How To Do SEO in 2013

27Feb, 2018

SEO in 2013

How To Do SEO in 2013

The year 2012 almost killed the conventional SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We saw earth SERP updates like Goole Panda and Penguin.

Google’s move to penalize low quality sites and return high quality searches in SERP left an indelible mark on SEO industry.

The Social Media and content marketing are the way to go in the year 2013. After the above mentioned algorithmic updates, Its no longer viable to get mere links for the sake of link building. If you are still doing this, you are in big trouble as some update might wipe out all your rankings and authority. So be very careful !!

The best strategy is,high quality content generation and its promotion through social media sites. We at SEO Corporation have always emphasized the need of businesses sharing useful information on-site as well as off site.

Posting content on your site has lots of advantages. Google loves fresh content. So when It sees that you are adding fresh content on a regular basis, It visits your site more often and considers you an authoritative site. Perhaps that is why CNET observed that News sites saw great improvement in traffic from search engines after the last year algorithmic updates.

Note: Please don’t write for the sake of writing or sharing. Write because you want to share useful information for the benefit the users.

Don’t fall prey to the syndrome of “Writing for the sake of writing”. It will do more harm than good if you are thinking of taking this short cut route. It will mar your brand and make you look spammy in eyes of search engines. Instead focus on writing about the stuff which can be used by people associated with your industry.

Not only that, blogging or writing can establish you as a thought leader in your industry and enhance your brand without any multi-million dollar expenses on advertisements. People will tend to see you as a source of authentic information, thus enhancing your credibility and brand. Always remember, great brand are made by people’s trust and die hard fans so put every ounce of your sweat to win their loyalty through quality work.

Besides, blogging or writing helps you in acquiring high quality links naturally and strengthens your social signals. Some big companies which set an example by sharing high quality content are SEOMozHubSpot, QuickSprout etc. SEOMOZ is a immensely popular company which is known more for its blog that for its SEO software!! Its huge success is largely due to its blog. Now It is a multi-million dollar company although it started a joint venture of Mom and her son ( Rand Fishkin) and got a huge fan following and recognition as a industry leader due to its insightful blogs.

I recently published a blog in which I mentioned statistical correlation between several factors like : Number of blogs published by a company and their leads compared to another company with different number og blogs and totally different proportion of leads etc etc.

You can read that blog post here:

How To Use Blogging to Increase Traffic 100 Times & Generate Leads

This blog post can help you answer many questions related to blogging and the number of leads you can expect. Must read this if are serious about increasing your leads and traffic through blogging. In the same post, I mentioned a correlation between landing pages and and leads. In case you become intrigued to know the ideal geometry of a landing page. Read another post of mine here.

How To Create Conversion Friendly Landing Pages

If you write high quality blogs people will automatically share and you will get lots of traffic and natural links without investing your precious time in unnatural link building and social media optimisation. Keep in mind you can not force people to follow you on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. They will follow you if they like you. You can make yourself more likable by helping and engaging them in constructive conversation. Do the opposite and you will taint your brand badly.

You can use blogging to increase your site’s interlinking, anchor text optimisation and user’s experience. Keep in mind that Google loves interlinking as it improves user’s experience by leading them to relevant pages. Interlinking anchor texts are counted as votes by search engines.

If you are posting the articles or blogs on other sites or blog then you can get a good amount of traffic too besides getting link juices from that site. If you want to read how to to do guest blogging in a right way, then you must read this post by Neil Patel.

Author : Vishal is the Chief Business Officer at SEO Corporation. Follow him on Facebook here.

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