Top 10 SEO Guides For Beginners

27Feb, 2018

Top 10 SEO Guides For Beginners

Top 10 SEO Guides For Beginners

Our ranking on Google for the search term “Search Engine Optimization” is a reflection of our brand’s authority as thought leaders and some of the best service providers around the globe. Don’t trust my words, read our testimonials.

We realize that people searching for Search Engine Optimization or SEO might not be always searching for SEO services they might be interested in knowing about Search Engine Optimization in details. Some of them can be quite beginners and might have heard the word “Search Engine Optimization” for the very first time in their lives. This page is mainly for those who want to know about SEO from the basics. We will list some of the best resources on internet for gaining knowledge about SEO. I will try to make this list as exhaustive as possible by listing all the possible high quality resources I know. But note that I am a human with a fragile memory and very limited knowledge. I might forget to include some really useful resources, so as good human being don’t forget to remind me of those resources via mail ( or message. Unfortunately, we have not activated comment sections on our blog as we have very limited resource to check every comment. But we want to introduce the comment feature very soon so that we can have constructive discussions via comments. Looking forward to your feedback and comments.

1) Who can give better insight about search engine optimization than the search engine giant itself. Google published a pdf guide for beginners. A must read if you want some great insights into search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. Besides, you can keep yourself updated about various updates and strategies on Official Google Webmaster Central Blog and Google’s Blog about Google search named: Inside Search Blog.

2) SEOMoz: SEOMoz is one of the most reputed sites in SEO industry. Although SEOMoz provides a great SEO software. It is mainly known for its blogs on search engine marketing. A great community of great people. Beginners-guide-to-search-engine-optimization.

3) Search Engine Watch: The yesteryears brainchild of Danny Sullivan is also a great place to know about SEO. You can begin by reading its post: What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? This post have dozens of other links which will fulfill your basic, intermediate as well as advance quest for SEO.

4) Matt Cutts’s blog: Every one in SEO industry must have heard his name once. He is like the Chief Police Man. When he comes spammers and black hat SEOs go in hidings and increases the heart beats of even the white hats. He is a head of Web spam team at Google and quite a well known in SEO industry. Read his blog here.

Other well known resources are SEO BookSearch Engine Land, QuickSprout and HubSpot. I would love to refer a good post by Neil Patel here. That is “The SEO’s Handbook – 53 Resources For First Time SEOs”

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