5 Types of Social Media Videos That You Can Try


Social media video content is insanely popular. Brands today are scuttling to catch consumers attention by creating various forms of video content. But with so much of content out there, how will a brand stand out?

One of the effective ways to do so is to try exploring new video formats on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are frequently creating new video formats that are not only innovative but are a great tool to hook your target audience by making creative eye-catching content.

Let’s look at top 5 types of social media videos that are worth trying for your next campaign:

1. Live streams

Live videos offer a real-time perspective of your brand, something that your audience can directly connect to. This unedited version surely helps in building trust and engagement of the audience. For example, Facebook Live videos are weighted to show up higher in the news feed as per the Facebook algorithm. To have the biggest live audience, it is important to inform the brand audiences about any upcoming broadcasts ahead of time. Offering such live content helps in boosting the brand’s page presence within their audience’s feed.

2. Looping videos

Looping videos are short, fast-paced videos which are a great deal for shorter content to perform on social media platforms. With average human attention span as low as eight seconds, these videos keep repeating after every few seconds.

3. 360 videos

Immersive videos, also known as 360 videos, are one of the most engaging social media video formats since few years. These videos place users at the center of the content and allow them to look in any direction using their phones. With control at this level, a user surely feels involved in the content. These videos work great when trying to keeping your audience focus and getting them invested in the message.
Stepping up would be shooting a 360 live video. These videos are nothing less than in-the-moment experience where viewers watch videos as they happen and can see everything going on around the camera.

4. AR videos

AR (Augmented reality) videos have a lot of potentials and open up big opportunities to create user-generated content. Snapchat pioneers AR videos by using lenses that let users change their appearance or by inserting virtual objects into the videos. These videos help brands create custom content for their audience for other social media platforms – and if your brand is able to make an engaging filter that goes viral, the result would be massive reach for free.

5. Stories videos

Stories – introduced to the world by Snapchat and popularized by Facebook and Instagram, are sets of photos and videos that are uploaded by users n their profile that typically disappear after 24 hours. These are most popular with the younger generation and thus a great opportunity for brands targeting this audience for engagement.

No doubt, viewers gravitate toward fresh content that has innovative and creative visuals. If your brand is able to adapt and evolve to these video formats, you’ll surely get an edge over your competition in this visual content obsessed world.

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