Audit Your Website’s Link Portfolio

27Feb, 2018

How to Audit Your Website’s Link Portfolio in 3 Easy Steps for Free

Millions of sites lost rankings on 25th April 2012 when Google rolled out Google Penguin update. In a bid to make the web cleaner It penalized and red flagged sites which has shoddy link portfolios. What kind of sites were penalized by Google Penguin?

The site with dubious link portfolios.

1) Those with thin content and lots of outbound links. These kind of sites were severely penalized and most of them were de-indexed. A nice step to deter link spammers! 2) Sites with too many links from a handful of domains. Take for an example a site “A” . It has 50,000 links to its home page and no links to inner pages. Most of the links coming from few domains and Class C ip. As an example out of 50k incoming links to site A, 40k are from a signatures of forums, 5k are from another forum and some links from bookmarking and directory sites. 3) Links from anchor texts only. Those sites which had links only from anchor text were penalized too. Use variation of anchor texts and make it look natural.Read this blog if you want to know about the healthy variation of anchor texts.

Auditing a site’s link profile is a tedious job and takes lots of times and skills. Sometimes you need to hire a SEO company to do the job for you which can certainly cost you money. If you want to do it yourself . Keep on reading….

You need to have an account on seomoz. If you don’t have an account you can sign-up for free for a month. After you login to your seomoz account, go to Opensiteexplorer. The home page of open site explorer looks something like this:

Put the site’s url which you wish to analyze and click the search. When you reach the next screen ( see the screenshot below). Click on the advanced reports tab and download the links reports in CSV format. You can open CSV files with Microsoft excel program.



The advanced reports section contains the following data: URL, Title,Anchor Text, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Number of Domains Linking to this Page, Number of Domains Linking to Domain, Followable, 301, Origin and Target URL

The sheet is an information treasure house and now you just need to sort it and retrieve meaningful information from it. Now you can give this data a beautiful form. Sign up at Link Detective and upload the CSV file after creating a new project. Depending on the volume of link in the sheet, It can take few minutes to hours. When the report is ready, you can view the report in the following format. It will show the links according to their category. Like Links from forum, blogs, directory, sidebar, press releases etc.

Be alert if

1) You gave too many link of the same kind eg links only from forums or blogs then you need to diversify your link portfolio. You need to have link from all kind of sites.

2) Sites linking to your site have very low domain authority and page authority. Focus on quality not on quantity.

3) You don’t have a good mix of no-follow and do-follow links. If you have only and only do-follow links, It may look un-natural to search engines. So get acquire all kind of links.

4) You have links from anchor texts only without any variation. Now a day, search engine are smart if you try to trick them by making links with anchor text only.

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