13 SEO Tools (Tried and Tested) for Website Analysis in 2019


13 SEO Tools (Tried and Tested) for Website Analysis in 2019

Ask people around you how they feel whenever Google releases a new algorithm update every time. You’re likely to get one common answer: they get confused and concerned about their existing rankings.

While some businesses may achieve a better position in Google searches, others may sink lower. This is because, with each update, Google is trying to bring us closer to the more relevant SEO results than before – the sole reason why it is important for every SEO company to stay updated to the latest Google policies and algorithms.

However, have you ever tried to know how Google evaluates a website and decides what businesses to list in the top 10 search queries? Well, it’s still a hidden secret.

But, there are several SEO page analysis tools – some free and some paid – that help you audit and optimize the website the way Google does it. These tools allow you to focus on the main elements and create an SEO strategy so you can quickly make changes to your website – to rank even higher in Google results. Read on to have detailed information about these tools –

Google Search Console: Website Analysis Tool

Available for free to everyone, this website analysis tool is the best tool to understand the way Google looks at your website – when it comes to the fundamentals of search engine ranking. All you need is to create a new account with GSC (if not registered before) to verify the website you’re going to monitor.

Another exciting feature of using this tool is PageSpeed Insights, which allows you to compare the speed and responsiveness of your website both in desktop and mobile version. With more and more people are using their handy device for Google searches, this feature has become widely popular for businesses to keep an eye on their potential leads.

Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool

Also known as one of the preferred tools to be used online for search engine optimization, Ahrefs enables you to examine the overall health of your website and produces related keywords for better results. The main features of this tool are:

  • You can see what pages of your website need some improvement in Google searches.
  • You can look for the content related to your own niche.
  • You can find out the competitor’s backlinks to use in the initial stage for your brand growth.

SEMrush: SEO Marketing Tool

SEO marketing tools like SEMrush is used by the whole SEO community – to access the current ranking of your website and make changes to the new SEO services. Use this tool to –

  • Research about the highly-searched keywords
  • Track the competitor’s keyword strategy
  • Analyze the backlinks
  • Audit and monitor the performance of the website and more.https://www.i-traffic.com.au/seo-service/

KWFinder: Keyword Research and Analysis Tool

In case if you’re thinking to target long-tail keywords for the better performance of your website, KWFinder is the best tool to use. The tool helps you look for the best keywords, which have low-level of competition in the digital market. Plus, you can use this tool to analyze the reports on backlinks along with optimizing your website as per the latest search engine ranking standards.

What’s more? You’ll also get plenty of ideas on how to place keywords to rank even higher in Google SERP.

Woorank: SEO Ranking and Website Analysis Tool

This SEO ranking and website analysis tool comes with both free (14-day trial version) and paid options ($49/month for Pro Plan and $ 149/month for Premium plan). Use Woorank to have an in-depth analysis of marketing data, which ranges from website optimization to performance improvement.

Check which keywords are generating leads and use them for search engine marketing. And the best thing about this tool is – you can understand the behaviour of your website and see where it is lacking – in terms of content perspective and technical development. The report you get is generally divided into 8 sections –

  • SEO
  • Local
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Technologies
  • Visitors
  • Usability
  • Marketing Checklist

Hubspot’s Website Grader: Website Analysis Tool

In 2007, Hubspot introduced a new website analysis tool called Website Grader that helped several businesses and large-scale organizations to uncover the hidden search engine marketing opportunities. And since then, the world has changed a lot and that’s why the company has released an updated version of the same software, which comes with additional features.

The tool helps you:

  • Monitor the speed and performance of your website on the basis of key SEO metrics
  • Test the website responsiveness and mobile readiness
  • Determine whether the website is accessible to both humans and bots

To begin with, you need the URL and email address of your website. Enter all the required information to get a detailed report along with a score, which lies between 1 to 100.

Google Trends: SEO Checker Tool

Google Trends has been with us for several years, but it is often underestimated when it comes to optimizing the website to the best SEO practices. Not only does this tool gives you accurate information about a keyword, but also provide data about the latest trends, which can add a great value to your brand recognition.

Search for the high-competitive keywords and receive an in-depth report based on languages and global locations. Plus, if you want to know which keywords are suitable for your business, Google Trends is the best tool to use.

Siteliner: Duplicate Content Analysis Tool

A widely used tool by content marketers, the Siteliner tool helps you check the duplicacy of your website content. Duplicate content, you ask? Yes, the content which is identical to any other website in the world is known as duplicate content. And Google blacklists those websites.

With content analysis tools like Siteliner, you can remove the website plagiarism at free of cost. The tool scans your website to find internal page rank, broken links and average page size. All you need is to enter the URL of the website in the given box and you’ll be all set to go!

BuzzStream: Link Building Tool

An inexpensive way to find link opportunities, BuzzStream is web-based software that helps SEO companies and digital marketers to manage their outreach using the inbound links.

Although backlinks impact the ranking of a website on Google searches, the outreach you do maintains the business credibility. BuzzStream helps you connect with the right people in the industry and identify how active they’re on their respective social media profiles. You can also use this tool to:

  • Find new prospects for the campaigns
  • Draft an effective email message
  • Track the link request

Moz’s Pro Tools: Online Marketing Software for SEO Audit and Website Analysis

Moz is an all-in-one tool (used by several SEO industry experts) to improve the ranking of the website in Google searches. With this tool, you get to know about how the website is doing and what steps you can take to improve it. It comes with a wide variety of research features you might need to prepare the SEO audit report, track down the growth or optimize the efforts.

UpCity’s SEO Report Card: Website Analysis and Optimization

SEO Report Card, an inbound marketing and SEO software by UpCity, lets you analyze the overall health of your website on the basis of the report card, which shows performance review against the competitor’s website. The report card includes the following points:

  • On-site Analysis – How successfully you’ve used the main keyword throughout your website to convert the leads into potential clients.
  • Link Building – You’ll get a detailed report of all the website’s backlinks.
  • Rank Analysis – You’ll get to know where your website stands when it comes to Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engine results. Choose the main keyword for a more accurate report.
  • Website Analysis – How much time your website takes to load and how easily it is accessible for crawlers.
  • Current Indexing – An in-sight of current indexing i.e., how many website pages are indexed for now.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider: Website Analysis Tool,

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is the best friend of every SEO company, digital marketer and SEO executive. Designed to perform SEO audits at the quickest rate, this tool analyzes the website’s URLs for common search engine issues. Plus, you also get to know about the content duplicacy, bad directions, errors to be fixed and weak links.

CORA SEO Software: Advanced SEO Tool

Known as the best SEO software around, CORA is meant for all those looking for an advanced SEO tool, which comes with several extra features and functionalities. Though it is bit expansive, the tool promises to deliver real-time SEO benefits. With this tool, you can understand the metrics and parameters of an SEO audit and figure out the weak point of your website.

Bonus Tool: Google’s Incognito Mode

Use Google’s Incognito Mode to have a clear, crisp and unbiased understanding of how your business is responding and what results your target audience is getting when searching for a specific keyword. As it is free and easy to use, switching to Incognito Mode is always helpful whenever you want to know the true performance of your website in search engine ranking pages.

Conclusion –

Choosing one or a variety of other tools from this list is definitely going to help you understand the behaviour of your website and what necessary steps you can take to stand aside from others, but they’ll not do the work on behalf of you. It is YOU who need to put the efforts to get the results in your favour. That include drafting SEO optimized content, re-writing all the meta tags and meta descriptions, removing duplicate information and turning them into something that helps you maximize your brand reach.
Always remember – Sky is the limit. Your success depends on your business success and your business success depends on you. It’s the right time for the next step.