How To Convert Leads

How to Covert Leads

How to Convert Leads into Paying Clients and Satisfied Clients

1) When a client enquires about your services. Understand the client’s requirement in detail before hurrying into bombarding him with your proposals, quotations and discounts. This step is very important and should be handled delicately as you can use this step to create a empathetic relationship with your clients by asking qualified questions about their requirements and expectations. Besides, you can streamline the delivery and operations if only you understand their requirements. Otherwise, you will just add up the chances of leaving them unhappy.

Most of the sales guys fail to convert even an interested prospect coz as so soon as they get a query instead of devoting time to understand the client’s requirement they bombard them with generic proposals and quotes. Its a complete turn-off. Today, there are dozens of options available to clients so they all want personal attention and customized packages. Always keep yourself in the shoes of the before starting any kind of sales dialogue.

The typical sales funnel looks like as follows( mainly SEO leads) :

  • 1) A client types some keyword in Google. Say “Best SEO Company“. Your site ranks on 1st page so he contacts yoursales team and enquire more about your services and asks for an approximate quote.

Scenario 1 : The sales manager rushes and mails the client a predefined proposal thinking he will convert the client as he is the 1st among his competitors. But although his speed is a plus point he is most likely to turn off the prospects due to neglecting their expectation. Instead of rushing, call them or mail them with some questions so that you can start a conversation. In course of conversation, try to understand what is their exact requirement. If they are not clear try to help them understand what they should expect from you. In course of conversation you can tell your experiences about working on a similar projects and results achieved.

After you understand clients’ requirement then you should prepare a customized strategy and get back to him. I have seen great success by following this approach and I am sure you can achieve the same too.

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