How To Create Landing Pages Which Convert

How To Create Landing Pages Which Convert

Why landing pages are important?

A well designed landing pages can boost your conversion significantly. Thousands of A/B testings, case studies and research has revealed that a well designed landing page can help you increase quality score, conversions and Return on investments(ROI) significantly.

A million dollar question is,“How to create a landing page which convert” ? Let us discuss the important elements of a landing page.

Let us have a look at the following images which outlines the placement of important elements in strategic places on a landing page:

There are no hard and fast rules for conversion optimized landing pages but if you stick to certain fundamental rules, your conversion and return on investment (ROI) will rock. A description of important elements of the landing page outlined in the above image:

  • 1) The main head line: It should be very clear, crisp and compelling so that visitors get encouraged and motivated to readfurther. If you have a dull and boring headline then no one will take any action on your site be it signing up for subscription ,making a purchase , filling up a form etc. Purpose of the page should be clear and compelling.
  • 2) The Hero Shot: The hero shot should be the photo of your product or service. If possible use a human face. Severalstudies have revealed that visitors tend to trust you more if they see a human face. Have a look at a great example below.

  • 3) Data collection with strong call to action ( CTA): This section should have a strong Value Proposition. A valueproposition is a statement that you make that tells the visitor why they should be doing business with you and not someoneelse. The call to action is what gets the visitor to sign up , register , pick up the phone, send an email or in some cases

    purchase a product or membership on- line. “Call Now! Sales end in three days!” – “Gear up for fall sales with an additional

    2% off all orders over $300. Sales ends September 23rd. Use Coupon Code SEPTEMBERSALES.” – These are examples of

    strong calls to action that keep the visitor on your site and increases the chance of them making a purchase. A strong call to

    action within the first fold of the home page is currently missing. Make the form fields minimal. The lesser the number of

    forms the higher the conversion. Hence the golden rule is that.

Fewer form fields = greater conversion

Another most important thing is that you should not just write: “Subscribe” or “Submit”. Instead highlight the benefit of the actions. Have a look the image below. Besides, don’t forget to create trust by providing assurance that a their data is safe and you will never mis-utilize the data.


  • 4) The Secondary net CTA: The secondary CTA is for the visitors who are not ready now but they can be nurtured in aprospective lead later. For this you can put social sharing buttons. You can place these social sharing buttons on”Confirmation” or “Thank you page” as well.
  • 5) Testimonials and Results: Nothing converts more if put text or video testimonials with results.

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