny before you start selling. You just need a system and an active internet connection!

How to Boost Online Sales and Maximize Business Growth on eBay?
Increase your visibility on search engine

Nowadays, search engines are used to find and learn everything. It has become a vital part of our lives and we don’t feel like working when the search engines are down.

What actions do you take to let your audience know about your eBay store? What do you do to list your eBay products and services in front of their eyes?

Whether you’ve hired a team of SEO professionals to optimize your website or to invest in PPC or AdWords campaigns, this section will cover all the important aspects you need to consider to improve your search engine visibility.

  • Analyze and monitor your baseline metrics using Google’s Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics
  • Look at the keywords and prepare a list of highly-searchable keywords
  • Perform A/B testing to determine which keywords and ad campaigns work best for your brand

E-Commerce ebay

Create a Dynamic Content Strategy

Another way to attract the target audience is to lure them with unique, engaging and to-the-point content that sets the tone of your business. Create a strategy that adds value to your organization and also drives organic leads.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to build a great relationship with your customers. However, each social media platform comes with its own pros and cons. You need to do your homework to determine which one is right for your business.

Why Every eCommerce Web Owner Should Start Selling on eBay?

The main benefit of selling products on eBay is better brand recognition. Other benefits include:

  • It’s a great platform to add additional revenue to your business
  • It’s great to drive more website leads
  • It’s great to build brand credibility
  • Customer trust eBay
  • It’s the new shopping platform for mobile users
Facebook Market Place

Let people find your products where they’re most likely to shop.

Over 800 million internet users use Facebook Marketplace to look for a variety of things. With Facebook Marketplace, the potential for individual product sales have overseas and the potential to grab a chunk of products has grown unexpectedly.

So far, Facebook has made the availability of this feature in Australia, USA, UK, and New Zealand, but it could expand its growth if interest catches on.

However, if you feel like you’re not aware of the features and functionalities of the Marketplace, you’re not alone.

It’s relatively a new feature where you can see who is the seller.

So, what exactly is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is like any other marketplace in the market. A place where you can display a wide variety of products for sale or buy items from others within the area. People can browse the products by filtering the location, price, and category.

Below are the categories of Facebook Marketplace:

  • Electronics
  • Hobbies
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Vehicles
  • Home and garden
  • Entertainment
  • Classifieds
  • Deals
  • Housing
  • Family
Why use Facebook Marketplace for Your Business?

To increase brand awareness

Have you ever thought of discovering the easiest and simplest way to increase business sales? Well, it’s nothing but branding.

If you raise brand awareness on a global scale, you’ll automatically see a vast growth in the products sale. Because people don’t prefer to buy from a brand they hardly know.

That means you need to attract more and more people who can recognize you. And for that, you need to make your presence at a place where they can easily find you when they’re completely new to your business.

Here comes the role of Facebook Marketplace.

It’s an excellent medium to drive organic traffic and maximize revenue. Don’t trust me? Look what AdWeek has to say:

“The new Marketplace feature launched by Facebook has triggered the growth rate to 77% in users which may not have been possible otherwise.”

That means that the Facebook Marketplace gives you a lifetime opportunity to increase the customer’s interactions two times.

To Build the Trust Before Purchase

What’s the one thing that comes to your mind every time you buy a product online from a new brand?

Is brand legal? Is it trustworthy?

Trust is something that makes all the difference. It is the only trust who can encourage customers to make a sale or to pass the item. That’s the major reason why 99% of people look for a renowned and well-established brand whenever they purchase online – even if that website offers a specific product at a bit higher price.

Most of the sales are made by individual’s profiles on Facebook Marketplace and believe me, that’s a plus point for every eCommerce store.

It helps people to know with whom they’re doing business. It helps them answer all their questions without having the need to call or visit you in-person.

To Enhance Customer’s Experience

Facebook Marketplace connects the relevant audience with your products, helping businesses to drive more and more sales from the right customers.

This gives you peace of mind that your products are being browsed by the potential leads, resulting in more conversions that will lead to the purchase.

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There is no denying the fact that Etsy has successfully gained recognition as a leading channel for start-ups, providing an opportunity to connect with a community of more than 15 million buyers.

With Etsy, you get a chance to build your brand presence online and more importantly, a large fan following on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or whatever social media platform you choose.

Launched in 2005, Etsy has shown a prominent growth in the last few years and has been climbing the ladder of success – with total revenue of $USD 1 billion every year.

E-Commerce PPC

Today, the platform has millions of registered active users and operate its services in over 200 countries all over the world. More than 25 million visitors visit the website every month and the channel has also managed to achieve 1.1 billion page views at the same time.

As shown in the graph above, Etsy attracts nearly 10 million monthly active users in the US alone.

While the reach is quite evident from the stats, the competition is also high in the market. And because you want to leverage its maximum benefits for your brand, you need to keep the best practices in mind.

  • Start blogging – Blogging is an effective way to sell the products on Etsy at a faster rate. With blogging, you can interact with your audience, highlight the product’s features, show the trends and even provide tutorials on how to use the products.
  • Get more from Pinterest – Pinterest is an ideal platform for Etsy sellers. Why? Because Pinterest users tend to be more creative and attractive toward unique and vintage items – which you’re selling on Etsy. So, if you’ve not created an account there, it’s high time!
  • Create an external website – As you already know that Etsy is specially meant for hand-made and old-fashioned products. Those who want to expand their reach need to have an external website to showcase more of their products.

Undoubtedly, video marketing has seen vast growth over the years and become a popular medium of communication for several large-scale companies. And while Facebook and Instagram, and snapchat are worthy for investing both time and money, YouTube always offers an upper hand in the digital market – with people spending half of their day watching 5 billion videos on this platform.

Also referred to as the 2nd largest search engine in the world, YouTube can help businesses to increase their brand credibility within a short span of time. You can use videos to tell about your company’s history, to add more detail about the product features or to explain how your products can be beneficial for the audience.

“It’s an ideal channel for promoting the content and building a large fan following of the audience.”

According to the survey conducted by a video marketing company, MultiVision Digital, customers are more attracted to the visual content and if it is in the form of video, they’re 64% more likely to buy a product.

What makes YouTube a perfect selling tool for eCommerce Businesses?

There is an old saying in businesses, “It’s better to show than to tell what you can do.”

“YouTube helps you put your brand in front of a large audience.”

If 63% of digital marketers aim is to drive the organic traffic and 43% of customers tend to browse more video content, then a platform like YouTube is a great place to fulfill both needs.

But there is a challenge with YouTube: How to get your videos in its top results?

I have mentioned here a few tips that can help you win the game and make YouTube as one of the most effective channels for product sales.

  • Be Consistent
  • Set your content tone
  • Build a following
  • Focus on creating more on How-To videos
  • Use customer’s reviews
  • Promote your videos on another recognized brand channel

E-Commerce PPC

The Last Words

Every channel has its pros and cons. But there are few that will add more sense to your brand if you start leveraging their benefits. Once you’ve figured out all, make sure to look at your competitor’s strategy and what they’re doing to stand out from others.

Multi-channel selling is the new trend of today’s digital era and if you want to see your businesses reaching a new height, you shouldn’t be afraid of trying and investing in new eCommerce marketplaces.

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