How To Promote Your Content

How To Promote Your Content for Maximum Visibility

The best tip I can give you is that if you really want to attain maximum visibility for your content then focus on “QUALITY”. No marketing can beat word of mouth marketing yet you need to bring your content before the world otherwise It will be a like a piece of research paper lying in a cupboard to be read someday!!

How can you take your content in the open for hand to hand combat with oblivion.

1) Produce great content: Only great content go viral which can give you tremendous exposure and word of mouth publicity. Read a very informative article “Why Content Goes Viral: the Theory and Proof
Write in easy to understand language without much technical jargon, write short and crisp, use images, use data backed up by research and studies, cover the topic sufficiently and if possible be funny. If you are first to write on any topic then it has greater chances of going viral on social media.

2) Write great headline: More than 80% of will not even click your link if its headline is dull. So write headlines which intrigues the readers to read further. Writing headline is a great art. Want to learn it then read “5 Easy Tricks to Help You Write Catchy Headlines

3) Optimize your content and images for search engine: Use long tail keywords and use them in title, first line of each paragraph and last line. This helps in ranking and if you rank well you can get lots of free traffic from search engines.

4) Network and connect with other bloggers: Comments on other blogs, encourage other bloggers to write or link to your post, comment on blogs of others and participate in constructive discussion.

5) Promote your blog on social media sites. A great post which you can read: Propel Promotion Of Your Content: 9 Ways I Promote Sharing Online

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