15 Best SEO Tools for 2020 That You Must Try


If you are a digital marketer, blogger or small business owner, you need a good SEO tool to stay ahead in the optimisation game.

But with abundance of tools available in the market, it can be hard to decide what to invest in.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the top 15 SEO tools for 2020. We hope it will make the job easier for you.

Remember that the list follows no particular order. Your choice would depend on a number of factors such as requirement, budget, type of browser and operating system, etc.

1. Google Webmaster Tools

Pricing: Free
Key Feature: Helps you see your website as Google sees it

The best thing about Google Webmaster is that it is completely reliable because it comes from Google itself.

Its main advantage is that it lets you view a website as Googlebot would.

You can find out about popular keywords, check for error warnings, see trends, uncover broken links, and check for penalties, measure page load speed and so on. It may not have the frills of other SEO tools but comes with enough features to deliver valuable insights.

2. Ahrefs

Pricing: Lite: $99/month; Standard: $179/month; Advanced: $399/month; Agency: $999/month
Key Feature:
Backlinks analysis

The main advantage of Ahrefsis its massive backlink database with 16 trillion known backlinks. It also crawls5 a billion URLs daily.

While its formidable backlinks analysis tool is a major attraction, Ahrefs’other features are no pushovers. Its Keyword Index contains over 8.2 billion keywords based on search queries from 10 different search engines, from Google to Baidu. Choose which keywords to target from this massive database using Ahref’ssophisticated keyword metrics.

You can also find information on cost per click, keyword difficulty, organic traffic, traffic value, etc. making Ahrefsa complete internet marketing tool.

3. Semrush

Pricing: Pro: $99.95/month; Guru: $199.95/month; Business: $399.95/month; Enterprise: Customised plan
Key Feature:
Competition analysis

SEMrush is the ultimate tool for competition analysis. It is rich with detailed insights into metrics and strategies on organic search, paid search, display advertising, backlinks, keywords research, etc.

Its Domain vs Domain feature enables you to benefit from comparisons that are deep, fast and incisive.

Use the Keyword Magic Tool to obtain keyword ideas from a database of millions and categorise them by topic using Keyword Grouping.

Create SEO-optimised content using SEMrush’s SEO Writing Assistant based on inputs derived from an analysis of your top 10 competitors.

The clean and simple interface conceals many advanced tools. The sheer depth and range of SEMrush’s offerings makes it a hot favourite among SEO experts.

4. Moz Pro

Pricing: Standard: $99/month; Medium: $179/month; Large: $249/month; Premium: $599/month.
Key Feature: All-in-one SEO tool

Moz Pro offers the full range of SEO services—from behaviour analysis of potential customers to keyword research, site audit, page optimisation, and backlinks analysis and link-building.

Its strong points are Keyword Explorer and Link Explorer (the new and improved version of Open Site Explorer) which help with keyword research and backlinks analysis respectively.

Unlike many other full-service tools which pack the screen with data, Moz Pro’s design is pleasing and easy on the eye. Its free Chrome extension called MozBaris extremely convenient for on-the-spot analysis of websites and SERPs.

Even individuals with limited knowledge of SEO can use MozPro thanks to its user-friendly interface.

5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Pricing: £149 ($181) annually. There is also a free version with limited functionality.
Key Feature: Auditing tool with excellent crawling capability

This is a great product for on-site and technical SEO. The USP is its excellent ability to crawl hundreds of websites to fetch data for audit and analysis.

Use this tool to find broken links, check your redirects, analyse title tags and header tags, uncover duplicate content, visualise site architecture and so on.

SEO Spider is used by some of the world’s leading companies including Google, Amazon, and Apple. Its user-friendly interface integrates easily with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

6. Majestic

Pricing: Lite: 49.99/month; Pro: 99.99/month; API: 399.99/month
Key Features: Backlinks analysis

Majestic claims to have the largest link index database. Unlike SEMrush, it is not an all-in-one SEO tool. Instead, it specialises in backlinks and does a great job of it.

It is hard to say which is the better tool for backlinks analysis—Ahrefs or Majestic. The main advantage with be Ahrefsis that it provides other services too. But it also comes with a higher price tag than Majestic.

Majestic is meant to be used in combination with other SEO tools. It works best for people who need advanced backlinks data.

7. Serpstat

Pricing: Lite: 69/month; Standard: 149/month; Advanced: 299/month; Enterprise: 499/month
Key Features: All-in-one SEO platform

Serpstat is a full-stack SEO tool that covers the entire range of activities from keyword research to content marketing ideation. While it doesn’t stand out in any specific department like Ahrefs or SEMrush, it is a reliable all-in-one platform which is cheaper than its competitors.

At the same time, it does have some pretty neat features. Feed-in a blog post and the tool shows you a list of missing keywords you should be ranking for.

Do the same for your competitor’s blog and you get access to all the missing keywords they should be ranking for! You can now create content designed to beat your competition armed with this information!

Serpstatis often posited as a cheaper alternative to SEMrush. While SEMrush is superior in many respects, Serpstatis no lightweight either. Though Serpstatmostlycomes up short in a head-to-head with SEMrush, it is a worthy substitute.

8. Seobility

Pricing: Basic: Free; Premium: $50/month; Agency: $200/month
Key Feature: SEO auditing

This German-built SEO platform places special emphasis on crawling. Its spans three categories—on-site audit, rank tracking, and backlink checker. It checks the site for errors, indicates how to rectify them, and tracks the performance of pages.

The best thing about the tool is that it has a great free version.

The free plan allows you to monitor one website and crawl 1,000 pages which is adequate for basic use. Apart from this it also allows competition analysis which is a paid feature with most SEO tools. It will even send you reports on your website’s SEO health on a daily basis at no extra cost.

You may choose the choose the basic, premium or agency plan depending on your needs.

9. Morningscore

Pricing: Lite: $49/month; Business: $79/month; Pro $149/month
Key Feature: All-in-one SEO tool

Morningscore is an innovative full-stack SEO tool for leaders and decision-makers. It has a simple interface and utilises gamification to enhance the user experience. It lays special emphasis on aspects like investment and ROI to assist decision-makers. It does not presuppose prior knowledge of SEO and is equally useful for experts and laypersons.

It contains all the essential features of full-stack SEO tools such as competitor analysis, keyword tracking, A/B testing, content management, link management and so on. In addition, it also has a revenue management feature to facilitate strategy and decision-making.

Though it has been designed for senior managers and C-level executives, the tool is equally useful for freelancers, businesses, non-profits, and other organisations. Another great thing about Morningscoreis that the company is quick with updates and improvements.

10. Longtailpro

Pricing: Starter: $37/month; Pro: $67/month; Agency: 147/month
Key Feature: Keyword research

The importance of long-tail keywords cannot be underestimated. Long Tail Pro focuses exclusively on these with a view to help you get more conversions.

The tool generates hundreds of long-tail keywords from a single seed keyword. Enter the seed keyword, run a keyword and competitor analysis, determine keyword profitability and make the necessary changes to your page. Keep an eye on your rankings with Ranking Tracker.

The tool has a simple interface and incorporates several features which aids both efficiency and convenience. You can import keywords, export keywords, check keyword competition, find available domain names and so on.

Long Tail Pro is a great tool to help you find keywords with low competition, high search volumes, and good commercial value. It could be a useful addition to your SEO toolkit.

11. Mangools

Pricing: Basic: $49/month; Premium: $69/month; Agency: $129/month
Key Features: All-in-one SEO tool

Mangools is an affordable all-in-one SEO tool with versatility and simplicity as its USP. It combines five separate tools covering backlink analysis, website analysis, keyword research, SERP analysis, and rank tracking.

It is used by several large companies like Airbnb, Adidas, and Deloitte.

The keyword finder offers a range of useful insights such as keyword difficulty, search volume, trends and cost per click. It displays three types of results—Keyword Suggestions, Autocomplete, and Questions. The Autocomplete feature provides keyword data from Google and the Questions tab displays queries related to your keyword that people are asking on the web. These two features are valuable add-ons that are generally absent from other keyword tools.

On the whole, Mangoolsis a reliable and easy-to-use tool that provides the key SEO metrics.

12. Pitchbox

Pricing: N.A.
Key Feature: Outreach

Link-building is an exhaustive and time-consuming exercise, but what if you had a tool that made the job simpler?

Pitchboxis that tool.

Pitchboxis an “influencer outreach and content marketing platform” that not only hones in on the sites to connect to but also tells you which people to approach. This job could take a couple of weeks but Pitchboxdelivers this information within minutes.

The tool can be easily integrated with other SEO platforms such as Moz, Majestic, Ahrefsand SEMrush. If you find link-building particularly challenging or if it is your focus area, Pitchbox could be a neat addition to your SEO toolkit.

13. Seoquake

Pricing: Free
Key Feature:
SEO audit

The tool is available in the form of a free browser plugin compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Its features include SEO audit, keyword density metrics, internal/external link analysis, and social metrics.

It provides several types of data for every page. The tool is particularly useful for competition analysis. The biggest advantages of SEOquakeare speed, convenience, and ease of usage.

Once you open a page, SEOquake will display information such as title, headers, meta description, internal and external links, server details, etc. It will also give you a diagnosis of all that is wrong with the page.

14. Seoptimer

Pricing: DIY SEO: $19/month; White Label: 29/month; White Label and Embedding: $59/month
Key Feature: Audit and reporting

This tool is for auditing a website. All you need to do is feed in the URL. Along with the audit report, you will also get a list of actionable recommendations to fix the errors.

The tool caters to both small business owners and digital marketers and comes with a white label option for the latter. Just add your logo and format the report as per your house style to reap the benefits of a professional white label SEO audit tool.

15. Google Optimize

Pricing: Free
Key Features: Optimisation

This is an advanced SEO tool which goes much beyond the basic metrics to determine what works best for your website.

It allows you to optimise your website using your own data from Google Analytics to create a compelling experience for readers. With Google Optimize, you could experiment on your website to enhance user experience.

Its features include A/B testing, multivariate testing, personalisations, redirect testing, targeting and so on.